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  1. That has made me smile. Very good sir "as we have now completed the purchase of the country of Greece.." Gold 😁
  2. I'd love a knight guy / ninjish guy box set. That would be pretty awesome.
  3. I think it's pretty clear the XEGS didn't outsell the NES or SMS, or any of the systems listed there.
  4. Wow you really are tilted. You accuse me of attacking you? hah the irony. No because I didn't say that. If you are going to paraphrase, then at least do it correctly. Remember when you said the XEGS outsold the NES? Find your evidence yet? a bunch of adverts for the XEGS don't really count unfortunately.
  5. I have nothing to prove or disprove. You stated the XEGS outsold the NES. I've asked you to prove it. You can't. Game over. Your comment is nonsense and I mean that literally, it doesn't make sense. You posted a bunch of magazine articles that prove exactly zero. I didn't make a chunk of claims, I said the XEGS was insignificant in the UK. This was at odds with the fantasy world in which you live. As a result you stated the XEGS outsold the NES. So far I've been polite and tolerant but lets be honest. If you think that's true then you are a total dingbat and there is no point in further discussion. You really should learn to read a persons comments fully as that's not what I said. Yes and there was a source to suggest that that I linked. I also said the sources could not be confirmed. That's called good research, you should try it some time. You have now resorted to attacking comments as you cannot constructively discuss anything in any thread that you engage in. You have to "win". You sir have a problem and should seek help.
  6. Thanks Karl, I'll give this a test run on my PAL box on Friday. Thanks for the manual too.
  7. Yeah, there's another here : He claimed the XEGS outsold the NES in the UK, I foolishly disagreed, cue article spam and more bullshit.
  8. Your comments and the magazine articles prove nothing. They are just articles from the day nothing more. They are not indication of success and there is no evidence of sales figures included. Adverts are paid for by the manufacturer or seller, they are not a measure of how successful a system is, they are just marketing. I thought that was obvious? I also didn't say that the system was sold at launch and vanished, I said the production run was sold and that may have taken time to exhaust in different markets. If you are going to paraphrase what I said, please do it correctly. You shift the focus from UK to Europe to change your argument approach (didn't you criticise me for doing just that?-nvm). If you set the bar so low, that this "evidence" proves the system did well then you really have shown that you have no idea about evidence and research. Then you start to grasp at straws about the NES not selling as well as I implied. If you put the burden of proof this low, you can prove literally anything you like. Let me remind you : YOU claimed the XEGS outsold the NES. YOU said that, YOU can't evidence that. (It's fantastical and unrealistic but ok). You made a bad call, own it and move on. I'm done here, you can't prove your claim and I can't be bothered to argue with you anymore. [edited as I don't have the time or the crayons for this.]
  9. I don't see how that helps you to prove the XEGS outsold the NES.
  10. You sir, win the interwebs for today. That made almost made me choke on cup of tea. Jolly good show
  11. Ok, I really don't want to come across rude or like an ass but you seem to selectively ignore some things and take other things out of context to support your agenda that the XEGS outsold the SMS and NES in the UK. I probably won't bother engaging on this topic any further after this post unless you add something new to the discussion. Just a recap : Here's what you said in response to me suggesting the XEGS had been crushed by the SMS and NES. (Honestly, I don't know why this has become so emotive). So to be clear, you said IF the NES beat the XEGS. IF. You say that like it's in doubt. That's ok, I disagree, but I respect your opinion, now can you evidence it? If you can't, maybe accept you are wrong or there isn't enough data to back up your point and we move on. The numbers might vary from source to source and we can cherry pick one or the other to support arguments all day long but most tend to point at the NES and SMS (irrespective of specific numbers) out sell the XEGS considerably. If you disagree, that's ok evidence it. (I'm not being sarcastic, I'd like to see the data and it might answer the question definitively). We have numbers for both - they vary but suggest north of c.1.5m units each (UK- so you accuse me of mixing things). Best number for the XEGS is 130k (globally - again so you don't accuse me of mixing things.. Again this could be wrong but I'm yet to find any other sources to compare or contrast). However you slice this cake up, I don't think the XEGS is close to either in the UK or Europe. I'm not acting like that at all. I've not even suggested that. Please provide a quote where I have stated or even suggested this. You can't because I didn't. Sources point to around 1.5m NES units in the UK. I made that very clear already. I'm saying the XEGS never came near that. Prove me wrong ! I'm also not mixing things up, you are selectively reading what you feel like picking to argue against and disregarding what doesn't fit your argument. Do you really need me to specify UK / Europe after each comment when it should be obvious by the context of each comment / point I've made? I'll be more specific in future! End of the day, I'm fine with being proven wrong and that the XEGS punched out some god like sales numbers that put it ahead of the NES in the UK (or Europe) per your argument. But if that's so, provide something to back it up or move on.
