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  1. Yeah, might be. Haven't really checked them out properly. As I said earlier, haven't had a time Just marked them "on my radar" as a possibility. Either internal or external...
  2. Yeah, haven't tested them. But people have been using them on (for example) Amigas as replacement PSUs. I guess there's always a possibility, that they are bad...
  3. Mean Well's PSU's are what I have looked for. For example, this should suffice (and maybe even fit inside) and costs under 20€ delivered: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/XIV-Hot-MEAN-WELL-original-NET-35A-meanwell-NET-35-29-5W-Triple-Output-Switching/32775826707.html Also there are more powerful ones, at about same prices. Now, I have had so much different things going in "Real Life", that I have had to postpone my retro adventures for a long while. So I haven't really done much looking around for a while... So I haven't tested these out myself or anything like that
  4. Oh, boy... As I was writing with my phone, I though mentioning that I know it's not cheap making small patches, would have been enough... But it clearly wasn't. It's wonderful, that there is an option like this now and I completely understand, what it takes to produce such a thing. I'm not an designer myself, but I have been an service technician my whole life (Nokia Display Products, Nokia Mobile phones etc.etc.) Many people are ready to pay money for a clean and easy to use product. And because of the things you mentioned (and the small patches, as I said earlier), the way you did it is of course much more sensible cost wise for you. So don't take it personally, if it came out like that, that wasn't the point I wanted to make. I just wanted to say, that for people who are ready to open their systems and tinker with it themselves, there are cheaper ways by using some mass produced cheap PSU's. It surely isn't for everyone, that's granted... I hope that this explanation eased the pain my earlier post has seem to have caused?
  5. Well, nobody in their right mind would buy an original PSU anymore... Well, I would not, anyway But to that price, I also would liked to have a whole PSU. And I know it's difficult to make small patches cheap. I will most probably buy a small PSU from something like Mouser and install it inside my Colecovision. Don't exactly remember the price, but I think it was cheaper than this adapter... And no need to get angry It's just my opinion as I can modify and install it myself ;D
  6. That would be simple, yes. But 128+2 -> uses a different kind of PSUs. It also has +12V, -12V and +5V instead of single 9V...
  7. Hi! For a long time I have been hating having to rip the PSU out of the wall (and in!), whenever I want to use my trusty 128+2b. So, I though about modding an power switch to it. Easiest way would probably be to install it to power lead of PSU's intake, though I wouldn't actually want to go to PSU either each time I want to turn it on/off... How about adding a switch to Speccy's case? Is it as simple as cutting +12V cable and adding a switch there? I find it strange, that the good old Googling didn't really bring any info on this topic I would have though, that someone should have made something like it earlier and documented it...
  8. Been following this, as both mine and my friend's Colecovisions PSUs have died... One that I would be very interested in, is Sinclair QL PSU. Bought a refurbished unit something like a year ago, without PSU and it has turned out to be a VERY difficult to find a replacement. And almost impossible to find an original one...
  9. Price is nice (and I'm a poet and didn't know it!). Though their P&P will cost 20€. Which means, that I could get 3 of those ebay PSUs at that price xD Though it would be very nice to have an internal PSU, if that one is a tight fit, then the Jamma PSU is most probably too big
  10. Hello all! My friend wanted to test the Colecovision he bought without the PSU. Didn't work and then we verified with my own machine (from which the PSU we used was on). And it didn't start either. So, maybe my PSU has died (haven't used it for a long time) or friends Colecovision broke my PSU I measured the PSU and got only 10V from 12V line. All others seemed fine. I don't know, if I will bother to cut the PSU open and try to repair it (there seems to be a kit for this). So I though to use an Jamma-PSU, very cheap from ebay. How much there is room inside CV? Smallest one I found was this (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silver-Output-5V-12V-24V-7A-6A-2A-Switching-Power-Supply-For-Jamma-Arcade/263237080002?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649) and I was wondering, if it would fit inside CV. Seems to have enough current output and would be very easy to install otherwise...
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