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  1. On reading, it seems ARAnyM is more of a virtual machine than emulation. I came across this - freemint + aranym .. wondering if I should check this out, or stick to emulation? I run mostly games and demos.
  2. Sorry for my noobness, how do I load and play basic games? I tried dragging the file to classic99, just loads up with standard basic (not extended). Tried setting the disk0 to the folder doesn't seem to load anything. *UPDATE* found it - OLD DSK0.SCRAM1006 What does OLD stand for? Thanks.
  3. Is it best to make atr images using an emulator on windows and then putting it on the SD card? Or is there a way to create a floppy so it shows up in the list using the actual atari onto the SD card, so I can make things like game save and programming disks?
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing Impossible Mission for the atari, with the falling/yelling sound effect.
  5. After waiting anticipatingly for a couple of weeks, finally received the device. Formatted an 8Gb SD card, placed some sio2sd.bin on there but no amount of key combos is letting me update the firmware. I can use the CFG tool, found i have to have turbo off to use it on the atari 800. For the sio2sd.xex file, I used this patch file near the bottom of the post made by user phaeron. Any other file on the SD card will lock up the computer. I'd get a menu but then nothing would be responsive except unplugging and plugging back in. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/237177-sio2sdxex-on-an-800/ So far I tried blue max (worked great), and ultima 3 hung up the atari when I tried to proceed with the default formed party of chuckles, etc. Thinking I need to turn write protect off on certain ATR files. How do I do a cold boot, I've forgotten because when I hit reset it pulls up blue max instead of reading from the SIO drive.
  6. I've played emulated 8bit games before, but now that i have a real atari 800 once again and a SIO2SD moving slowly from overseas to the US, which game should be my first one after the long dry spell? I liked alot of them, but my fav was U3. Also liked off top of my head AR city/dungeon, blue max, rescue on fractalus, ballzone? rainbow walker, boulderdash, on and on.. Thanks I'll be sure to report back
  7. Correct, you can do "RUN D:" and it is a plain 800
  8. 1) Should I get a rev C cart, just have a rev A. I might be playing around with basic at some point. 2) I'm trying to load in an old public domain game a friend of mine made years ago. I try to load it into basic (not sure if it was a basic then converted to machine code via some utility), but after I load it I enter any command and ataribasic freezes. I have to do a reset.
  9. Changed from panoramic to full screen, much better
  10. Thanks.. i paid a bit more money than i wanted to for it on ebay and checking it over. Been decades and is the one I cut my teeth on.
  11. And is the self-test not on the atari 800? I tried booting without basic cart and holding option down, nothing..
  12. I'm thinking it's this LCD tv i found in the dump, but it has some curiously curved 'straight' drawn lines.. that's hecka GTIA!!! I'm hoping it's just the LCD and settings on it can be tweaked.
  13. Sorry I didnt mean to post in this forum as it was specific to the topic. Thanks, I wouldn't mind a portable solution but also open to the 'to-pc' connection if i have to squint my eyes to read the display
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