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  1. I'm thinking of doing this too as I prefer a stick to a pad, that said, I do like the Megadrive / Genesis pads and there are some nice "modern" ones available too : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Retro-Bit-Official-6-button-Arcade-Control/dp/B07H3Q2CX7/ The retro-bit controllers come highly rated. Of course, I'd love an EdLadin controller but that's $119 and probably a small fortune in shipping and import duty
  2. The plan is for it to be a 2 player only game (sorry!).
  3. Mateos issues aside, the following configuration options are in and working and I'll post Beta 1 on Thursday. The first option noted for each item is the default value. They can be mixed and matched in any game. fuel unlimited / limited ammo - unlimited / 30 / 20 / 10 gun range - normal / long guided ammo - yes / no bullet wrap - yes / no game type Timed Game 2:00, 1:30, 3:00, Scored Game 5pts, 10pts, 20pts (these are just until I decide what to have. These feel pretty good in testing though - open to feedback). Win conditions for all game types are checked and working - Victory screen is in. I have some gfx block space left so I'll use that to give the win screen some polish. For now I've removed saving to HSC & XM as I needed the rom space. I've also removed the "reset to defaults" for now. I'm happy to sacrifice loading & saving to get the better collision detection in. (running out of rom space ). If I have space, I'll bring them back. So functionally, Beta 1 will be pretty much complete except for the new collision detection and some polish on the UI.
  4. Thanks Trebor, this file works under emulation, lets see if it works under Mateos!
  5. I have a feeling Concerto might be a similar problem to what we get on Mateos. Chatted to Mike earlier, my understanding is that Matteos has the Pokey fixed at $4000, Danger Zone (and other 7800basic prods) have Pokey at $450. I've attached a build with pokey moved but the music doesn't work on emulation, but it might work on Mateos etc. - Alpha5b is the version that was shown on ZPH's stream last night with pokey in the usual place. Danger Zone Pokey4000.bas.a78 Danger Zone Alpha5bc.a78
  6. I don't check with Prosystem as it's an old emulator. There are other better options available. It runs on BUP perfectly :
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. So far then it works under MCP + Dragonfly but not under Mateos. Interesting. I have an idea that about fixing that and I'll post a rom to try in a little while.
  8. Just a little update. Duplication of the code for World 1, redoing all the labels etc. is complete and working (and thanks again to @mksmith & @RevEng for this suggestion). I'd put this off time and again but it's done and wasn't as painful as I had thought it might be. A few gallons of Tea, some chocolate "thinking" biscuits and a solid evening of poring over the code and it's done. Worlds 2 and 3 are now running in the main code as intended. Me when it finally worked :
  9. I've added a binary for test purposes. This is WIP and should be considered as an early test build only. It does work under JS7800 + A7800 + BupSystem (noting A7800's pokey emulation is not as mature and sounds a bit off, BUP's is passable and JS7800 sounds best). No idea if it works on Mateos but works fine on Dragonfly as far as I know. Alpha 3 Basic hit detection (and I mean Basic - if the shot is close, it registers a hit - this is next to be refined). Basic Scoring (hit the enemy - get a point). Game is endless There are some glitches with menus with the menu market not being wide enough apart. Next Alpha should have the new hit detection and game mode logic (time games, score games, end, fuel / ammo limits, etc) + some changes to menu colours. DangerZone_Alpha3.bin DangerZone_Alpha3.a78
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