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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but everytime I see "IE", I read Internet Explorer. 🤣😇
  2. I haven't read a single thing that makes me worried about his health at this point.
  3. Nothing worries me about Brad except someday he might be gone and his warehouse of Atari good will no longer be available.
  4. you mean the UNtruth is not out there!
  5. I just found out about this game, so I'm afraid I missed out on it. But, while it wouldn't be an exclusive, this might make a very nice game for the Amico utilizing the motions sensors in the Amico controllers. https://youtu.be/nYUAJV5hVA4
  6. Bug free? Geez bugs is the only game it'll ship with and you want them to take it away? 🤣✌️
  7. Latest email says you'll be able to play games either on the console or on mobile... So now it's going to be like the Nintendo Switch? 🤔
  8. Tommy, will every version of pong ever invented be on the Amico? I feel like we're those kids in the back seat of mom & dad's station wagon. 🤣👾✌️
  9. Damn. I saw this post up on my notifications and I got excited. I'm #71.
  10. Two things. 1) I got my Intellivision golden ticket! (Should I have gotten two?🤔) 2) LePionnier you broke my mobile browser. 😅
  11. Tommy, quick question about the controller, and I apologize if this is already been asked. Let's say for example that a game is written so that the controller is held like an NES controller with the d-pad on the left and the fire button on the right. Now let's carry that example little bit further and say that I'm more used to having the d-pad on the right hand with the fire buttons on the left. Would you say that the controllers have the ability to flip its orientation to the way I'm holding it?
  12. Thank you for being the Atari we need, and want! 😅😎💯👾
  13. I got Back to the Future from Telltale games. There's a lot of slow down and other visual glitches and artifacts. In part of the game Marty it's missing an eye! Edit: grammar and spelling So far I am loving the story. It is a great sequel to the trilogy and I love that the original actors did the voices. I could totally see this as being a part 4 of the movie series. I'm really enjoying the story but as far as puzzles go it's not very difficult, but it is a lot of fun. 😎😎💯
  14. Lol not sure where that's coming from. Would be cool if they could at least keep an online store open. If they sold their most popular games on disc that would be cool too but no one expects what you just suggested. Are you trolling me? 😜
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