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  1. I understand that ctirad have no time to answer - this is only hobby :-) I hope that this is only temporarily delay :-) I need provided by him device but I'm not freak - I will wait... In other case I will prepare the similar extension...
  2. Hi ctirad, I wrote you PM. Please answer.
  3. Hi, Jurgen Great news - please don't forgot about me - I need 2 pieces :-) Regards, pancio
  4. Please, don't forgot about me! I want to buy 1 or two! Thanks,
  5. You may find the small guide on my page. If something will be not so clearly - let me know. Sincerely pancio,
  6. I've never heard about I2C on SCART. Yes, it's true that we have D2B but I have no knowledge regarding this protocol (Is it compatible with I2C?). Anyway, I though rather connect Atari to many other sensors/devices like power meter, gyroscope or small OLED screen and finally make something like AtariPi :-). As you requested, I'll prepare short user guide soon. Great, I'm looking for persons which can to develop and support any kinds of sensors. I may develop the hardware and some parts of software but I haven't so much time in order to create drivers for all of I2C devices. Are you willing to help me? I may sell the prototype PCB... Sincerely pancio
  7. Hi Danwinslow, I'm interested in ZX80 and TS1000 - what about the cost? Regards, pancio
  8. many... I started with PCF8574 (Remote 8-Bit I/O Expander for I 2 C Bus) - very popular in the eBay market as completely assembled module. I wrote software which can write and read values to/from PCF8574 register just only for test but I've idea to write driver for LCD display (with HD44780 controller). We may use any I2C device like Bosh BHT280 in order to read temperature, pressure and others... can imagine? :-) Regards,
  9. Hi Mathy, Yes, my interface is connected directly to parallel bus and can be addressed by use any address from D58X. Of course, you may to address it by using D18X, doesn't matter. You may connect it to PBI, but D5XX signal you should connect from Cartridge socket or from Atari motherboard directly. So you may use other devices connected to PBI if those were configured with other addresses. The first version of my interface is independent and you may use it into all Atari (but you must provide any signal from motherboard) . For your information, I planned to make the CART/ECI version but I'm not sure regarding PBI (I haven't specific ISA socket). Every important information you may check on schematic... I'll prepare some guide if you want. For clarify: PCB version 1.1: http://dirtypcbs.com/store/designer/details/pancio/5998/atari-8-bit-i2c-interface PCB version 2.1 https://www.seeedstudio.com/Atari-8-bit-I2C-Interface-A2I2-g-1127014 Regards, pancio
  10. Hi Guys, If anyone is interested with I2c and Atari 8 bit I made the interface with PCF8584 (Parallel-bus to I²C-bus protocol converter and interface). Now we may to connect any I2C device to Atari directly via 8-bit parallel bus. English topic: https://systemembedded.eu/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=32 Polish topic and discussion: http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=15082 Have fun!
  11. Hi Bob, Very nice project. I tried to open KICAD file from GitHub repo and I saw the warning: "The following libraries were not found: BobsDevs". Could you please add missing libs? Regards, pancio
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