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  1. @Sean39 - I'm so happy you replied to this post. I actually (partially) restored my friends Atari 2600. I basically cleaned it (inside and out) restored his joystick and also repainted the orange trim, which was 80% off. He died in 2007 from a chronic disease that he had all his life, thus his Mom gave me his Atari 2600 system last month, which had been sitting in her closet for 25+ years. That's why I had several questions about the date of the system, because I had no clue what year it was purchased. She told me they purchased it for Charley for Christmas. I have yet to ask her if they had to take it in for any repairs, because all the chips inside read (3 out of the 4) 1981, including the taped piece of paper on the EMI metal box. Though, the copyright is 1977, which, that could mean that's when the system was first released. I actually completed it on Dec 3rd. Here's the entire album and a photo of Charley and myself (2nd photo in album) and the finished Atari 2600 is the 2nd to last photo, which includes everything that I did. Complete Album https://flic.kr/s/aHsm6ZFZ3Q
  2. I noted everything I did to the Atari over on my album (1st link below) via Flickr. Photo #2 explains everything in detail. For the trim, I basically taped (2) craft foam sheets together and placed a layer of paint (mixed colors) and gently pressed the faceplate onto the paint. Painters tape is optional (see photo in album) I mixed Bright Orange or Cadmium Orange Hue and Burnt Umber, which I covered the entire craft foam sheets with. At first it was just White or Titanium White (2nd photo at the 2nd link below), but I noticed it made the Orange much lighter, but I needed it darker. I did not use White for this project. All the paint is Acrylic,which you might be able to find it at your local Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Dollar Store. I wasn't able to. I purchased mine at Hobby Hobby (paint's called The Fine Touch, $2.99 per color), which they should have the colors mentioned above in the paint section. Click the large arrow on the 'right' of each image for the next 4 photos to see the entire procedure for the trim. I would recommend to anyone not to blob the paint on or in thick layers. A good layer or two will do the job, if not, you can apply more paint onto the craft foam sheets. PS I noted all the supplies as well. Full Album - https://flic.kr/p/DUJmC9 Next 4 Photos (trim) - https://flic.kr/p/DUJmC9
  3. Finally finished partially restoring my friends Atari 2600. Image #2 details everything. Click on each image for a description at the link provided. https://flic.kr/s/aHsm6ZFZ3Q

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    2. RamrodHare


      Looks really good!

    3. cybercylon


      Always like seeing a good clean up job on the older consoles.

    4. AtariMI1978


      @GoldLeader, RamrodHare, and cybercylon - Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them. :)

  4. After 29 days (including waiting for parts) I finally restored (partially) my friends Atari 2600. It had been sitting in his Mom's closet for 25+ years and when I plugged it in, it worked like a charm. I placed a fresh coat of paint (trim) and restored his joystick with all new parts because the parts that were inside were very worn, especially the top of his joystick. I fixed and replaced much more (link provided). I gave his Atari 2600 a nice bubble bath w/ scrub (laughs) and a nice (small) moderate shine. The parts that can be washed that is. LMBO. Enclosed is a before (top) and after (bottom) photo. My friend died in 2007 from a chronic disease at age 38, thus last month his Mom sent me his Atari system as a gift. Enclosed is the entire project at the link below. Click on images for description. The story begins on photo #2. RIP Charley. PS All the games were his (I cleaned and shined them up/contacts), excluding Donkey Kong, which I purchased. https://flic.kr/s/aHsm6ZFZ3Q
  5. Gave my Atari 2600 a bubble bath, well.. the plastic top casing that is. It must have felt weird getting a bath for the first time in 36 years. :)

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      Sounds like my brother...

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      @TheTIGuy - Oh my gosh, that's so funny!

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      The thing is with the internet is people might be sincere, might be semi-sardonic, or just plain mocking.

  6. I think I might have figured it out, without asking his Mom. The copyright 1977 might just mean when the Atari 2600 was first made/released. The chips that read 1981 are actually when the Atari 2600 was made. That's a lot of chips to replace. I'll have to ask if she remembers anything about having to have it repaired, but I highly doubt it. She probably got the years mixed up. She did say in an e-mail (several weeks ago) that they got it for Charley for Christmas, whatever year it was released. So she probably got the years off track, which is fine. Though, it did come with Combat (black cover with just writing of the games on front, no graphics)
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