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  1. i know it is now 1241 days later and since my last post, but i assure you i haven't forgotten. anyone who would like to add to the gallery is welcome to. thanks to everyone who have been keeping this forum alive. also, it occurs to me that since 2005, more consoles are now considered retro, eg a playstation was out dated then, but early now its mid 90's retro. haydn
  2. It's a damn good thing I haven't booked my tickets, isn't it! Yes, Tulsa. I knew it started with "T". My knowledge of American geography about as bad as most of America's knowledge of geography of the world. The first fully-working no-glitching screen with slime, boulders, diamonds and butterflies in action at the same time. 8MB download, but worth it. Note the game has no noticeable slowdown despite all the stuff going on. And the ROM is still under 8K! Next comes moving butterflies and after that, probably butterflies and slime to diamond routines. Should be fun! I'm aiming for a fully working game for the show... but we will see. Here's sample of the same thing, but using the split-screen two player mode. As you can see, the engine is quite capable and nearly complete. Cheers A PS: A flock of random butterflies in action. -- 2MB 846830[/snapback] Soory to bring bad news again, the third one wont work. Haydn
  3. quake on the pc and a lot of other pc games, includeing tempest. Haydn
  4. http://sourceforge.net/projects/knoppixmame/ A mame one, think you might have to try dos based frontends or a basic linux with a frontend if you want to go this route. Haydn
  5. Are there any dedicated linux distros for the job that work nowadays? Haydn
  6. I actually won them from someone, on a bet!... 844490[/snapback] Is gambling leagle in new york? haydn
  7. Got that right! I'm amazed at how much that little snipped really does seem to play exactly like BD -- speed at all! I'm quite impressed. Maybe First Star will agree to some sort of licensing and you can actually finish up this particular game and release it. That would be sweet. What I don't get though is, how is it that dead similar games can get released without any legal repercussions whatsoever? I mean, look at how many thousands (literally!) of Pac Man clones there are out there, yet Namco has never stepped in. Neither has Taito for the thousands of Tetris clones, nor even Popcap Games for the many nearly identical Bejeweled clones there are out there (to use a more recent example). And as long as we're going there, I've seen dozens of Boulder Dash-esque games get released and I've not heard of First Star doing anything about it. There must be some subtle but distinct point in altering a game's name, appearance, and/or play mechanic where it suddenly falls outside of the realm of IP infringement. Perhaps it's merely a matter of finding out where that line lies and then altering your tech demo enough that it just toes the other side of it. I mean it would really be a shame to see all the work you've put into this BD clone be wasted by remaining purely a proof-of-concept. They can usualy get away with it when they fall in to the lame/waste of bandwidth catagory. It makes people go out and get vthe real thing. Haydn
  9. I had a friend like that with Chun Li. Haydn
  10. My vote for the ugliest handheld would have to go to the Microvision. Cute concept but extremely unweildy and once it was used for a while the film buttons would begin to show wear. 843540[/snapback] Here is the microvision. Haydn
  11. Okay, reality check here. NOBODY CARES if someone ports a commercial game to a console of the 2600's generation. Look at the carbon-copy arcade ports the Vectrex and Colecovision are getting. Has anybody sued them? No. To be concerned about getting sued over a port of Boulder Dash to the 2600 is, at best, unfounded paranoia. 843542[/snapback] First stars permission was sought for the 5200 version releadse recently. I think it is on there website. There buisness is licencing so they cant some let people use it for free, but they seem to be quite adaptable. Haydn Edit: Vid 2 just downloaded. Amaizing haw many sepearte elements are moving idepoendantyl onscreen. I remember you saying it was limeted to something like 6 or 7 befor?
  12. That is a dam fine pice of work, and i love your new feature. Look forward to seeing/playing the end results Haydn
  13. What metal stand, i dont remember one(in UK)? But supervision beats them both hands down for ugly (look at the 2 pics i posted) Haydn
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