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  1. No one is triggered. You said something stupid, and literally a handful of people pointed it out. Are you here for a JagSD, or are you here to "trigger snowflakes"?
  2. So this console will only output mono sound, then?
  3. CGQuarterly


  4. This is exactly why I started a YouTube channel. Was it that obvious?
  5. I'm going to stick to using the peroxide cream from the beauty supply store along with a couple of hours of sun exposure. Has worked like a charm for me.
  6. That's a pretty good solution! I'd grab one, but I just changed the battery in my IIgs, so I'm good for a while.
  7. Coincidentally, my system is currently in Mobius' shop, getting that work done to it. Mine was still working alright, but I wanted to have the caps replaced before they leaked and caused damage, rather than after. It's pricey work to have done, but I would say that it adds to the value of the system, especially when I think we are going to see more and more of them dying from leaky caps.
  8. I finally beat Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, 32 years after I first played it. Did it over the course of a few live streams on my channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o023Z-sPZdk
  9. No he won't. I got beat out. Too bad, because that's exactly what I wanted them for.
  10. Thanks, man. I was just joking around, though. I am very glad to see someone else taking up the mantle of the NES HSC for me, just as I did for whoever it was that ran it before I did.
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