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  1. Finding this thread years later in Pandemic Times--I am in the East Bay and can give you a hand anytime, Rob.
  2. Awesome, putting this on my AtariMax!
  3. Bumping this because instead of going to PGRE I had a play party for some of my friends. Fall Down was a huge hit and I would love to have a box for it. Did anything ever come if this? I also have the Red/Blue cart case.
  4. I JUST went through this last year and what worked for me was negotiating with local(ish) buyers through Facebook Marketplace. I sold my entire NES collection this way and the buyer got an awesome deal and I saved a ton of time. Could I have gotten more out of it through eBay? Probably, but listing and shipping, and dealing with buyers...forget it. The things I did sell on eBay: boxed games, shipped in boxes. All of my Genesis games--most were in plastic cases with UPC codes on them, so I could just scan it with my cellphone to add to eBay. Also easy to ship. A couple of logical game lots, the largest using Atari binders and a few other cool storage folders etc. All the Intellivision cartridges in one lot, flat-rate box. A really nice Atari computer lot. Joystick lots, also flat rate box. Psychologically speaking, the purge has done wonders. I went from a full-on gameroom to a closet in our office and don't miss the cartridges at all. I kept all my multicarts, etc. Found a way nicer CRT TV than I'd had, all my favorite consoles are still plugged in, and I'm honestly playing a ton of old stuff on the Nintendo Switch now! Good luck with your sale. It's so hard--drove me crazy for months and I had the same instinct you did--if you look at my posting history you can see how many times I was just hoping someone local would come take it all away.
  5. phaxda


  6. Awesome what are the odds on a 5200 port?! Looking forward to playing in any format.
  7. Just stopping by this thread to say THANK YOU!!! I just received my cart from the store and it's AMAZING. I love curling and the 5200 both and am so happy to have this game. How about some Atari 5200 Pond Hockey next--I'm half-Canadian so this one is really getting me going! Thank you AverageSoftware (love the name) and Al!
  8. Medical bills and moving force sale. All reasonable offers considered. I will take offers for the lot or indiVidual games. The one with faded label is Journey to the Planets. Also listing on Facebook.
  9. On Craigslist but will give break to AA members. Too much of a pain to ship and the game store isn't even interested. I still have a bunch of stuff. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/vgm/d/vintage-video-game-sale-atari/6618624445.html
  10. Hi all, Five years ago I had a little baby girl who is the light of my life. She is far more important than a bunch of old video games and I need money to help pay for some medical issues and on top of that we are moving in the next couple of months and my wife does not want this huge collection to come with us. Anyone in the SF Bay Area who wants to come take a look I'm totally open to that, just let me know. There is far too much to list and I'm ready to deal and anyone from AtariAge gets preferred buyer status. I will be selling some stuff on eBay but for larger items I just want it gone. Please PM me; I have cleared out my inbox. Thanks.
  11. HI all. I am starting to sell off parts of my collection beginning with my Genesis collection. All my boxed games are listed on eBay. eBay Seller: pdangler-half The Atari stuff is coming soon. I am moving and don't have room. SF Bay Area people: please hit me up if you want good deals so I don't have to ship. Will post separately for that.
  12. Hey was glad to see this topic bumped looking forward to a set.
  13. I use the wheel exclusively for my Mario Kart 8 addiction (and for MK Wii before that) and can't play the game any other way. I love it. When friends watch me play they just die laughing because I am a 42-year-old man holding a little wheel and tilting and clicking like a crazy man. While I own a ColecoVision wheel and gas pedal I think I've used it only a few times. It's not the best controller ever.
  14. I'll buy it; my newest handheld at this moment is a DS XL, so portability could be cool and as long as there's some sort of Mario Kart... that's all I really want. And a Netflix/Amazon player because that's how our Wii U tablet usually gets used. Was glad to see the Amiibo in the commercial because we have lots of fun playing with those. I don't care about shading or 4K or any of that other stuff.
  15. Seems like all my PS1 discs are scratched.

    1. Flojomojo


      I'll bet they still work pretty well though, right?

    2. Kiwi


      Possibly bitrot.

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