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  1. Do you mean the actual console ? Maybe this is helpful :
  2. or even Demon Attack (Imagic) I loved that and Phoenix on the 2600
  3. It might not compare well at a glance to some other platforms but the ZX Spectrum version was actually excellent considering the limitations of the system. I consider it something of a programming miracle
  4. @batari any update on POKEY support on 48K ROMS in the firmware ? I know we talked about that briefly a while ago, wondered if that was close .
  5. My local Ikea has the most amazing meat balls in the restaurant, it's the only reason I agree to go with my Wife there. I also walk around loudly shouting the Swedish names of the products pretending I'm a Viking. This usually moves my Wife along in sections where she may spend an obscene amount of money on tat. Going in there is like going into my teenage daughters room, I usually end up coming out with 4 cups a couple of plates, a bowl and assorted cutlery and sometimes a tea towel.
  6. I took a look through your code and I think it's the map file that's causing the issue as you have some settings that look outside the usual parameters. I've commented it out for now and I've also shrunk the logo as it had a lot of empty space (the logo part is the same but it no longer has a lot of extra blank bits below). In a graphics file empty space has to be stored so best to crop it off to save wasting space. If you wanted a blue background, you can just use the BACKGRND command and set from there, example in the attachment. Attached version compiles, hope this helps sw_title_2.zip
  7. Nice job Karl, Going to give it a spin over the weekend.
  8. I checked Danger Zone which is a 48K ROM, both the A78 and BIN are 48K. I think you might have found the Tardis compiler Karl
  9. Hi @Tigarion Couple of observations : Firstly the tiles you are using for the water.tmx map, are they in the swt_title.png? With a mapfile you have to declare the tiles that the map uses and allocate a palette. Also you are using a map and have a savescreen, which is good practice, but you need a "restorescreen" if you want to redraw it each frame. How big is the banner you are trying to plot? Finally, some kind of loop to go back to "plot". Can you link your files or a zip, folks can usually tell more from that. Also for an IDE, I'd recommend Atari Dev Studio for 7800BASIC. Cheers,
  10. A @juansolo & @marauder666 hardware thread. I knew it was going to be full of circuit board pr0n. !
  11. I was testing this further with "plotvalue". On certain screens I'm disabling doublewide to use a regular 4 pixel wide charset as described above. Plotchar with with the "singlewide" parameter works perfectly but "plotvalue" does not and double counts the tile it's supposed to plot. I know there is nothing documented about singlewide working with plotvalue. I tried it anyway and it does not appear to work.
  12. This is now in and working. E.X.O. now supports High Score Cart, SaveKey and AtariVox for saving and provides 3 save slots for saving your progress. Formatting on some of the text needs some work and the "lives" display needs a little fix, but you get the idea. (picture from my PAL unit).
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