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  1. The plot thickens. So I wrote a small basic program where I enter a string and then print it across the page eg: LPRINT ST$; where ST$ is the entered string. If I enter the letter A it prints AAAAAAAAAAAAAA forever. Same for B etc. But if I enter AB then if prints OLOLOLOLOL. If I enter ABC it prints CCCCCCCCC forever. So anything more that one character and it prints incorrectly. Again this is using my model 1.
  2. So I cleaned the contacts and nothing has changed. I hooked the printer to my Model 1 and it has the exact same garbage output. I plugged it back into my Atari 1200XL (using 850) and it works just fine. So there must be some incompatibility between the TRS 80 and the NX-1000. I have tried several different dip switch setting with no luck. Hmmm......
  3. Thanks for the reply. This printer worked fine when connected to my Atari 8 bit. I have the manual and checked the dip switches. 1-6 is on (toward the back) so it is set to use the standard set. The manual says this printer is using the LX800 driver. I'm not sure how to change that. I will clean the connectors in both sides with some Deox-it and see if that helps.
  4. I am having an issue trying to print with my Model 4. I have a non gate array M4 with a Star Micronics NX-1000 printer attached. I have it set for Epson LX800 mode. When I go to print something for instance with an LPRINT from BASIC I get a bunch of random characters. The number of characters printed is correct but they are not the correct characters. Any ideas?
  5. I downloaded your disk images and saw that Missile Command was included. I don't see a reference to it here and it doesn't appear to have unlimited lives. Did you make a patch for it?
  6. Still looking for Pro Pix. I found the original packaging (no tape unfortunately). Thought I would share. I'm not sure if this is out there yet.
  7. If anyone else wants to do this, here is the OS split into two 8Kb files. 1200XL REV11 OS High 1200XL REV11 OS Low
  8. Thanks Bob! This is exactly what I was looking for. My main 1200XL has many upgrades including the 32 in 1 OS. This is my spare machine and now has the REV 11 OS. Thanks again! Sean
  9. Hi Bob.

    I am trying to split OS REV 11 into two 8Kb Eproms and install them in my 1200XL.  The Eproms are 28 pin 2764s.  I was hoping you might have some insight as to how to do this.




    1. SoundGammon


      Try burning the first 2764 and see what the last 8 bytes are. Then you should be able to tell where to start burning the second one. This would be easy to do with my ProBurner.

  10. Thanks but this doesn't solve my problem. Those instructions replace the two 1200XL roms with an 800XL 16KB rom. I am trying to replace both 1200XL roms with two 8KB 28pin Eproms. I wanted to split the REV11 rom file into two 8KB Eproms and install them in the 1200XL.
  11. I have a spare 1200XL that is completely stock. Reading about the REV 11 OS got me thinking. I have a bunch of 2764 Eproms. I would think it would be possible to program two 8K Eproms and put them in the OS sockets. I have looked and can't really fine a guide that would show how this is done. I have the REV 11 rom file but it is 16KB. I will have to split the file in half (unless someone knows where there is one already in two 8KB files). What changes to the board would I have to make to put in two 28 pin Eproms (besides soldering in two 28pin sockets) Thanks, Sean
  12. Growing up in Orlando I used to spend alot of time at the Adventure International computer store that was just down the road from my house. I bought several games there for my Atari 400. One of the software titles I bought was called Pro Pix. It was a statistical program for betting on football games. Now as a kid I didn't care to bet on football games but I was fascinated with using statistics to predict future outcomes. I also was fascinated with the cash register at the store. Instead of a regular cash register they had an Atari with a program called C.R.I.S (Cash register inventory system). I have looked for several years but cannot find these two software titles anywhere. I even asked Scott Adams about C.R.I.S. and he said he didn't have any copies of it after all these years. So I was thinking that maybe someone out there in the Atari world might have one or both of these programs or know of an archive out there that would have them. Waiting with fingers crossed.
  13. I came across another 800 with an 810 disk drive and bought both for $40. Good deals are still out there. Here is the serial.
  14. Ha! I thought that this might have been caught before. I did a quick search and didn't come up with anything. Oh well. Sorry for the re-hash.
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