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  1. thanks, purpose is to limit it using the cmp #$40 or even #6 for dice. Is there a cycle saving shortcut for that
  2. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions on this, took me a couple of hours to tweak this out looking through google one topic in this forum. org $1000 icl "hardware.s" rnd = $C6 top lda $D20A ;read 53770 location sta rnd ;address holding random number getrnd lsr rnd ;shift value down lda rnd ;load to acc cmp #$40 ;compare with immediate hex 40 bcs getrnd ;branch if carry is set (greater than condition) jmp top ;get a new random number
  3. Thanks, the other thing is changing the font at the bottom to either normal or another character set. Perhaps changing the background color of the bottom too. Could I have help with this?
  4. Using GR.12 antic 4, want to have antic 2 at bottom. I don't know how to do integrate it with this. GRAPHICS 12+16 DL=PEEK(560)+PEEK(561)*256+4 POKE DL-1,68:REM LMS = 64+ANTICMODE NUMBER FOR G=2 TO 19:POKE DL+G,4:NEXT G POKE DL+20,2 < graphics 0 POKE DL+21,65 < RTI POKE DL+22,PEEK(560):POKE DL+23,PEEK(561)
  5. Following this simple example on antic modes on different lines, is it possible to set a different font for a readable line? this way I could have english text and fonts for the graphics. Adventures in Atari BASIC: Lesson Eight – Multiple Graphics Modes and Marquee Text (wearethemutants.com)
  6. I about ran my 1050 into the ground and many wasted hours trying to back up my original Ultima 3 disks, could not get it to work. Was playing and swapping out the disks so much the labels started turning dark from my greasy fingers. Wanted to keep the originals from further degradation and play on the backup.
  7. nice effects, used altirra
  8. below is the dlist dump, there are 4 squares different colors, plus background, text below (press your button to select a plot) looks to be transparent over the graphic, dont know if it's tiles or what. Altirra> .dumpdlist 1E75: blank 1 1E76: blank 7 1E77: x2 blank 8 1E79: mode 2 @ B500 1E7C: blank.i 1 1E7D: blank 3 1E7E: x19 mode.i 6 1E91: mode 6 1E92: blank.i 1 1E93: blank 3 1E94: blank 8 1E95: mode 6 @ B6B8 1E98: mode 6 @ B6CC 1E9B: waitvbl 1E75
  9. Easy question and probably answered before, on MULE the overmap - what graphics/antic mode is it? I see 4 different colored squares (territories), scrolling overlaid text as if it's transparent near the bottom, seems like more colors than what I can figure out. How did they achieve the effect? I notice the bottom text bar is just a plain textbox.
  10. in the example PMTEST.BAS, why do the sides of the outside of the border - dli? tend to flicker in altirra, when the ball nears the top or bounces on the sides of the top.
  11. I can save "D2:TEST.ACT" but if I try C "D2:TEST.ACT" there is disk activity, but there is no .com or .xex file produced. Am I missing something with this language? Thanks, using 3.7x build Mon 18 May 2020
  12. How would you get one to move vertically (PM graphic)
  13. I used non other than the awesome language AtariBasic, the game jam ends in 13 days. This only took a couple of days off and on, maybe more efficient way to do this but it is what it is. Luckily they allow abbreviated lines or no way I could fit it under 72 bytes per line. Feel free to play, critique, and oh yea.. vote. The code is stored as a .txt file on itch, it can be downloaded and pasted into Altirra if the urge is so felt. Thanks. https://eflake.itch.io/depths-of-venus
  14. Could I use an atari800 PSU for an atari800XL ? It says '9V AC, 31VA - 3.1 amps?' Thanks in advance.
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