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  1. Looks like Replicade have a problem with licensing too. Just got the ad for 1942 and it says "PLEASE NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions these items are only available to ship to the United States and Canada" Anyone got the inside scoop why that's a problem?
  2. Saw this article today about how a hacker has made Race Drivin' work way better than its original release. Here's a "how to" but it looks complicated. Can anyone make a "ASM For Dummies" version of these instructions to explain it to me?
  3. I'm with ya. The fact Missile Command is balls-orifically hard under normal conditions then combined with small controls makes me say nope to Missile Command when they release it. Just waiting to see what the last three are. Still can't guess from their silhouettes.
  4. Looks amazing man! Thank you very much for not only making this but explaining all the modes. This is right up my alley! One thing I wasn't totally clear about, at 15:09 and at the end of your video I hear something like a warning alert and it says CHPT! at the top, what is that warning us about? And why did the sides of the track turn red right at the end? Did I miss a gameplay tip? (very likely) By the way your audio sounds fine on this one.
  5. I think everyone's just done with joystick games. I hear the same complaint in the Arcade1Up groups that if a new game comes out that's just a joystick and button game less people are interested in those. I have always said put a steering wheel on some of these! There was one attempt by Tiny Arcade (Pole Position) but it was just a joystick that looks like a steering wheel and not an actual analog controller. Heck even Spy Hunter was a joystick, what the .. ??
  6. If you have a treasure chest of GameGear carts, I'm on the look out for Powersterike 2 for a reasonable price and Jang Pung 2 (essentially Street Fighter) and the homebrew Dangerous Demolition if you happen to have them?
  7. No worries, I plugged in a paddle and it did work although the button doesn't register. Driving Controller doesn't seem to be recognized. Still cool though, looking forward to the updates.
  8. DUDE this is fantastic! Giving me a Tomy Digital Derby vibe. Really awesome. Does it work with paddles / driving controller?
  9. I second the motion! (I am forever forgetting which variation has Evil Otto)
  10. WAR OF THE WORLDS 3D SECTOR-X if you have a 3D imager
  11. I recommend the FlashBack X. You can easily have it add ROMs and it works with classic paddles, not great but they work decently.
  12. Good to know, I'm going to leave it be. Thanks man!
  13. I also had no success in updating the driver but luckily I saw the following comment in the Patton Plays youtube how-to and it totally worked for me.... Alphons Potters 6 months ago (edited) Hello I had the same problem. Please use another Rockchip driver than the one they deliver with it! So first uninstall the one that you tried. And download Rockusb_Driver_v3.7 (you can find it for free on google) Than go to X64 folder --> win8 (if you have win8 or win10) --> rightclick the file rockusb.inf and install Now it should work! Cheers!
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