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  1. I got this for about 24 bucks on eBay. It's such a novelty I had to grab it. It's Nintendo's smallest hand held! Sure it's Japanese but I like grabbing stuff out of my region. Hopefully I can put together the complete set over time. I think there are only 11 or so releases for it.
  2. Sorting and cataloging. Why is it's hard to find large, sturdy straight walled bins?

  3. How accurate are the best Genesis emulators? Anything like Higan?
  4. I couldn't agree more. With my latest upgrade I ended up focusing on Adobe software performance, primarily Photoshop/Lightroom but I'm hoping to learn some video editing, that said I ended up going with a "gaming" CPU, the 7700k (amazing single thread performance) and plenty of system memory. After all my research I was kinda in tune with hardware through this year and long story short sold my AMD GPU for a very nice profit for the people mining crypto-currency and I up with a GTX 1070 for about $200 total. It's a great system, I love being able to just launch my programs and get to work. Really can't be understated how nice it is to just jump in when you have a particular idea or if your juggling multiple projects ya know? Outside of that it's amazing that any game I throw at it runs a treat, it's been really nice after all these years to pick up a popular PC game like PlayUnknown's Battlegrounds and jump right in and not even have to mess with the settings. But that kinda strikes at the heart of the matter, while settings are great to have access to it gets tiresome when you eventually have to consider what settings you'll need to adjust as the hardware ages- not to mention considering whether your hardware can run something acceptably at all. Outside of hardware and settings though I'm with you I love how a console is first and foremost a games device. While PS4 seems to really embrace this model I have found the One to walk that fine line between being a game console but offering a bit more and still keeping a tight OS focus on getting into your games quick. It's a pretty good time to be a gamer.
  5. I haven't had much experience with Apple, yet their focus does seem to be very heavily slanted towards positive user experience. Amazon is similar and I have had nothing but good outcomes with problems there, though like I said I shy away from digital purchases for the most part. I can see both of those companies doing well in digital. With Steam I've simply never had a problem and I've seen various bits about how they plan to ensure games are available in a worst case scenario (see: https://i.imgur.com/4sa1Ln6.jpg). So I am curious what makes you put your trust in Sony? Outside of the PS4, my TV, my stereo and my Blu-ray and countless walk and discmans I don't really know them. Never had a return or warranty issue though I know others have not be quite as lucky. I just buy the hardware basically, so I'm curious what in your opinion makes them trustworthy in the digital realm?
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    Random content that I already hae.
  7. I wish I had more faith in digital distribution, I really do. Even on Steam, which I do trust, I very rarely get anything at more than $30. There is so much I want on eShop/VC but I just don't want to spend on stuff without a secure future. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Sent a join request under the tag mithrilvar.
  9. Personally I'm going to have one, just not at launch. I really enjoy the One system and I'm pretty hopeful that the benefits to 1080p games will be pretty notable. There are some definite frame rate clunkers on the One and even PS4, better frame rates and super sampling for 1080p content is just an awesome idea. That said, I finally upgraded my PC recently after some 5-6 years and ended up with something that has all the "power" I need (for now). It's not like One has tons of unique content ya know? But just from an enthusiast, gamer, collector and tech lover perspective... It looks really good.
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