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  1. Love the ATR8000 posts. Keep them coming!
  2. I have an ATR 8000 (64K) and recently purchased a new old-stock 5.25" IBM 360K drive for it. The drive spins but couldn't get CPM to load. I think I need to boil the belt to get the timing right. On my list of things to do this summer. Would love to get a few more standard drives for this. Am interested in what others use as standard drives can be a bit hard to find used and working.
  3. I got back into the hobby a few years ago. I have been documenting projects as I complete them. Welcome back! My personal favorite is the Atari 800, 810, and 820 combo. I have all the others but the 800 is my first love. Have this set on my desk right now. My favorite games are Sea Dragon, Donkey Kong, Joust, and Qix.
  4. I just did a post about checksum programs. I found a floppy disk in my collection which had a bunch of these on it including MLX from Compute! and TYPO and TYPO II. The ATR is attached to this post and posted to archive.org. MLXTYPO.ATR
  5. I think it is fine to keep them as a window into history. No different than finding a trunk in your attic filled with love letters and documents. I have a number of disks like these and enjoy browsing the material from time to time. However, I have no plans to share them with anyone else or distribute them in any way. Some of the documents are personal letters and the like which I plan to protect. Much of it is bowling scores, baseball stats, and lists of software. Some of it is worth preserving. For example, I have several masters theses which absolutely should not be destroyed. I will probably rip and release these at some point because they are part of the scholarly record. I consider myself a responsible custodian.
  6. By the way, the three PLAs on line 90 were causing some people trouble. I have removed two of this in the code posted on my website. Note sure why those were there to begin with since you usually match the PLA to the PHA at the beginning.
  7. Thanks for catching this! Yes, too many PLAs. I should have caught that. Regardless, I have updated the code on Atari Projects so others don't run into the problem.
  8. Well done! This is awesome. I will do a blog post about it later today.
  9. Count me in for one (or two if allowed).
  10. I have been assuming that the global recession would bring prices down. Maybe people are choosing Atari over food and rent!
  11. Great work! Looking forward to the source code.
  12. Here is #118 - Telecommunications. I posted this to archive.org as well. https://archive.org/details/mwpds-118 MWPDS118.zip
  13. I have several of these. Finding drives is easier said than done.
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