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  1. Could you give me a link to the basic source code for any of these? I'm trying to write the full code and save it to my atari's dos. I'm hoping to create a code that anyone can enter into their atari to use with their own system to make their own music. Any more info or links you can share would be greatly appreciated to help point others in the right direction as well.
  2. For the last two weeks I've been tinkering and experimenting to try and create a sound program. So far I've been able to program one sound using a rudimentary restore program before plugging away the variables for duration, tone, distortion and volume onto a data line later on in the program. It looks something like this. 10 RESTORE 1000 20 READ DURATION:READ TONE:READ DISTORTION:READ VOLUME 30 SOUND 0,TONE,DISTORTION,VOLUME 40 IF DURATION=-1 THEN SOUND 0,0,0,0 40 Z=1 TO DURATION:NEXT Z 50 GOTO 20 1000 DATA (DURATION HERE),(TONE HERE),(DISTORTION HERE),(VOLUME HERE),... EXAMPLE DATA STATEMENT: 1000 DATA 50,60,10,10,50,40,10,10,20,155,10,10,20,155,5,10,-1 (Note: I couldn't remember the values for specific tones but this should suffice as an example) What I am trying to do is combine the four voices together by experimenting with different variations of this program, but I've been having many difficulties getting this to work. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I'll be sure to share the source code once I find something that works. Unfortunately there aren't many books written solely to help people write music in Atari Basic but some books I have found helpful so far have been the "ATARI800XL Reference Guide" and "Inside Atari Basic" by Bill Carris. Also the lessons by Mikey Walters in the online magazine "We Are The Mutants" is a good step in the right direction to writing simple sound loops. A link to the magazine article is below. I contacted Mikey and he also provided me with additional links to books as well as magazines. Pm me if you would like the links to check out for yourself. WE ARE THE MUTANTS: https://wearethemutants.com/2017/07/10/adventures-in-atari-basic-lesson-seven-music-and-mission-briefings/
  3. I wanted to start an open discussion on music programming with the Atari 800XL home computer. This topic is for sharing Atari basic source code for music and sound effects as well as learning how to program chiptunes on your Atari at home. I hope here we can learn and experience more about programming in basic and help others write their own music projects with this classic system. Rock on! \m/
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