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  1. Thanks to fdr4pres, I've got the console buttons working through the GPIO port. So, there's no need to mess around with the 2600daptor ports, and 4-player paddles now work! I'm still doing some testing, so give me a little time to update the image.



    Unfortunately there aren't enough buttons on the Atari Flashback console to have separate Select, Reset AND a Quit button, so the decision was to make a combo out of the two existing buttons, and isn't that the default method on the standard Atari FB to quit the games?

    If you want to install your own switch that would be for quitting, please let us know and we can help you with removing the combo setting and configuring the new third button in the Pi.


    Hi Byte Knight & fdr4prez,

    Could you advise where I can find the scripts/code for getting the console buttons to work please?

    I'm currently struggling with my own RetroPie setup and would like to incorporate this as I'm in the process of butchering a FB4 with a Pi!


    Many thanks :)

  2. Hi all,


    This is my first post here, but been lurking and taking in all the useful advice re atari!


    I'm looking for one of the black plastic controller ports thats soldered on to the pcb of an atari flashback 3-7. Can anyone help me please?


    I currently have one good and one melted one, that I accidently destroyed whilst trying to remove for a raspberry pi project.


    Any help greatly appreciated!

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