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  1. Your file seems to have bad checksum. I have no problems with saving/restoring state with MOTR loaded from Altirra 3.20, but on 3.90 I have the same issue - the saved archive is corrupted. motr.atstate2 motr.altstate
  2. Ok, to ensure I understood you right: Currently there is no way to dump a PBI ROM right? Flashing PBI core under Altirra actually does nothing, yes? About FRED - apparently, the Atari I was testing this title on has a v2 OS ROM.
  3. I had two issues with current release: - Rapidus emulation: works more or less ok, but after removing it from setup and adding again I've lost its Core PBI firmware, which I've previously upgraded. I have saved only the rapidus flash, and this one I can re-attach in Firmware manager (but doing so directly after upgrading it - fails), but I see no option to assign an updated PBI firmware. - None of FRED atr files I have seem to boot, they all go to SELF TEST, but xex of the same game works ok. The same atr loaded using SDrive on real Atari works fine. https://mapy.atari8.info/stuff/fred.zip
  4. Oh, I had BASIC rev. C from the beginning. I was asking for the XL OS. Stock one for XL was rev. 2 (or B), late 130XE, and 800XE had rev. 3 (or C). The obvious difference is Selftest, where finally you see 800XL/65XE keyboard layout, without 1200XL specific keys.
  5. I have managed to buy a spare ANTIC in a right version/revision, and now my 800XL is fully functional again Thank you for your help. P.S. Would you suggest to keep XL OS rev.B, or upgrade it to XL OS rev.C (which was never factory installed in any 800XL)?
  6. It already was socketed... I have swapped it back and forth, and the fault was always there, where the ANTIC from XL was.
  7. I have swapped ANTIC with another Atari and now I'm sure my ANTIC is faulty PMBASE sets to 0x00 when it warms up.
  8. Whoever was betting on ANTIC was apparently right. Freezing ANTIC prior to starting computer vastly postpones occurring of the symptoms. Strange is, it is not getting hot even without cooling.
  9. I'm using 5V 3A Qoltec switching power supply. My 65XE works just fine on it.
  10. Basic works just fine, selftest also. I hope to have another 800XL for tests tomorrow. Didn't check the sockets, but they look ok. No visible corrosion on them.
  11. I don't have much options... actually only thing I have is SIO2Arduino. I don't have much experience in 8-bit Atari, and I don't have much spares. I only have one other 8-bit Atari system, which is non-ECI 65XE. I swapped GTIA from it as it was socketed. In my 65XE merely no chips are socketed, while in 800XL all are. I was informed that same effect occurs in River Raid when you change PMBASE to 0x00, instead of 0x08. Could it be a hint where to look for a fault?
  12. Shamus seems to work fine. So what - MMU?
  13. I have a hardware problem with Atari 800 XL. In every game that uses sprites they got corrupted after about 6 sec. since initializing them. In SysInfo there is a sprite collision test and it works, but soon after it finishes, garbage occurs: If I restart the test it works again fine. In River Raid, sprites become small letters of alphabet and player graphics is a full screen height column of capital letters (letter depends on the vertical position on the screen, so moving sprites scroll vertically across the alphabet): In Super Cobra it works for a while, but when it crashes for the first time, the heli crashes immediately after reappearing (it is a constant collision). In Pitfall II the demo doesn't scroll, and there is no character on the gamefield. All games work for ~6 sec. and then garbage appears on the screen. If I reset computer it works again for same time, and in SysInfo it is enough to re run the test, so it is unlikely to be thermal issue. I have swapped GTIA, RAM and OS ROM, but with no luck.
  14. More or less correct. As I said before - original voltage regulating circuit is ok (actually this is a switch mode power supply - SMPS), if you want to add additional protection just put a 5.2V transil in parallel to the output of this circuit, and preferably also a fuse somewhere before the transil or the whole regulator.
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