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  1. The 7800 uses a tiled display so the easiest way would be to make a screen using tiles or sprites. 7800 Basic can handle screens made this way really easily. The 7800 is a beast when it comes to sprites. The advantage of using tiles is that they can be easily reused, mixed and matched. My project EXO uses tilesets for each level and mixes them to make a varied display. You can use the Tiled program to make tilemaps that can be imported into 7800 Basic for your levels or you can roll your own routine for handling screens. There are examples included with 7800Basic on how to do this with Tiled. For title screens, you can load your "bitmap" elements as banners or sprites and display them. There are some examples of using this method in my thread here using banners and sprites to build a title page. Check the examples that come with 7800Basic for examples on using tiled and tile maps. For tools, Atari Dev Studio has a build in sprite and tile editor which is very good. It is also excellent for code editing and as a development environment. I also use GIMP for working on larger banners / title pages. with GIMP you will need to save your graphics as .PNG format and you will need to save them as "indexed" instead of "rgb" as 7800 imports indexed PNG only. You will set the index in GIMP before you save depending on the number of colours you are using (depending on whether you are using 160A or 160B).
  2. https://www.17track.net/en is quite good for most things.
  3. Mine went from Polish Post to Royal Mail and I could track onwards from Royal Mail using the Polish Post tracking number until it was delivered. Maybe try the Polish Post tracking number with USPS?
  4. Just a short update : I've been bouncing between Bernie and EXO this last week or so, time permitting. The first couple of tunes that @Synthpopalooza has put together are in game and working fantastically. Would not be possible without the fantastic pokey driver ( @mksmith @RevEng and others). Big thanks to Matt also for helping me out with the RAM player routine for the tunes. 👍 Playing world 1 with the tune running in the background is a whole new experience Also the new collision system is in and working. Collision detection in the game is far more accurate and forgiving. I also had one of those bursts of creativity and finished the world 4 tiles at the weekend. So I think that means we'll have a new demo soon.
  5. A7800, JS7800, BUPSystem or for other devices try ARGON. Should work great on any of those.
  6. Also, make sure that you update your 7800 Basic to 0.17 as that defaults to black per Mike's change notes. https://github.com/7800-devtools/7800basic/releases
  7. I'm pretty sure that's an issue with the Concerto firmware not returning the background colour to black ($00) after it uses white on the menu. as @SlidellMan states, setting the background colour should solve that
  8. You can get a Stella-daptor II and put an AVOX firmware compatible on it. You can then use the Stella-Daptor to connect the AVox directly to your PC to speed up testing. At least, that's my understanding from researching the various threads and the Stella-Daptor webpage.
  9. Thanks I'm not a huge fan of "bullet hell" style either. I prefer things a bit more strategic and considered. Thanks for the comments and feedback Thanks @sramirez2008 We have some special things planned for this one when it gets to store, all being well. Same for Danger Zone In between working on Bernie (which is galloping along), I've been tinkering with the graphics for world 4 and also finalising and integrating the screens for World 2 and 3 + we have some music coming along too I'm also going to change the probe sprite again since @ZeroPage Homebrew James and Tanya called it a "Space Chicken" LOL . (To be fair it does look like a Space Chicken!). Thanks guys.
  10. They key is to not rush It's easy to die, rush in, die, repeat. The next demo (when it appears) will likely have a lot of balance tweaks.
  11. Grid bug looks interesting, I've never had much exposure to the Aquarius or Intellivision. A lot of these old games have great concepts and challenges that would translate really well with a more updated approach to graphics and sound. Thanks for linking
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