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  1. This will be the last Snow Flakes game to be made with batari basic. You could think of this as a trilogy coming to an end or something. While it may not be as big of a jump as 2017 to 2018. There are five new additions that really make this one stand out.

    1. Proper Night Transition 

    (The playfield and sprites kept the same brightness, no matter how far you got. Also Phase 4 no longer has an ugly gray/grey background.)

    2. Faster Speed for Joystick Players

    (Phases 4 and 5 became impossible for Joystick players, since there was no way to reach the other side of the screen in time. Now simply hold "down" on the joystick, and you'll go twice as fast.)

    3. Sound Effects

    (There's no way James would let me get away with that three times in a row.)

    4. Custom Settings

    (Change the color of your Sled with the Select Switch, and choose whether you want the Igloo present during gameplay with the Reset Switch.)

    5. New Challenge Mode

    (Replacing the broken two snowflake difficulty mode, now your catching snowflakes, while also avoiding... falling ice sheets?)


    If you've never played a Snow Flakes game before, it's pretty similar too paddle games like Kaboom. In fact, even though this version has improved Joystick play, I stick highly recommend trying this out with a paddle.

    Here's a list of how to play:

    • Fire Button to Start
    • Color Switch to Change Controls (Color = Joystick and B/W = Paddle)
    • Left Difficulty Switch to change the size of your Sled
    • Right Difficulty Switch will add dangerous Ice Sheets to Avoid
    • Pro Tip: Phases change depending on time, not how many snow flakes you catch. 1st Phase is 30 seconds, and then the next one increases by another 30 seconds, so Phase 2 is 60 seconds, and the 3rd is 90 etc... Also Ice Sheets will give you points when they hit the snowy ground below.


    3 changes for the updated version:

    • Sound frequency slightly increases with each catch.
    • New Sound for successfully dodging an Ice Sheet
    • Fixed the timing issue where both objects would have the same height, now they are perfectly spaced out.


    While it won't shock your mind or anything like that, this simple game even surprised me when I discovered how much fun it was too play. Thanks for at least checking it out, and have a great New Years! ;-)








    Snow_Flakes_2019.bas.bin Snow_Flakes_2019_old.bas.bin

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  2. Would anybody going to PRGE be interested in a Trackball 5200 Controller?

    I plan on giving it away for free, but I just want to make sure it's going to be in the hands of a 5200 owner. The ball and number pads work fine, but it's the 4 buttons that are non functional.

  3. Sorry, unlike last year I was unable to finish this game on Christmas Eve, however I decided to use Snow Flakes to celebrate New Years Instead.
    For Fans of the Original Snow Flakes (2017) you'll be happy to know this version of the game is vastly superior in every way.
    1. The background isn't as empty and includes an Igloo
    2. The Paddle from before is now replaced with a Sled
    3. The Paddle controller is now supported (and recommended)
    4. Up to Two snow flakes at a time
    5. 5 Phases with each one becoming more difficult
    6. From Day to Night. The sky becomes darker the more phases you conquer
    7. Highscore is Saved

    Here's how to Play:

    • Fire Button to Start
    • Reset to go back to Menu
    • Color Switch to Change Controls (Color = Joystick and B/W = Paddle)
    • Left Difficulty Switch to change the size of your Sled
    • Right Difficulty Switch to change how many flakes appear at a time
    • Pro Tip: Phases change depending on time, not how many snow flakes you catch. 1st Phase is 30 seconds, and then the next one increases by another 30 seconds, so Phase 2 is 60 seconds, and the 3rd is 90 etc...

    Hope you enjoy, and of course have a great New Year :-D







    Edit: I tried to upload this before 2019, however I was in such a rush I forgot to add the .bin file :P


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  4. Are you talking about this:

    Looks awesome, but keep in mind a munching squares program on Atari 2600 won't look as cool because in batari basic the playfield pixels are 32 x 11 (or 32 x 12 if you add some vertical scrolling)

    Anyways have a variable play as some sort of timer, each time the current code runs have it take one away from the variable (timer = timer - 1) then once the variable reaches 0 reset the variable to whatever number (ex: 60) and have it move to the next frame.
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  5. Hey guys back from the dead, but soon to be dead again. I won't be able to work on any bB or any 2600 games for that matter until summer begins. :P

    On to the question: So lately Iv'e been learning about spaghetti code vs structured (or lasagna) code. Then I realized my bB games seem to follow a little bit of both formats.

    I was wondering if spaghetti code is still as bad as a format for visual bB or if it's mostly for big programming projects made with C++ or Java.


    I mean to be fair bB is more limited than any big programming language, so you should have to use lots of goto's and if statements right?

  6. @Lewis2907: Thanks, even though the topic looks pretty long, I'll give it a shot.

    @bogax: Wow, I forgot about the sprites being drawn upside down, I guess that shows how new I am at this, but I'll soon get to your level I'm sure. I'll be sure to check out sprite_postion.bas and of course the Max's Maze Mod. Speaking of this mod, I'm planning on making a whole series of Max's Maze games, each one helps me learn something new in bB, for example the first game is collision, the second will introduce sounds, animations, and so on. Would you mind if I added your mod into the list of Max's Maze games? (Just as a mini example, and of course I'll give you credit)

    @Randon Terrain: I know you weren't replying to me but, good luck moving :thumbsup:

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  7. For the new Max Maze game, I'm using Random Terrain's "ex_sprite_ball_missile_collision_prevention.bas" example to add the perfect collision. (It is a maze game after all)

    However there are two things I need to ask you guys...

    1. Could someone explain this part in detail, perhaps understanding it better can help with fixing bugs and glitches for my games using this code in the future.
    (The example below is from Random Terrain's example, not my game)

    temp5 = (player0x-10)/4
    temp6 = (player0y-9)/8
    if temp5 < 34 then if pfread(temp5,temp6) then goto __Skip_Joy0_Up
    temp4 = (player0x-17)/4
    if temp4 < 34 then if pfread(temp4,temp6) then goto __Skip_Joy0_Up
    temp3 = temp5 - 1
    if temp3 < 34 then if pfread(temp3,temp6) then goto __Skip_Joy0_Up

    2. As I've said my newest game is using the above code for collision, however unlike Random Terrain's 8x8 sprite in the example, this sprite is 3x6

    Because of this sudden sprite size change, the game is going crazy, going left and up seems to be fine, but going right and down at the same time is awful. You can barley move around since the walls feel like they have the force pushing you away from them.

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

    (When playing 2018_01_19_2349, make sure to press the fire button when you see a blank red screen to start the actual game)


  8. Joypad

    I'm currently working on a breakout type game with the paddle, but I took a break and made a much simpler paddle game for Christmas.

    Originally missile0 and missile1 were suppose to be other snow flakes, so there would be 3 on screen at a time, but the missiles were giving me trouble, and one snow flake was hard enough (on difficulty A) so that's why I used joystick only, because the paddle gets rid of missile1

    (You already know that though) :-D

  9. I made a goal to make a game for Christmas eve (in one day) on batari basic. I didn't have to much time so the game isn't really that great, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

    • Press fire to start the game
    • Use the select switch the quit back to the menu (your score will reset to 0)
    • Left Difficulty Switch to change the size of your paddle
    • Right Difficulty Switch to alter the height of the cloud

    It's Christmas time, and your outside as a paddle catching snow flakes, but watch out these snow flakes are tricky.

    If one snow flake falls on the snowy floor, your toast!!!








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