  12. So I tried to present some sources to back up my thoughts as to why I said "anecdotally" the SMS and NES crushed the XEGS in sales in the UK.. Rather than just make shit up , I thought I'd try to offer something more to back up my first hand impressions of the period in question. You stated the "If the NES beat it it's likely not as huge a gap you're implying" So, firstly, you are doubting the NES sold more units in the UK than the XEGS and secondly, if the NES did outsell the XEGS in the UK, it wasn't by much. I find both parts hard to accept. Sources. Right, I stated already that I couldn't validate them. As for my anecdotes being different from other people's...ok, any evidence of this? I don't know any (sane) people in the UK with knowledge of the period and subject matter that would for one minute consider the XEGS outsold the NES or SMS in the UK. That's what you are stating, that's what I'm arguing against. Ironically, the magazine clip that you posted is from one of the links I posted, that you said have varying reliability etc. - . I don't get why you are attacking the reliability of the sources that I already said couldn't be validated. Pointless to argue back with you on that. I repeatedly noted the sources were not great. If you have better information, great, share it. Knowledge is good. Regarding NES sales in the UK/Europe : The number I had was NES sales outside US and JPN, so Europe might be the remainder, or it might be a subset of that remainder. /shrug. 3.5m Could be reasonable I don't think we can know for sure. However, lets take your number of 3.5m, these sources are what they are. . So 3.5m NES sales in Europe. I'd still argue that's 3.4m+ more than the XEGS sold in Europe (being optimistic). Even if the XEGS sold a million, it's still crushed by the SMS and NES, even at 2 million XEGS's, it's still well beaten by the NES and SMS. We all know the XEGS didn't sell millions so I really don't understand the point of your argument because it's not sustainable. Does any evidence suggest the XEGS sold anything like the numbers of the NES and SMS over years and years? My understanding from reading the various sources is that Atari made a bunch for Christmas one year, sold them, gave themselves a big pat on the back and didn't make many more after that. (yes that's over simplified).. The ones selling years later were probably old stock. Dixon's in the UK were masters at buying job lots of consoles or computers and flogging them for cheap years after said console or computer was done being produced or were no longer market relevant. Your comment suggests that Atari kept making XEGS's for years and years and were selling bucket loads of them every year to bring the sales level to that of the NES. Maybe they did? I don't see any evidence of it. I scoured the interwebs and my books about retro systems, none of them suggest a long XEGS production run spanning many years or millions of units sold, which is what your argument suggests (per quote earlier in the reply). Lets step back from the UK, and look at Europe as maybe the numbers there are stronger from an analytical perspective and will help me make my point. At what point are XEGS sales not crushed by the SMS or NES. I know it's a silly question, I only used "crushed" as a throw away comment in my earlier post, indulge me. Is it 50% is it 25%, 10% maybe ? where do you set the bar? So if we say (actually you say, but that's fine, happy to use your source number) the NES sold 3.5m in Europe and the SMS sold 6.8m, then how many million units of the XEGS need to be sold for it not to be "crushed" or "significantly outsold"? Think of the maximum realistic number of XEGS's that could have sold in Europe, in whatever version of reality you like. That number is likely <500k units (and that's terribly optimistic and I'd suggest quite unrealistic). Even then, SMS and NES still crush XEGS on sales in Europe or the UK. if you don't like "crush", use "significantly outsold". /TLDR @Leeroy ST thinks the XEGS outsold the NES in the UK and if it didn't, the gap wasn't much. I think the SMS and NES significantly outsold the XEGS in the UK. My NES sales math might be off, but ultimately doesn't affect the result.
  13. I'm not implying there was a huge gap, it's quite factual, at least from the source material available (and my observations of the time in question). A few sources state that the NES sold around 1.5m units in the UK through to 1994, SMS about the same. I can't verify those numbers but a few sources state them. If you compare those to the regional numbers stated they seem to be in the right ballpark as the UK was a big market for computers and consoles in Europe..(NES Europe sales = 7m - 8m , SMS Europe sales = 6.8m) In total, the XEGS sold around 130k worldwide. (30k Europe/France no breakdown that I could see from the various notes on sales figures). I don't doubt that the XEGS was profitable at some point, but towards the end of its shelf life it was being "box shifted" for £50-60 a time, that's probably cost or close to it. Nor would I agree that the XEGS was more common in the UK than the XE computers. Sales figures for the XE would no doubt shine a light on that, best sourced figures that I can find suggest around 50k XE's were sold in the UK, nothing much to back it up though (so I'm not going to hang my hat on that number!). Still it seems more XE's were sold in the UK than XEGS's - no hard evidence though. I had a few friends with XE's and XL's, no one I knew ever had an XEGS. Back to the XEGS/NES/SMS. So if we take the 30k XEGS sales for Europe, without any break out for the UK sales, then that 30k = 2% of the SMS or NES sales. (I'd guess maybe 10k for UK?, but lets use 30k for the sake of giving the benefit of the doubt). Looking at it another way, the SMS or NES individually outsold the XEGS in the UK by 50x, or combined, by 100x. I refer to my original comment, the XEGS was pretty much crushed by the NES and SMS in the UK market. The defence rests. Sources : https://vgsales.fandom.com/wiki/Third_generation_of_video_games https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_XEGS https://atariage.com/forums/topic/275433-atari-xe-game-system-sales/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_game_consoles_by_region#Europe https://mechafatnick.co.uk/2019/07/03/8-bit-showdown-how-popular-were-the-master-system-and-the-nes-in-the-uk/#player1?catid=0&trackid=0
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