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  1. I've been waiting for an excuse to muck about with my AV+ Thanks @SmittyB
  2. Some doodles I put together while having a few hours off from my main projects. A reworked Ikari Warriors title screen, converted from the reworked Amstrac CPC version (not the original) and the Gods title screen from the ST version. Enjoy ikari.bas.a78 GODS.bas.a78
  3. Thanks @batari appreciate the clarification
  4. Thanks for clarifying For Concerto, what would the answers to my queries be for Max ROM size, POKEY location and on cart RAM? Thanks!
  5. I have a couple of questions about the Concerto. I've found some of the answers backtracking through the thread but still unclear on ROM sizes and RAM: What is the max ROM size it can work with as some of my projects are bigger than the typical 128k or 144k sizes. Does it have RAM so that projects utilising on cart RAM would also work ? Concerto should support most games, but some games with RAM will not work. E.g. Impossible Mission is unlikely to work because of the way it uses the RAM. There may be others that do not work (post 1617). I understand it can have a POKEY, assume that would work with projects in 7800 BASIC (is that at $0450?) POKEY: only support for the standard location $4000 is planned. Nonstandard areas might be possible eventually but I make no promises.(post 1617). I'd have no problem paying the $99+ shipping to the UK for one if I can use it to help my development for the 7800
  6. Thanks for that feedback guys might be expensive in terms of ROM space for the graphics unless I get creative. I've also tweaked the ship some more. For some reason I kept looking at the sprite in game and all I could see was Grouch Marx 🤓, so I cut the nose off and shortened the gun. Looks a bit more snub-nosed now and being a bit shorter, it navigates the natural 16 pixel gaps much better. I also went in and fixed a couple of bugs that got flagged in the demo on some of the collisions and the hit box feeling off. That was really valuable feedback (thanks @-^CrossBow^- @sramirez2008)- 👍. That checking also led me to another glitch that I found and fixed in the sprite movement code for the jelly type enemies. With these fixes and tweaks in place, I'll be posting up another demo soon. Thanks again for the feedback!
  7. So far today has been a bit of a sprite and graphics day. I started doing some of the prototyping for Level 2's tiles and specials and decided that it would also be a good time to rework the main sprite. At the start of the project, I wasn't sure whether I was aiming for a straight port of Cybernoid, a clone or something else but as I'm now definitely going for "something similar but also different" I think it's time to give the Salamander a fresh look. Then a bit of a happy accident, I exported "all" ( as in a sprite sheet, instead of just the current new frame) and compiled into my test code without realizing and found that actually, that looks good, as I can compare them in the engine to see side by side what works and what doesn't instead of flipping between compiled instances (no idea why I didn't think to do that earlier lol ). Anyway, sneak peak of the graphics for L2, still very much work in progress and no where near done (level 4 gfx are more complete than level 2). Plans for lots of new stuff. Going to add the new ship sprite to the demo and see how she flies. Also need to update the collision code as the sprite has slightly different dimensions as it's a few pixels shorter in height and a couple of pixels wider. Hopefully that doesn't break any of the existing hazards.
  8. BACKGRND=$00 I think it's more of a bug with the way some of the carts don't set things to 0. Mateos has similar issues with carts using RAM, I learnt that you have to MEMSET and fill the RAM with what ever value, a way of blanking it ready to use.
  9. 16k on cart is addressable just like the internal 4k ram as far as I know. I don't know the costs but I don't think that a 256k ROM is significantly more expensive than a 128k or 48K ROM. Using a format with extra RAM means that you can allocate some of the extra RAM to Maria for the display list. This means you can increase the sprite count considerably for each zone. Check the example "onehundredandone" that comes with 7800Basic. This example illustrates this really nicely. It uses the 128K + 16K Ram scheme and uses 10kb of the RAM for the display list with doublebuffering.
  10. you seem to have \\ after graphics and before player, I don't think you need that. I think it should be a single \
  11. I tried a few different designs and there is still no guarantee I'll keep these fonts . I love the typography in the 80's and 90's arcade games. The main font is a bit of a hybrid inspired by Gradius + Gradius 3 plus my own adaptations. The other is inspired by RayForce (Taito), Outfoxies (Namco) and Fallout, but the old style CRT effect I was going for didn't really work out consistently how I wanted it to on the 7800 hardware so I've changed that out for something slightly different in terms of palette and presentation that's easier on the eye. An experiment that looked ok in emulation but not on real hardware.
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