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  1. Supercross 3D with manual Checkered Flag with Manual Zool 2 Kasumi Ninja with manual Evolution Dino Dudes White Men Can't Jump with manual Troy Aikman Football Iron Soldier with manual and box $115 shipped priority mail inside the United States.
  2. My plan is to take what I want out of these boxes, let a buddy of mine who also collects magazines do likewise, and then donate the rest (along with some other magazines that I'm getting rid of) to the Video Game History Foundation for use in fulfilling their "blind box" subscriptions. I've already had a couple of people reach out to me who are looking for particular issues, and I just don't have time to sift through these based on peoples' requests. I'm sure that all of the issues you're looking for are readily available on eBay. Sorry!
  3. PMed to claim, assuming they’re still available. And no I will not be flipping them on eBay if I get them.
  4. So I backed Mike Kennedy's RETRO Magazine back whenever that happened and I still have all of the magazines that I was sent, many still sealed in the bags. Is there any interest in these? I don't want them, but I don't want to throw them out if they're something that someone else thinks is cool... Let me know and I can snap a couple of pics or whatever. Thanks! Chris Edit: Sold for $40 shipped.
  5. No one is triggered. You said something stupid, and literally a handful of people pointed it out. Are you here for a JagSD, or are you here to "trigger snowflakes"?
  6. So this console will only output mono sound, then?
  7. CGQuarterly


  8. This is exactly why I started a YouTube channel. Was it that obvious?
  9. I'm going to stick to using the peroxide cream from the beauty supply store along with a couple of hours of sun exposure. Has worked like a charm for me.
  10. That's a pretty good solution! I'd grab one, but I just changed the battery in my IIgs, so I'm good for a while.
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