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  1. That launch was awesome! Took me back to being a kid and following launches and flights. I have an 8 year old I'm trying to fire up about it too.
  2. I'm sure a lot of people would gladly pre-order and pre-pay for the units... especially here on AtariAge, to defray some of the upfront cost. I definitely would.
  3. I have the book, "The Orphan Chronicles"..... somewhere. It tells the story but definitely no glossy photos. That is a cool idea! I hope someone does it.
  4. There was also “Gentri” that combined three apps into one, but all I remember about it was the Word Processor part of it.. maybe a spellchecker too?
  5. Thanks for posting that Casey! I'll definitely try an installation when I get some spare time this week.
  6. The version of the Printer’s apprentice for the Geneve was TPA4MDOS. I actually wrote a review of it for Micropendium. McCann Software also had a HyperCard-like program for the Geneve as well called HQ-Stacks. I used a little but never quite got the hang of it. Doug
  7. What is your twitter handle? I'm @plumbsilly * never mind, I already follow you lol
  8. I haven't gotten to sit down at the TI yet, but I see 2 files listed at BOOT and BOOU in the zip. Should there be a loader for XB too?
  9. I found BOOT in an old thread. I can't get through the login on wht to get it.
  10. OK. Cool.... I remember your post about BOOT in another thread I think. I hope to get some free time this evening to try it out. Thanks! Edit: The post I misremembered was for 9640 Menu system. I'm looking for BOOT now.
  11. I've not had time to play with TiPi yet, but is 9640 menu for F18A consoles only (80 column)?
  12. You read my mind. I was about ask if there was a FG99 version. Thank you!
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