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  1. I wish my M-network boxes looked as good as those in your collection.For some reason M-network and Sears boxes always seem worn out when I see them on ebay or CTCW.I've been collecting over four years, nice quick collection you got there.
  2. I first watched DVD's on my computer, then got a player.
  3. I'll take #61. It's the beginning of summer,so I'm six months early for this christmass release! Hopefully this will be one release I won't pay way too much for on e(vil)bay.
  4. If I could put the 2600 pac-man in a maze craze maze to die I would! My dad made a big deal of getting pac-man for my brother and I,and we just didn't have the heart to tell him that it sucked.Wasn't it like $65.00 when it first came out?
  5. So maybe this auction will make it profitable for the original holder of the rom to make some games available thru AA.?!?
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this movie could be filmed in most of the empty industrial space that Atari originally occupied.
  7. Watch this ebay sellers listings or contact them.I just saw a copy of Planet of the Apes listed there last week.
  8. Getting boxes off of ebay is a crapshoot.The boxes are never as good as the 15 or so I got from back in the day.But now that I have all the common game carts I am slowly getting boxed games.
  9. I got an (illegal?) copy of the game on a cart off of ebay.I need to disconnect the 7800 and play this one some more.It is not as fast paced as Pitfall, but cool anyway.
  10. I'm currently hooked on Ms Pac-Man and Beef Drop. I can't seem to do any good on Galaga.It seems like the missiles don't fire fast enough to get the waves of enemies very well. Food Fight cracks me up, especially when it goes into the instant-replay mode.
  11. Withdrawal symptom's abating....
  12. Hey, at least the writing on the back of the box is honest...
  13. I can't afford to branch out into PAL territory....
  14. What's sad is my copy of Gunslinger also has a bad endlabel... Also, I am not advertising anyones ebay auctions,I just happen to see that is was listed at $200.
  15. Mine is just the cartridge of the Sears picture label version of Gunslinger.It just sold on ebay for around $200.
  16. dwh

    RPG-style games

    Earthworld and Fireworld should be avoided,unless you like to be spectacularly disapointed.
  17. I have spent hundreds of dollars to get a few boxed games to fill in those I am missing.The problem with this hobby is once you get all the common stuff, the rest gets pretty expensive and takes longer to aquire, unless you win the lottery or something.
  18. Here are some controllers (on the top shelf)that have been painted that I got from e(vil)bay.
  19. Thanks for the great trip back in time to see that again.Those were the days when packaging meant something.Too bad mine has been sitting smashed flat in some dump for over 20 years.
  20. If you are going to get Bender involved,"Must kill all humans!"
  21. Hey, sign me up for a standard edition,if that is possible at this late date. Looks like I'm way to late for the boxed edition.
  22. We should add that the young kids at the vidio game store will remind you that you are old when they call you ,"Sir." I got my first "Sir" at age 35;that's when I knew it was downhill from there. Should also add that we are all old enough to know that we will be keeping our old TV sets around ,once everything goes digital, just to play the old game systems.
  23. Looks like a lot of responsible CC users here. I just pay mine off every month, except for once when the USPS lost my bill one month.Thank you USPS for that $60 fine!
  24. http://www.thegameconsole.com/ Read this site to compare other units that were realeased the same year as the VCS.A few were still displaying games in black and white.
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