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  1. Any update on the waiting list for this? I've heard that some orders were taken recently, but I haven't ready anything about it.
  2. Can I be added to the pre-order list, please?
  3. Wow, looks amazing! Will def pick up if you finish and release it.
  4. Long time lurker, here. I only recently picked up my Lynx again after nearly a decade... I tried one out as a kid when they were first released and thought it was neat, but nobody owned one. Then I found one with 8 games in a Value Village for $24.99, played it for a while and then put it down. About 6 months ago I bought a set of Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries for my McWill Game Gear, then recently decided to break out the Lynx and give it a go. I think I'm hooked! I've been playing Toke pretty regularly on the subway to work and a lot of the pick-up-and-play puzzle games are perfect for me. I'm on the hunt to find a McWill Lynx Model II screen so I can upgrade my system. Now for a newb question: any good homebrews out there?
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