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  1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing this awesome eye candy.
  2. A nice overview of different BASIC implementations in this 1987 piece from Antic.
  3. I love the futuristic cover of this April, 1982 issue of Creative Computing. https://archive.org/details/creativecomputing-1982-04-a
  4. A great resource. Thanks for posting to Github JeffJetton. The more examples and explanations the better.
  5. Awesome tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to do this!
  6. Has anyone gotten a Gotek working with an ATR8000?
  7. I am pleased to announce that I have completed and documented 100 projects for the Atari 8-bit computers and video game consoles. Number 100 is an example mini-game programmed in BASIC XE. This post highlights how the machine language code included in BASIC XE can be used to make game programming easier.
  8. Thanks for all your hard work on dasm! Very much appreciated.
  9. Would love to have a couple standard Percom drives for my ATR 8000.
  10. My interest in Atari has always been there. It was life and circumstance that always got in the way and forced me to push it underground. I got back into the hobby about three years ago as a result of several factors. First, the Atari stuff was taking up a lot of room in the basement and I realized it would be more efficient to unpack it all. Second, I work all the time and realized it would be good to have a hobby for some work-life balance. Third, my kids are older and need less attention. Fourth, I really needed something to take my mind off the daily grind that is U.S. politics. As a result, I have been able enjoy Atari on a weekly basis and even found time to do a web page, write a 2600 game, and write an Atari book. Unless some major life event happens (knock on wood), I plan to continue my Atari passion into retirement.
  11. Beautiful! The 800 is my favorite Here is my setup.
  12. Thanks! I have been looking for these. Ordered a few.
  13. All of them have some issue if that makes you feel any better
  14. I appreciate all the ATR 8000 discussion on this thread. Keep it coming! I am relatively new to the ATR as I never had one back in the day. I now have three ATRs. Interestingly, one doesn't have the guide notch for the 34-pin floppy drive connector. Isn't that weird? I haven't been able to locate a 34-pin ribbon cable that doesn't have the notch! I have attached below photos of the front and back of the three (middle one is a 64K w/o guide notch) along with a photo of the 34-pin floppy disk connectors for the top two. Notice the lack of a guide notch in lower one. Has anyone seen an ATR 8000 without a guide notch on the floppy disk connector???
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