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  2. I saw the SD as an extension Hard disk. A user signed ROM installed there, it can't be copied on other machines if you are not the same user. That's the principle of a secure store. I believe it could be an interesting niche because Atari has several platforms, and even as someone noticed before, it could add compatibility for SEGA games (SMS. Genesis, Saturn, Dreamscast) I'm sure most of the Atari fans, haven't get the chance to explore another Atari systems besides the main.
  3. Hello everybody, I've followed the news since months ago. Now I'm happy to see at least the new console will bring internet access. So I guess the new ataribox console should have: - An OS Linux - Bluetooth for keyboard and mouse connection. - Prebuilt with 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx, Jaguar, XL, XE, ST, TT, Falcon and arcade emulators - A new Store with classic titles for all the models. Every game ROM could be costly as cheap as $1 (old and homebrew games), protected to only be distributed on the store. No external ROM access to protect the business. Thousands of titles could be available since the first day, - As Linux as the main OS, the store could support pre-approved Android titles that work fine with Ataribox. - A Cheap price. At least for me, that would be a success. And is possible at all.
  4. Not sure, but it's not only English knowledge. Some of them could read english but avoid the effort. I think, Spanish people that don't speak english, maybe it's the same proportion that Polish people doesn't speak english.
  5. Hello, I'm interested on a Spanish version. And i'm sure there are more people interested here. Cheers Mario
  6. Sorry, you need at least iPhone 4
  7. Hi everyone, After some time on the real life, i remembered that never release here the Jewel bits version. On those days, tried to fix some problem with the background music, with some assist with Raster (still there), but never found what strange move on memory changes the read sequence of the music. However the game use all the 64K Atari memory with lot of data compresion. It's a minor bug that can be overpassed with pressing PAUSE option button. I know some new visitors never had seen this game before, so I think it's good idea to leave a post here on Atarimania about. You can download the FREE xex file here: http://www.atarimani...bits_25685.html On Hi-score section, i had seen some people finish the game, and that's incredible, at least for me, because is really very hard. I think this part is a little out of topic, but those authentic efforts inspired to me to do a Jewel bits remake for the smartphones: (Free iStore version) http://itunes.apple....d628843189?mt=8 (Free Google Play version) http://market.androi...bitspremiumcell I use some pokey effects on it, so i expect some of Atarians could enjoy, especially those who like Jewel bits. For those who has other phones, i leave a little video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35yNTwQBnmw
  8. I did a video with the best pictures as i think. If you like the video, will be a good idea share on your contacts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJwKp5APOG8
  9. Glad to see Jewel bits on HSC ! About Jewel bits, last version is 1.1. Here you can gain more points per free time level saved. You need to finish as soon as possible the level for more points. And this is the unique difference with version 1.0. There are 36 levels on total. On future (when i have a free time) I'll fix the music bug and create a 1.2 version, but the rest of game will be the same. Congratulations to Scalak and Justin Case, you passed my high score of 53000 approximately
  10. Good work Jason!. Just as the old Atari style programming. Still those sprites are not multiplexed, i wondered if more sprites coming on next levels. However, is a right step for Atari shooters.
  11. Thank you for your replies. I use Altirra to save the video sequences i choice of my favorite demos.After that I use AVS Video Editor to edit and paste all videos. It's easy to use, i recommend it. My output choice was double video size of Altirra generated and 60fps for all videos. Ray of Hope uhhh... maybe next revision Yes, it needs more work. i have to remove borders, processing interlacing videos because youtube doesn't get good conversion with them, remove some sequences. However 90% of job is done. @Emkay: Next time will be with game in chronological order.
  12. Hi all, Recently I can do a little time to create a giant video about the demo scene on Atari. I recompiled the most interesting parts all together in one unique video of 1h 18'. I did this with much effort and I hope experienced and new atarians could appreciate as a source of inspiration. It's a presentation that show why Atari it's the definite retro 8bit computer. If you appreciate this effort, you can help to increase the knowledge of the legacy posting this video on your preferred social network. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSaKAGirhQw Enjoy!
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHMFa29pVJM
  14. Awesome work!, thanks for take your time to design those detailed PMs. Great work engine!, great graphics!, great animations!
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