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  1. Okay, thank you for all the help! I'll get to replacing the power supply and I will upgrade the RAM while I'm at it. Hopefully, you won't see a post in a few weeks with me asking a dozen questions about everything. Have a great night!
  2. Oh wow, that's not good. Should I start finding another board to salvage chips from?
  3. Thank you for clearing that up. Not recommended as in buy a different power supply then work from there? Why is V3 not recommended and which one is recommended? I should also mention that I am getting a green striped screen on boot after going back inside the case and fiddling around. I can send a picture if necessary. Green lines then it slowly transitions to fast multicolored streaks would be the best I can describe it.
  4. Version #3, it didn't ship with 600s but the voltage and amperage were the same so I figured it didn't matter. I bought it off of Ebay from a reputable seller. My multimeter read a steady 5 volts when I checked it, so it seems to be working fine. Of course, it could have already fried my board, I should probably look into that if #3 is known to be dangerous. Edit: The Ebay seller said it shipped with most 600s and 800s. Part number C061982 if version 3 wasn't clear enough, sorry for that.
  5. Oh okay, that's great to know. I'm glad I have some extra durability. Now, not to sidetrack anybody too much, but I need to troubleshoot my 600xl now. After hooking up my power supply, I booted up with a black screen. (I wasn't expecting it to work immediately after 30 years in storage, but a man can dream.) I used this guide http://atari.boards.net/thread/893/black-screen-problems-fix-checklist. I reseated all main ICs and tried the other steps, still a black screen. From my troubleshooting skills and basic Atari knowledge, I am guessing that it has bad RAM. How close would I be with that assumption?
  6. Yep, it's a CHELCO, I remember that name was inside the case and on the board. Is that special? I'm pretty new to Atari computers so I've never seen a mention of it.
  7. Already looking into expanding, super excited about it!
  8. Thanks for the replies! '83 seems right when I look at the picture, but I don't remember any numbers inked on. Maybe they rubbed off? It's no huge deal to me, just a curiosity. Thanks to both of you for the answers. Any tips for when I first boot up? Any fun ideas after the self test?
  9. Hi all, Yesterday, I finished restoring a 600XL that belonged to my dad back in the day. After finishing up an inspection and Retrobriting, I became interested in the serial number (which sadly peeled off after removing the yellowing but, I took a picture beforehand). I'm waiting on a power supply to arrive, so I'm using my time to learn more about the 600XL. I've browsed around and have not seen anything similar to my number. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Also, I can provide pictures of the chips and box if needed (which should narrow it down since it's the 1984 Olympics box). Thanks ahead of time for taking the time to read this.
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