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  1. Speaking of Sega and VR, I think you might appreciate this Flojomojo ....
  2. CORRECTED! Totally playable for Indy 500 ..... and a ton of other applications. Sorry Larry!
  3. Blarg! Well that serves me right for not RFM! Sorry Larry!
  4. Am I the only one who can't get the button on the Driving Controller working on the MiniVex Pedal?
  5. My God .... it's beautiful! Do want that 2600 micro console!
  6. Since AtGames can't get paddles working I think I'm finally going to pull the trigger on a Retron 77. I searched this thread already but I can't find my answer so I'll ask: does the R77 work with Space Rocks?
  7. Actually no worries, this guy kinda answered some of my questions. Looks like the 6-button Genesis controller is needed so I doubt an Atari is going to cut it. And I don't think wireless is really an option for me anyway....
  8. Just bought one of these and have questions. If I plugged an Atari joystick into those ports, could I play any of the single-button games? Secondly, if such a scheme would actually work, is there a way to connect an Atari joystick wirelessly so I can sit back on the couch?
  9. Hmmmm this guy's review mentions no SD card and wired controllers which are minuses for me but he also says paddles still don't work with the emulator which makes me wonder if paddles will EVER work on these Flashbacks? Is it just not possible?
  10. ComputerSpaceFan


    ...... similar to another run of NOX?
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