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  1. ok so I got my xt- ide card in and have a 8gb cf card but im going crazy on finding a way to make a bootable dos hdd using this setup without a working xt computer , I need to write a dos image to the cf card that will boot on the 1000 anyone have a img I can write to the cf card using windows
  2. thanks from what I understand the 1000 floppy gets power from the cable is this a problem for a gotek (do I need to alter the cable to cut the power and then run a power connector from the ps
  3. just took this in on trade it boots but I cant get any farther than it looking for system disk it does have an internal hdd but its long toast and it did come with some dos /basic disks but the 3.5 drive just grinds and complains lol do standard 35 drives work will a gotek work what about a cf hdd kit what do I need to get her going again
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-supply-for-Sharp-Twin-Famicom-by-TOPGEAR-jp/162538646111?hash=item25d80eea5f:g:lwUAAOSwnbZYI9-J is what I use when we have them in stock at my store never had a problem as far as the belt be sure to get a silicone belt as a rubber one will end up slipping and wear ot fast just like the original ps it can be a sob to replace the belt (out of the lots of 20 I buy at a time maybe 15 will work after just a belt replacement ) its easy to actually replace but the calibration is a pia I recommend just buying one of these and the adapter for the sharp twin http://3dscapture.com/fdsstick/ or just buy one of these and shove the drive in your twin http://www.tototek.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_35&products_id=110 also nice to have on hand to fix disks that were overwritten or erased belts I use http://www.tototek.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_35&products_id=106
  5. working on games for a living the most common failure we come across on the Saturn is broken drive gears and bad power supply if I were you I would just either buy or make your own pseudo Saturn cart and be done I love mine
  6. lol that's why I have six (and plan on at leas 3 more ) the cart shell is a fast print a lot of the stuff I print takes upwards of 12-24 hours to print per part and require multiple parts my printers start at around 150$ for the small ones and up to 300$ for the bigger ones (new printers are going to cost more like 500-800 since im going big ,ike print a helmet that fits on my head big ) right now I have 1 that supports print size of 100x100x120 mm 3 that print up to 120x120x120mm and 2 that do 220x220x240mm and planning to buy 2 that do 300x300x400mm and 1 that will do 500x500x500mm I bought my first one around 2 months ago and went nuts from there bought them mostly for my train layout but its also handy to print things for our arcade/videogame store and im the coolest dad on the block printing my sons (and daughter ) cool cosplay stuff my 3yr old thinks he has his own personal toy factory lol here are some pics sorry everything is currently in a state of disarray been working on some big projects
  7. depends on the printer I use and the resolution I print it at but the ones in the pics printed at fine resolution took 1 hour 45 mins per side but I have 6 printers so can print at the same time
  8. im going to move this out of the astrocart thread I have been working on finishing / refining the astrocade cart found here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:173532 I have already modified it to fit the ultimulti cart (simply cut a hole in it lol) but id also like to make it look a bit more like the real deal the printable cart is missing the recess for the cart label and is a bit flimsy on the top and bottom I dug out my mic and indeed I do have a bit of workable thickness available looks like the original is around 12.27mm and the printed one is around 11.98mm
  9. I edited it to work with the ultimulti (pics of the pink and white cart above ) and should not be hard to modify for the op's pcb the only problems I had was that the chip legs had not been trimmed (lol and solder was a bit of a blob ) so I just had to reflow the solder and clip the chip legs shorter then measure the distance of the opening for the dipswitch and add it in tinkercad the shell is a bit thin on the top and bottom and does not have the recess for the cart label but I'm going to try and thicken it up a bit and add the recess (feels a bit flimsy as it is )
  10. looks sweet love the pcb design needs a shell like I added to my multicart id love one if you ever make any to sell
  11. lol every time I'm at my local microcenter what used to be talk about "what's the best card for this game " is now "what 7 of this graffix card do I needs so I cans gets rich" its still going strong the dummies thinking they can get rich quick mining was in yesterday and 3 groups were asking the same stupid mining info argggggg I want my cheap cards and memory back I do like that microcenter has a policy 1 card normal price , 2 cards normal price , every one after double price lol
  12. really really want to turn this into a console lol but it uses to much power for my super gun to run it and its soooooooo biiiggggggg lol my current mv1c setup works but its a pia to install the unibios took me 5 mins to install the unibios on this big boy
  13. makes me love my mvs home setup even more lol at least the mvs tells you if its broken lol seen lots of z80 error screens in my time as a arcade repair tech lol
  14. got the v1 case up on thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2865115
  15. right now is a really bad time for buying a card the bit miners are buying everything up , driving the price up for a cheap card id look on ebay for a used gtx750 or 950 they should be in your price range or even a ati r7x270 (should crossfire with the a10s gpu if I remember )
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