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    I'm collecting interesting classic hardware, modern retro hardware, and into all kinds of emulation.

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    Various mid 90's Unix workstations with X11, Motif, custom GUIs with TK.
    Lots of Arcade Minis and Plug and Plays!
    Favorite emulation tools: MAME, RetroPie, VICE, Amiga Forever, Stella, Altirra

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  1. Otherwise known as merchandising!!! Re-branded Intellivisions are not as cool as Spaceballs The Flame Thrower. The kids love it!
  2. It was 1987. I saved lots of lawn mowing money to buy my next game. I had the Commodore 64. I remember it clearly as it was a 45 minute drive with my mom to the computer store that had the biggest C64 collection around. The owner was a huge C64 fan so he had various open top titles to show/play in the store. I entered the store and I see Defender of Crown on the Amiga and was just amazed. (Sachs was an amazing artist!). Mom said that's a beautiful game and it's educational you should get that one. I lit up with joy and it hit me in seconds I had the C64. The guy at the store knew me as over the years I bought C64 games there. He saw my disappointment and said he would throw in the game for free if I got the Amiga. My ignorant mom stepped in and said that sounds great as I could have an early Christmas present saying something about c64 was couple hundred dollars so is this Amiga a few hundred more ? I did not even want to see my mom's face when store owner stated the price. Well to cut to the chase the owner at store showed me DoTC on C64 and I was impressed graphically but the game play was lame. All I could think about was how much cooler the Amiga graphics looked. Anyway the shop guy knew me and my style. He wiped out his latest new favorite Airborne Ranger for C64 booted it on the C64 and wow I was sold. Airborne Ranger for C64 is still one of my favorite games to this day. I did get an Amiga years later when Amiga 500s were cheap. My pirated copy of DoTC I got from a friend just never seemed as great as that first Amiga I saw at the store
  3. The logo pasted right on the game title box and scrolling LED text was just hideous. I could not get through the second game. It was just horrible and seriously crap like this is why I don't promote the Amiga. It's truly a sad fate for such a great machine for it's day.
  4. I guess you were one of rich privileged kids. Outside of school I was not allowed to play or even socialize with the rich kids. Times were much different growing up in the lste 70's and early 80's.
  5. Definitely back in the early 80's no one had more than one system and you knew who had the other gaming systems Best friend had Atari 2600 Another good friend had Intellivision Another good friend had Colecovision I had a Vic20 then C64 And my cousin had Atari 5200
  6. Since my son got a Switch: Metal Slug (Switch) Super Smash Brothers (Switch) Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered (Switch)
  7. This shows a better demo then videos above but Sun beat Amiga Inc. to the bytecode revolution since AmigaDA/AmigaAnyware focused on games and the dying Amiga community. I still have no idea why Bill thought his Amiga Inc. licensed Tao virtual machine had anything to do with Amiga community ? Anyway Sun focused on getting millions of Java developers. Big win for Sun.. bankruptcy for Tao and Amiga Inc.
  8. My son who is 10 now but a bit on the autistic scale will spend a few hours modifying sprites in Stella or C64Studio. He then is so excited to play his mods. He's only interested in changing the graphics and not interested in the game mechanics. A few times I did get ....the oh please please dad find the number of lives and make it huge! Hahaha.
  9. I recently found my personal holy grail of early computing! I was at my mom's place for Christmas and while digging out some of my decades old Legos for my son, I found my first programming book from the early 80's! So I finally got around and found all the programs on-line at http://www.vic20listings.freeolamail.com/book_volcanicgames.html and even the entire book at https://ia600707.us.archive.org/3/items/RetroGameDesignAndProgrammingBooks/CosmicGamesForTheCommodoreVic-201983.pdf It was so much fun to see the games I typed in, and remembering all the hours of testing I put in to slightly modify the games to make them cooler. It was also great to play the bunch that I never typed in. Granted these games are all V2 VIC20 CBM BASIC with some PEEKS and POKES so they are pretty lame compared to even the commercial VIC-20 games but these jump started my interest in computers and my IT / Programming career. What is your most fond memory of early programming ? My wife just rolled her eyes and said yea we all know you are a major computer geek. In my defense she never complains when my pay check arrives.
  10. Upcoming sorted by date: Brooklyn GeekFest -- TBD ? Staten Island GeekFest -- TBD ? Vintage Computer Festival East -- Wall, NJ - April 24-26 2020 Long Island Retro Gaming Expo -- Garden City, NY -- Aug 8-9 2020 Retro World Expo -- Hartford, CT --Sept 19-20 2020 A Video Game Con -- Meadowlands in Secaucus, NJ -- TBD Weekly: Retro Video Game Day -- Grand Central Library -- NYPL -- every Friday Monthly: Digital Press hosts NAVA last Saturday -- Clifton, NJ Needs update ? Digital Press2 -- Springfield, NJ
  11. Anyone know of a list of the Atari Flashback 9 firmware revision history? There were a bunch of firmware releases this past year. A few comments here and there point to a Space Invader crash fixed, delayed audio improved and likely some other changes. I see there was a new firmware release a few weeks ago and then one just a few days ago -- V. 2.1.1 (released on Nov 28, 2019)
  12. Wow this looks great for the price. Looks my original BitBoy might be retired and added to my personal mini-museum of the unused (otherwise known as the basement shelf).
  13. They might have a reference board .. anyone with a few hundred dollars can buy a reference board and be an AMD customer. What I suspect will be missing is any functional game. They will likely "show off" the AMD SDK where the they changed the login title from AMD SDK to Atari SDK.
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