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  1. Yes indeed. As discussed in the DMs I will send you my broken ones and you can then take a look at them and maybe share the results. What was also strange is that while I put the first GameDrive into the broken Lynx I am pretty sure I put the second one only in after I had replaced the MOSFET and transistors, but maybe doing just that did not fix everything yet, though after measuring directly across the voltage regulator on the GameDrive after fixing both Lynx I did measure 4.9V so I guess the power supply (at least for the 5V rail) was working properly.
  2. Yes, I also noticed that many devices were actually connected to the 5V rail, but I didn't know that it's all of them except the SD card. That is of course quite dangerous with the failing voltage converters in the Lynx and of course anybody who tries to bypass the switch MOSFET with a line to the headphone jack will instantly fry it. So if there is a chance that every single chip on the cart is toast, there is indeed not much of a point to salvage it. Thanks for the swap offer, I sent you a DM regarding that.
  3. Both broken Lynx II I had did not turn on at first (I bought them broken) and I did turn them on with the GameDrive inserted. After I did the standard power supply fix (replace transistors, MOSFET and Zener diode) they both turn on now, but the display is broken. So my guess is that the "upwards failing" power supply of the Lynx put the full 9V on the display circuit and broke it. When I then put the GameDrive into these broken Lynxs maybe the 9V were also applied to the Vcc of the GameDrive, but this should have fried the voltage regulator first which still seems to work. So I am a bit at a loss, but I can't be the only one who broke their GameDrive this way. Many Lynx have a broken power supply so I imagine that this must have happened quite often. @SainT: did you ever get any broken GameDrive and which parts were typically broken? Any more specific recommendation then swapping all 245 and the latch? Could the RAM be affected as well. Would you be willing to share the schematic? Before posting I tried to find a thread about broken GameDrives but couldn't find one. I also did not get any answer to my request to RetroHQ and Dragonbox. In case there is any thread or other document on the web with suggestions on how to fix a fried GameDrive please point me (us) to it as 2 GameDrives are quite expensive to replace.
  4. I have 2 original GameDrive Rev1 carts which I bought in 2017. It seems as if I broke both by putting them into a broken Lynx. When I put them into a working Lynx now it just shows "INSERT GAME". Is there any way to fix these carts (I can replace components myself). The voltage regulator seems to be working on both (3.3V on output). Is there any way to salvage these? Repair them? Could I trade them in? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Just to make sure: having signed up on your web site for the NGPSD and here for the LynxSD I did everything I need to to eventually get two of each? Do you already have an ETA for them?
  6. Hello, great job on those cards. I would like two of them. I would also like two NGPC flash carts, but I guess I sign up for those via your web site? Cheers, Alex
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