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  1. "Lode Runner" would be great--the closest we have to that now is Miner 2049er I & II.
  2. Read the 'news' link in the 2600 section--this is where the really cool carts are-the controller hacks and PAL to NTSC games that were featured right here at AtariAge. Here's my top three= 3-QB 2-BOING!(one that you will never find in the wild) 3-THRUST
  3. dwh


    The atari2600.com site seems to be under construction right now.As for the world of atari site, they have some cool memorabilia items(for a reasonable price),but the games and systems are a bit too expensive.So AKIRA, if you can spend time going through ebay, it will be cheaper.For the price of a cleaned system from one of these online sites you can get a system with 10 to 20 games from ebay.
  4. The black label Activision carts are getting harder to find in general--I patiently waited to get a good label copy of Ghostbusters on ebay a few weeks ago.I got the rest about ten months ago==just more people going after them carts now...
  5. I also like 'Tut',and if you could shoot down as the maze and creatures come up at you, I think the game would be way too easy.Half of the fun is finding the 'safe' spots that you can time your move to shoot left or right, or just run like hell.
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    If you have a marathon atari gameplaying session, and have snacks all the way through without brushing your teeth, then all the games involve dental hygiene! But seriously, I think those are the only two.
  7. dwh

    Imagic labels

    Some cool auctions there--now if these lottery numbers would just match up!
  8. dwh

    Imagic labels

    Thanks for the info.Of course, now I have to keep an eye out for those international releases...The only thing cheaper than that cart shrinkwrapped to the yellow 'box'would have been just selling them 'loose' without box or inst's;obviously,the crash had hit by then.
  9. I like my ET carts well done...crispy outside-creamy lead center inside.
  10. dwh

    Imagic labels

    My next 'collectors project' is going to be getting all the label variants of Imagic games.I looked up Imagic on this site and saw 'firefighter' and 'riddle of the sphinx' had two picture label entries--is this an error--should these two games have both picture labels and text labels???
  11. dwh

    ebay stores

    Yeah, what's up with these 'ebay stores' I don't get it?I tried it and three items came up--(1)not much in the 'stores' or (2) I just don't know what I'm doing.I'm going with #2...
  12. I got the gold cable upgrade kit on ebay a while back--it really cleared up the picture;still using the woodgrain. I have also not been playing the atari lately--too many rude developements/interuptions in my personal life lately that will be taken care of soon...(sorry I can't get any more vague than that)
  13. dwh

    Informal Xonox Survey.

    The single ender carts without any box or inst's are expensive($40 to $60);I'd guess that the boxed games would go for $80 to $100 or more on ebay.I only have these single enders- Artillery Duel and Tomark The Barbarian.
  14. If you believe Atari was 'evil', and Nintendo learned from all of Atari's mistakes they made during the 'crash',then what does that make Nintendo??
  15. I only buy the homebrews that are new ideas/games.I do not buy the 'hacks' like all the space invaders games that are listed at hozer vidio.I also buy the homebrews because I can not program the 2600 and think it is really neat that someone else can, and those programmers should be compensated for doing so.As far as the homebrews not being 'originals',they do work in the original atari 2600/vcs;Besides, I have all the 'original' Atari brand games anyway,and eagerly await each new homebrew that is made.
  16. Manuals and catalogs are just as fun to collect as the games.I recall looking at all the 'great' new releases that were listed in the catalogs, with all the hype and awesome artwork.Too bad that half the time, the games were not as 'great' as the ads.
  17. Cool!I like how you have the carts listed.I plan on doing that at my website too,someday.Since you are just starting out, you might want to keep track of just how much this "hobby" is costing you--I'm looking into the cost of it all right now, and plan to have an up to date dollar amount on my webpage,(once again) someday.Be sure to keep the pictures at the website small so they won't take forever to load--I got a bunch of flak over that...
  18. Glad I could help out,it was just luck finding this Sears picture label cart.Got this one back in the middle of Feb. off of ebay for $4.90.Did not realize what I had until I was updating my Cart Commander files--getting the rarity numbers from Atari Age.Unfortunately the endlabel is torn,so there is no picture of it at the link above.Since these Sears picture label carts are tough to find, I would give them at least a five on the rarity.
  19. dwh

    my website updated

    Just updated again.Made another 'rare items(faster download)' webpage.The largest picture was 665976 bytes,and is now 123036 bytes.So hopefully it will only take half as long to download this page.With my 56K modem, it took 4 minutes.Also made the chart pictures on the 'charts' page smaller, but they are harder to read.Hope this helps those of you that are in the slowlane of the information superhighway.
  20. http://dwhatarisite.tripod.com/dwhsatarisite/ There's the link.Added pictures of rare items;please be patient,it takes forever to load for people with modem hookup.
  21. Since most of us do not know how to program new games for the 2600, you should get the royalty.
  22. Wow; two Quadrun auctions in one week!Too bad I can not afford either one...The only way I will ever get this one is to find it in the wild from someone who does not know what they have.It will be fun to watch how expensive the auctions will get though.
  23. Cool!Makes me want to update my webpage...
  24. 90% of what I have purchased in last year in a half has been from ebay(the rest from best electronics and hozer vidio, and a couple of other places),and every auction has been successful.I don't sit there and try to 'snipe' auctions anymore, just bid and see if I get it.I plan on trying garage sales this spring and summer just to see if there is anything in this area at all...until then I will continue to check the 20 odd links to ebay every day.
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