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  1. Astro Shooter is amazing, I love mine. You'll easily find buyers for it.
  2. Okay I feel better now cuz my friend in school told me he did exactly the same thing you did. I've always been a little suspicious of his claim because he also was on a lot of bulletin boards online in those days so part of me thought maybe he read about it, tested it, then showed me claiming he found it all by himself. But given you noticed the same things he claimed he noticed makes me feel like my suspicions were wrong. Maybe I'll buy him a beer next time I see him.
  3. Thank you for doing the lord's work. I've been hoping someone somewhere would create these relics and these are fantastic!
  4. If no one can answer you I highly recommend posting on Reddit under Tip of My Joystick cuz those guys can find pretty much any game from the description. They found one I was looking for for decades.
  5. Thanks for the shoutout man! Glad my little investigation video was handy for folks
  6. Huge thanks to one and all, I think my aunt is going for the Retron 77. That's the easiest approach. I should have mentioned I live six thousand miles away in Canada so modifying any console before she gets it was not really much of an option. Retron 77 will likely win the day. Thank you to all who made recommendations on this one.
  7. Thought you all might enjoy my request for advice. My 70 year old aunt played Demon Attack TONS with me when I was a kid and now she wants to relive that with her grand children. She has an HDTV but lives in a small farming town in England so I was thinking no problem, just order an Atari FlashBack X and plug it in! Except the X doesn't come with Demon Attack and they are mostly listed as Unavailable these days. The Flashback 8 Gold has Demon Attack but just as nearly impossible to find. So, on behalf of my aunt, does anyone have an easy recommendation? I don't think she could wrap her head around a Raspberry Pi, "easy" is the requirement here. Easy to connect, easy to navigate, easy to get to Demon Attack.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation of a small TV capable of taking an HDMI input (preferably 1080p)? I find myself sometimes wanting something like the little PSOne mini screen but able to play some of my Flashbacks that use HDMI. The closest match I could find is this little smart mini TV from Aliexpress but it's pretty expensive and only goes up to 720p And it seems the only mini TV capable of taking 1080p is one like this which is probably better but I REALLY like the retro styling of the one above in comparison. PS yes I realize the Flashbacks only use 720p but I have another use-case for a small TV that this would be used for but for that I really need 1080p
  9. Do you have Jang Pung 2? (Street Fighter bootleg) That's one I'd love to get for my Game Gear considering how awesome the d-pad is.
  10. That's the one. And I'll fight ya on that d-pad complaint (just kidding)
  11. No love for Terminator 2? For shame, especially with the GameGear's VASTLY superior d-pad. I love holding that thing in my hands. Seriously T2 on GameGear is the best home version, prove me wrong.
  12. And just to add another piece of hardware, the FlashBack X also doesn't run it. Not much of a surprise but I thought I'd give it a shot.
  13. My roommate in the early 90's did all of his gaming purchasing at Egghead Software here in Vancouver British Columbia. I didn't have the money myself but I went with him and I saw all of the consoles of the day at that shop. Fairly sure the Jaguar was on the shelves with the Virtual Boy, SNES, Lynx, etc.
  14. Agreed .... Asto Shooter is way more fun (I have one too) but in the Atomic pinball design style, I much prefer Stunt Jumper over Atomic
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