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  1. Could I use an atari800 PSU for an atari800XL ? It says '9V AC, 31VA - 3.1 amps?' Thanks in advance.
  2. My main question is, why do i get this at the very top? I want to color the top of the display - or is that the point of all of this 'continue on my google pilgrimage?' Doing this I still see the same image as the below link: POKE PEEK(560)+3,$C2 POKE PEEK(560)+3,$C2 DLI - Image on Pasteboard
  3. When I run this test, the first top two lines of gr.0 is the normal background, it seems the first line starts at 6 - dpeek(560)+6, 130.. when I try line 5, nothing is displayed not even the print statement. What am I not understanding? Thanks. Running the .atr version 4.5 and altirra 3.90 XL/XE mode DATA COLORS() BYTE = $FF DLI SET D2 = COLORS INTO $D01A, DLI = $00 WSYNC INTO $D018, DLI = $BA WSYNC INTO $D018, DLI = $BB WSYNC INTO $D018, DLI = $BC WSYNC INTO $D018, DLI = $BD WSYNC INTO $D018, DLI = $BE WSYNC INTO $D018, DLI = $BF WSYNC INTO $D018 ' SETUPS SCREEN GRAPHICS 0 ' ADDS DLI AT THREE LINES: POKE DPEEK(560) + 6, 130 ' ACTIVATE DLI DLI D2 'WAIT KEY GET K DLI ..
  4. If I save a CMC file, it will store the REP file too?
  5. I'm working on resurrecting an old PD game my friend made, want to use CMC or something similar to make music. I want to make a simple title screen with music playing. Is there any basic code I can use for this, or some other format which would be easy to compose and use? Thanks.
  6. What graphics mode was used? Was the player and objects player missle graphics, if so how did they align them with the graphic tiles?
  7. Is it possible to launch a fastbasic (fbx) from another .fbx like using a simple game menu loader? How can I make a fastbasic compiled program bootable, the dos that comes with fastbasic I'm not familiar with. Thanks
  8. I have no idea what you all are talking about but it's entertaining. I'll start with the phat ways first, then perhaps slim it down. I appreciate the input, and have a couple of more questions. Looks like below is for an endless loop, kind of strange as my emulator (400/800) shows CONSOL being 7 after i poke it with 255 using atari basic. I recall that is for the beautiful yellow console keys. WAIT LDA #$FF STA CONSOL LOOPW LDA CONSOL CMP #6 BNE LOOPW RTS
  9. I'll admit I don't have the best grasp on it or how it works, but i shudder thinking about going back to atari basic. I have data .local gfx xscr .byte "A!!!a##########FFFF################a!!!A" .byte "#+ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +#" .byte "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++" .byte "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++" trying to figure the best way to do a poke textaddress+y*40+x to display byte by byte to the screen. I tried this, not sure how to get it to the next 40-byte row of data. c0 ldy #0 ;start on first page yLOOP LDA gfx.xscr,Y ;get a byte STA (sm_ptr),y iny cpy #40 bne yLOOP inx ;<<< ??? cpx #2 bne yLOOP jmp *
  10. This did it, thanks. to get it to where i can understand it - and it seems smart doing 4 at once ldx #0 ;set counter to 0 space_loop mva charset.space,x chr,x ;move charset(x) to High byte of character set pointer mva charset.space+$100,x chr+$100,x ;move charset(x+256) to High byte of character set pointer mva charset.space+$200,x chr+$200,x ;move charset(x+512) to High byte of character set pointer mva charset.space+$300,x chr+$300,x ;move charset(x+768) to High byte of character set pointer mva charset.space+$400,x chr+$400,x ;move charset(x+1024) to High byte of character set pointer inx ;add 1 to pointer (counter) bne space_loop ;if not rolled over keep looping
  11. m'kay 224-229 E0-E5 FR1 Floating point register one; holds a six-byte internal form of the FP number as does FR0. The FP package frequently transfers data between these two registers and uses both for two-number arithmetic operations.
  12. I'm trying to load in a charset using an example, how would I change this to a 16-bit counter to read the entire 1024 bytes of a redefined character set? Can only seem to go to 255 - thought X was a 16 bit register. Thanks. space_loop lda charset.space,x sta chr,x inx cpx $400 bne space_loop
  13. Thanks, mainly the label was the problem.
  14. I'm playing with it, when I try to do the 'asm' it complains about the label 'SETIT'. What am i missing? Thanks. 5 .OPT OBJ 10 *= $6000 20 MAIN LDA 711 30 STA 712 40 JSR SETIT 50 JMP MAIN 60 RTS 70 .END MAIN 250 SETIT LDX 2 300 LDA 4 350 LDY 10 400 JSR SETCOL 425 RTS 450 SETCOL ASSEMBLY ERRORS: 1 28254 BYTES FREE PAGE 2 SYMBOLS 6000 MAIN ?0000 SETIT
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