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  1. @Random Terrain I need to make a list of your descriptions of my sound effects ! Ship suggestions are spot on, i had planned to do something with inertia but the "bobble on a string" kind of B move feel would be even better, I really like that. SFX was something quick to test trigger and cut off but yes, it's horrible @D Train Thanks for the feedback. Animals definitely will be animated and moving around, some will be actively trying to evade the beam. The suggestion on 2 player is great. I love that and will be looking into that.
  2. Alien Ark [WIP] This is a WIP for my new project "Alien Ark". I've been working on this a bit in the background while finishing off Dare Devil. This is an early WIP, no playable binary yet, but i've posted some screen grabs and a video at the bottom. Once I have more substance to the game, binaries will be posted as always, as I'm very keen to get feedback from the community on the gameplay and ideas/themes in the game. Inspiration. There are a lot of shooters where you are saving the world or some other place from imminent invasion or some such. One of my favourites is Super Space invaders and there is a level where the invaders come down and try to steal the cattle, a play on the cattle mutilation stories that did the rounds. I always thought it would make a fun game to be the aliens trying to steal the cattle and avoid getting shot down, so that's kind the inspiration behind Alien Ark. However the twist in the story is maybe you aren't stealing the animals to do experiments, but maybe you are some sort of intergalactic preservation group saving species from all over the galaxy. Not sure yet, maybe flesh that out more later. Working title was Bovine Botherer, Cow Catcher, settled on "Alien Ark". Playing in AA, you only get 1 life, but you do get a rechargeable battery that runs all of your systems. The idea is to use your tractor beam to capture/rescue animals from a number of different environments. Using your beam slowly drains your battery. Getting hit by enemy forces bombs and bullets will drain your battery. Battery hits zero, you crash and burn, game over. Options TBD Controls Left, right, up, down = control the ship Fire = deploy the beam. Scoring TBD. Opposition An air defence tank patrols the bottom of the screen and will try to lock on to you and shoot you down. Higher levels, the tanks get faster, shoots more accurately and more quickly, launches homing missiles. - maybe a way to stun the tank. Sometimes animals are fake and are really soldiers who will try to shoot you when you knock off their disguise. Super defence beam on later levels will track you and try to incinerate you (left to right on the playfield) Maybe some other traps and challenges tbd. Maybe a back to the mothership bonus level avoiding space junk and stuff Tips TBD ToDo Quite a lot! i'm sure this list will grow determine number of levels and environments / animals - so far 5 distinct "biomes" Grassy, Savannah, Desert, Arctic, Water so far initial sprites for cow, pig, moose, camel, snake, elephant, rhino, kangaroo, snake, sea horse planning sprites for polar bear, penguin, fish, dolphin, monkey, chicken, horse/zebra, large cat/ tiger more background variety instead of just hills. sfx title music tank logic beam capture logic inertia on the UFO, a little slip and slide.
  3. Revamp of the SFX is nearly done, i'll probably update the demo with those in a few days time.
  4. 3 level demo version added to the first post. Play levels 2, 3 and 4 on both easy and hard modes. Check out This Thread for instructions on how to play
  5. Here is a 3 level demo, it will play through level 2, 3 and 4 on a loop or until you lose all of your lives. Both hard and easy modes are available. DD_NTSC_DEMO.bas.bin
  6. I need to see if I can persuade @Atariboy2600 to work his activision box style magic for Dare Devil!
  7. The finished box art for Tyre Trax. I think @Atariboy2600's design is absolutely fantastic and a big thank you to @Albert for coordinating it all together.
  8. Thanks guys, appreciate you both taking a look. I'll shoot @Kylearan a message #
  9. No worries, appreciate you taking a look. 👍
  10. Yes, that might be a challenge. Let me know what you think, would be cool to get a version to support ingame music also. Thanks mate!
  11. I removed the .bin a few versions ago Chad, the game has developed quite a lot since the last binary so it's probably a good idea to put a new bin out. Look out for it in a few days!.
  12. I honestly didn't know that. I've been a member for around a year and never realised this was a thing. I now consider myself educated to all things subscriberish and think grabbing a subscription is a great way to support the site. Thanks
  13. That's superb, I'm thinking of taking a look at 7800Basic in a few weeks. on the Bb version, do you think it viable to have the music play "in-game" rather than on the title screen (or both) but with different tunes? I've tried without success, may not even be possible.
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