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  1. I actually felt this better than original, the bass especially. Orgasmic. This one's actually a chiptune rather than a poor earthbound soundfont slapping.
  2. 1. Adventure II 2. Commando 3. Zippy the Porcupine
  3. Wanted one of those here in Indonesia
  4. Forgive me, I don't know about rules here. However, in my local discussion forum, dredging up old threads is a +1
  5. Atari Super Video Computer System or Atari Super Stella.
  6. The only game i play without touching it is Football Manager. Football Manager is quite boring on the first 2 years but after you learn how yhe game works, then you're having some fun with the Game.
  7. I-i-is it real??Btw, the sprites for Bubsy here looks really nice and thia might be the only good Bubsy game XD
  8. Well... I was wrong.. i uploaded the Video Computer System image instead Odyssey that's why it doesn't work.After i tried it with Odyssey it shows me Computer font.
  9. That site is quite useful website unfortunately it doesn't work.
  10. Both look similar to commercial but Computer seems like a little bolder compared to Data70 Thank you, @Groundtrooper and @CDS Games
  11. Sorry, that didn't help. I tried to find "Atari font" on google search and bing search and most of the results directed me to MumboSSK font which is a font used for Atari 2600 labels.
  12. Can i make my own list here? My list: 25. Q-bert 24. Spider-Man 23. Circus Atari 22. Super Breakout 21. Pole Position 20. Keystone Kapers 19. Dragster 18. Frogger 17. Pac-Man 16. Moon Patrol 15. Star Raiders 14. Combat 13. Battlezone 12. Tunnel Runner 11. Pitfall! 10. Enduro 9. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 8. E.T The Extraterrestrial 7. Mouse Trap 6. Ghostbusters 5. Popeye 4. Gyruss 3. Solaris 2. Pitfall II: Lost Caverns 1. Missile Command
  13. I cannot see anything. I only saw photobucket 3rd party warning. Interesting though.
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