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  1. Just got the cartridge...Pitfall 2 starts but then gets glitchy and crashes...
  2. Looks fun, I'll try it once I get the cartridge.
  3. Thanks a lot Mike! I've bought it too and I'm looking forward to play some homebrew games as well. Good to know that Zippy and the others runs on it! Thanks for sharing it dude!
  4. Thanks a lot for sharing the games! I really appreciate it! I've wondered Mappy wasn't going to run due to the AMR programming used in the harmony cartridge.
  5. Thanks dude! It was very explanatory!
  6. Hey guys, quick question for the owners of UNO cartridge. I know that the UNO runs all atari original games, but what about the homebrews or hacks? Does it work with Halo2600? Which ones you guys noticed that doesn't run with this cartridge? Thanks in advance!
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