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  1. I have spent years trying to find something my son would latch onto. This is his Junior year in highschool and I decided to add this course to the last semester and we hit this snag..hopefully, now that this is cleared he will get into it!!! Thanks again!!!
  2. Eureka!!! It worked on the Deb machine too!!!!
  3. @Draconian, I tried that with each install and with any changes. It comes back with same error. @Space Cowboy, except for the 'cd /tmp' command that is pretty much the same code as in the course. He used the .zip file and extracted it, I tried both and still get the same results. I have even tried entering it into the $PATH in '/etc/profile' and nothing.... Crap!!! Just tried SC's suggestion on my Arch install on another machine and it freaking worked....ok...gonna try it this way on the other machine...also I think I noticed why the 'instructor's' code didn't work. He changed the whole filename to 'dasm' after the extraction and 'cp'd' that instead of just the 'dasm' file contained in the tarball.....crap!!! Thanks so much guys!!!! If it don't work on the other machine he'll just have to finish up on my machine.!!!!
  4. Forgot to say who 'he' is....😐....my son, that's who...must have forgotten to add it back in when I edited the original post.....
  5. We are trying, have been trying for 2 weeks, to install DASM for this Udemy Class he is taking. I have noticed that with changes to the package the instruction set in the course seems outdated. Right now I am at the point that I have re-re-redownloaded the package, ran 'make' and 'make test'. then I 'cd' to the directory/file I created for it's location and run 'dasm' in CLI. When I do I get a 'dasm: coomand not found' return. I am installing it in Debian Buster. Any suggestions on where I screwed it up, or how to proceed??
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