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  1. Rybags, Thanks for that explanation, at least I know its not about to explode and what i'm seeing sounds pretty normal Appreciated. If I installed something like a Sophia mod or VBXE, would that eliminate the bars completely? I've decided I can live with it, but I'm always looking for my next "project" with my retro boxes.
  2. Thanks R.Cade, was just concerned something was wrong with it. I think I'll look to get a video mod of some sort done in the future to hopefully clean it up some. Thanks,
  3. Hi All, I picked up an 800XE today with a good GTIA (it passed the test here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/233858-testing-gtia/) What I have found however is that the composite signal out seems to be quite noisey. Comparing to the RF signal, the RF signal surprisingly seems to have less interference. I expected to see some vertical bars, pretty much all of my other un-modded retro machines have them to some degree when running over composite (C64, ZX Spectrum, VIC). However my 800XE seem to have really strong bars.It's more pronounced on the left side of the picture which made me think it might be a fault or chip on the way out. The picture seem to tone down the bars a bit. I don't have much experience with A8 machines and was wondering if this Is this normal or whether I have picked up a machine with some issues? I was hoping the more experienced heads can advise, I appreciate any help or guidance. Pictures are not the best but they do illustrate what I was trying to explain. This is via composite This is via RF This is via composite This is via RF GTIA Test
  4. Thanks SLX, the 800xe with the 320XE does have the pass through and covox audio which is nice I watched a couple of videos of a machine playing tracker tunes with a covox audio and was pretty impressed.
  5. It's been tested and has a good GTIA.
  6. Hi all, I've been looking to get an A8 machine for my collection for some time. I've been researching these options (130XE or 800XE/65XE) . I'm not very knowledgeable on A8 machines (2600 I can do all day long..) hence my ponderous research. I'm UK based and I have the option to pick up an expanded 130XE PAL machine with extra memory and QMEG or an 800XE PAL machine with the 320XE/576 ram expansion. I want to basically hook up some sort of mass storage device like an SIO2SD card solution (unless there is advice on something else) and play games, demos and tinker with homebrew. Am I missing something by taking one machine over the other? My understanding is that the 800XE is basically an Eastern European branded 65XE with ECI and a different badge? (So basically a 130XE without the extra 64kb?). Having the 320XE would effectively turn the machine into a 130XE with more memory? Is there any overt advantage to one or the other? Any hints or advice on pitfalls from the more knowledgeable folks would be really appreciated. Cheers,
  7. Wanted to give a quick update on this project. Slowly edging towards completion, page 1 updated. Currently wrestling with overcycle issues and making some gameplay balance changes (some levels can be unfair at the start if the wind is against you). I don't mind killing the player when they screw up, but the game shouldn't be fundamentally unfair. I will be releasing a new test ROM this week.
  8. Thanks for your feedback. The PAL version is a PAL60 version, which means it's identical to the NTSC version but the colours are normalised to the PAL palette. PAL on the 2600 has less colours available, it's not always a 1-1 match. Reds and Yellows usually suffer a bit. If you can show and example of where the colour is dark compared to the NTSC version, that would help. when running the PAL60 test ROM In Stella, press CTRL + F until you cycle to PAL60. Also, the ROMs on this thread are not the final ROMs. Some further minor tweaking happened for those.
  9. Love the new drums, this version is now in the WIP.
  10. I love Activision games but at times there is a little bit of "style over substance". Parker would be my first call out. I really like some of the Parker games and my first non-Atari branded games were Tutankham and StarWars Death Star Battle. I also really liked Q*Bert and Gyruss. Bizarrely I quite like Reactor too I mostly had no clue what I was doing, but it was fun. My other call out would be Coleco/CBS games. I really liked Smurf, Gorf, Wizard of Wor.
  11. I tested this new build on my R77 today and I immediately noticed that thanks to the Stella6 emulation, Tyre Trax runs much better. On the old firmware / Stella3.x I would see graphics tears on sprites sometimes. Great work guys!
  12. The font for the score reminded me of the one used in the ZX Spectrum version of Outrun. This looks really good and the presentation is superb. Great work!
  13. Appreciate your efforts in getting it working in Bb mate The "credits and thankyou" page for the manuals for my games is going to be huge It means I can collaborate easily with folks who are much more musically literate than I am
  14. The capture from emulation doesn't do it justice. On my real 2600JR blaring out from the TV it sounds brilliant.
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