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  1. Just made a little video bringing this awesome project to light, I hope it brings more 2600 fans into this thread. Sorry I didn't use your name directly Omegamatrix, I went blank while I was filming and I thought the word "Someone" was a little more eye catching for a title but I did mention you in the description, credit where credit's due
  2. Rapidly launches URL to get Tailgunner for Vectrex ........ then dismay sets in when it's just how to make the box for it.
  3. <checks calendar> ....... definitely not April 1st, right?
  4. Thanks! Not to be a tattle-tale but Willie from ArcadeUSA said it in one of his videos. Personally I think the moon looks fine, especially for how small it is. Really crossing my fingers for an Asteroids Deluxe in this style one day.
  5. My two cents' worth if anyone's interested
  6. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS! Seriously man my head was spinning reading all these instructions and comments back and forth and I was too scared to try doing this. Your steps are excellent and I love the fact you also got worried when things looked like they went wrong cuz that definitely woulda been me! Much appreciated! I think I might give this a try (finally).
  7. Absolutely love this project, it's one of those things I never thought I needed but with the majority of my 2600 playing off a flashcart now I can never remember game select variations. Fantastic! (if I may add to the "To Do" list, Berzerk could really benefit from this menu idea)
  8. My Space Invaders arrived and I love it! (working on a video review right now) Just to answer my own question, Asteroids Deluxe could definitely be done in this small factor form, no problem at all so let's keep our fingers crossed one comes someday.
  9. I'm still holding out for Replicade's Asteroids machine ..... although if My Arcade can figure out a way to mirror Asteroids Deluxe then Replicade might have lost my purchase
  10. Out of curiosity, do you think if they tried to make Asteroids Deluxe this way the game would be viewable? I'm thinking more complex / detailed games just aren't going to be possible to see clearly with this design.
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