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  1. Actually no worries, this guy kinda answered some of my questions. Looks like the 6-button Genesis controller is needed so I doubt an Atari is going to cut it. And I don't think wireless is really an option for me anyway....
  2. Just bought one of these and have questions. If I plugged an Atari joystick into those ports, could I play any of the single-button games? Secondly, if such a scheme would actually work, is there a way to connect an Atari joystick wirelessly so I can sit back on the couch?
  3. Hmmmm this guy's review mentions no SD card and wired controllers which are minuses for me but he also says paddles still don't work with the emulator which makes me wonder if paddles will EVER work on these Flashbacks? Is it just not possible?
  4. ComputerSpaceFan


    ...... similar to another run of NOX?
  5. And my quickie first impressions from the PRGE floor
  6. Saw this mentioned by Chris Romero and I'm intrigued... ..... and I played the real McCoy a couple years ago....
  7. Just warning everyone who has PS+ and definitely had auto-renewal turned OFF like I did .... I got dinged this morning for another year because somehow mysteriously my auto-renewal got TURNED BACK ON! Just go check your settings didn't get over written by some little update Sony forgot to advertise. To cancel automatic renewal of your PlayStation®Plus subscription, select the service under (Settings) > [Account Management] > [Account Information] > [PlayStation Subscriptions], and then select [Turn Off Auto-Renew].
  8. Sorry for my bad terminology. What I'm basically saying is you don't need to do anything to your standard Wii to use this service, no hacking, no Homebrew Channel, mod mod chips. Just changing the DNS and waiting a minute and a half is all you need and you're playing with a dedicated group of fanboys keeping the Wii alive. I think it's awesome. AND FREE
  9. Hi there, not sure if anyone else posted this but I thought I'd share. This guy's instructions on how to play your non-modded Wii online again in present day totally works. I just played Tatsunoko vs Capcom online tonight for the first time in years!
  10. no worries, I saw some power supplies for sale on eBay and they all say center should be negative EU AC/DC 9V 1A Switching Power Supply adapter, negative polarity inside
  11. I'll be there and would love an AA badge please to go with my collection of previous years' badges.
  12. Just picked up a Grandstand Firefox F7 tabletop and it works great but instead of batteries I'd like to plug it into the wall. Only problem is the instructions say to use the Grandstand Mains Power Adapter and to flick the switch on the back of it to negative. Their quote is "Set polarity switch to negative polarity" Can't get an official Grandstand Mains Power Adapter but the good news is I have a Universal Adapter ... now my only problem is what should the pin configuration be? Center positive or center negative. Anyone know?
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