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    I'm collecting interesting classic hardware, modern retro hardware, and into all kinds of emulation.

    My retro consoles and computers:
    Atari 2600, Atari Portfolio, Atari Lynx, Atari Flashback Portable 2017, ColecoVision Flashback, Intellivision Flashback, BittBoy, TRS-80 Model 100, Timex Sinclair 1000, Commodore Vic 20, Commodore 64, C64DTV, Power Mac G4 Quicksilver, Libretto 100CT, NEC MobilePro 750c, various IBM AT/XT PS/2 and Thinkpads (800 PowerPC, A22m, T42, R50e and 500).
    Various mid 90's Unix workstations with X11, Motif, custom GUIs with TK.
    Lots of Arcade Minis and Plug and Plays!
    Favorite emulation tools: MAME, RetroPie, VICE, Amiga Forever, Stella, Altirra
  1. Wow this looks great for the price. Looks my original BitBoy might be retired and added to my personal mini-museum of the unused (otherwise known as the basement shelf).
  2. They might have a reference board .. anyone with a few hundred dollars can buy a reference board and be an AMD customer. What I suspect will be missing is any functional game. They will likely "show off" the AMD SDK where the they changed the login title from AMD SDK to Atari SDK.
  3. Like Trebor mentioned above.. I remember something was just a bit off on the original 7800 version. I have not played the new 7800 version and it has been many years since I played the original 7800 version.
  4. Lots of recent articles with quite a few details. Sounds like the NVidia Shield (AMD version) might actually be shown. Article claims Atari is "holding private preview meetings with press, retailers, and content partners." https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/06/11/1867120/0/en/Atari-Brings-the-New-Atari-VCS-Video-Computer-System-to-Life-During-E3-2019-Launching-Official-Presale-in-Partnership-With-GameStop-and-Walmart.html We'll see!!
  5. Well said. Atari SA is just one of the thousands of AMD customers of the AMD chip. AMD is not doing anything other than selling Atari SA a few reference boards and an option to purchase as many reference boards as Atari SA can afford. There are no custom chips and no big manufacturing contract and not even an Atari SA designed motherboard.
  6. What is the exact model number of integrated graphics as some of the older integrated graphics are not supported and won't even work with the recent Windows 10 releases except as a generic vga. For example Intel HD Graphics 3000 (released Jan 2011) is not supported and the Windows 7 drivers will not work with recent Windows 10. If your PC is 10 years old it's very unlikely the integrated Intel Graphics will not work other than generic vga (640x480 with only 16 colors).
  7. The C64 version of Impossible Mission is much better but is still very difficult. I owned it the back in '84 when it first came out and it was my favorite game for a very long time. I was only able to beat it about a year ago with unlimited time. Also I really enjoyed Impossible Mission II which is a lot easier. I was able to beat Impossible Mission II after awhile way back in the late 80's.
  8. Not sure if expected but I was fumbling with the controls and got hit a bunch of times. With the controls left and right go til end of screen unless hit spacebar to shoot. That might just be VM anyway then the screen got all messed up after my ship got hit. Note I was running from Virtual Box using DOS defaults, your invaders.img as a boot floppy and 16M of memory.
  9. Very cool. In that video the shots and movements of the invaders are very fast. I'll have to run on an old 486 or even 286 and see if the speed is proportional to CPU. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Yea I'm buying a few more to hand out as Christmas presents. I'll create custom USB sticks for the lucky recipients.
  11. It's not exactly Moore's Law but all electronics have a significant price decline and processing increase. Well .. except graphing calculators which should be $20 but have been over $100 ever since released in the early 90's.
  12. Sounds like you need to delegate to a newly hired website administrator!
  13. Yea a $35 Raspberry Pi and setting up Retro Pi is all most of us need as we already have various controllers, electronic/computer parts, cases, cords for the Pi.
  14. Original Star Wars, original Battlestar Galactica, Thundarr the Barbarian and 60's Batman action figures are the best! As far as your kickstarter Blah.... I'm more interested in your list of 150 video game IPs. Could you share that?
  15. I missed the portable part. The Next Atari Flashback Portal will likely have 7800 support. See http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291601-what-7800-games-do-you-want-to-see-on-atari-flashback-portable/ and note Bill has publicly stated in this forum he's AtGames ears to the AtariAge community. I just suspect the AFB 10 is very likely to have Atari 7800 support also.
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