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  1. Free Atari 2600 Audio Take it, Use it, It's yours!!!! Atari_vcs_audio.zip
  2. My mom won a dozen bagels, my dad won a guitar, and my sister won guitar strings yesterday. \_'O'_/

    1. save2600


      Quite the variety of winnings! While guitars can sound awesome, a bagel "sounds" really good right about now. See what I did there? :P

    2. Trip2018


      Lol. Just got them this morning.

    3. GoldLeader
  3. Wow... this is wierd, I think mario had too many mushrooms: jellymar.io

  4. Getting my first virtual box running.

    1. Keatah


      The future of emulation! It's a good thing.


    2. Trip2018


      It worked and it's windows xp. XD

    3. jaybird3rd


      XP is a great version of Windows to run in VirtualBox. It's small and fast and has a relatively low memory footprint.

  5. I'm running v1.01dreveng38 so I guess not. I'll test it later this week.
  6. Spring, green is here but the warm Isn't. :(

    1. Arenafoot


      83 degrees not warm enough for ya!?!?!?!? LOL


    2. ls650


      You got that right. Normally where I live the average high is 11C and low is about 5c. Yesterday the low was actually 0 with a high of 7c. Been like that for a while now. Where is global warming when you need it?

    3. Arenafoot


      down here in the south


  7. Trying to get virtualbox working to get android working.

    1. Trip2018
    2. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Android on PC? You tried NOX or BlueStacks?

  8. That's what i did it's on the chart, and in vbb.
  9. AI is getting smarter and smarterby the minute. The government should shut them down to prevent a robot apocolypse.

    1. MrMaddog


      In the cyberpunk novels, the AIs have "self-restraint" routines to keep them from getting out of hand. But the hackers in the same stories crack them so that also has to be addressed as well. Alexa's not at the same level as SHODAN of course, but best be prepared anyway.

    2. Random Terrain
    3. jaybird3rd


      I hadn't heard the details of that story, but it seems that it too was overblown. Can't say I'm surprised.

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  10. I just checked the list and both the ones i tried are on the list. http://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#ko_acceptable_combinations
  11. ima nerd......maybe

  12. When I try to use this command "set kernel_options player1colors playercolors pfheights background" and define "pfcolors:" all it does is shoot out this error: 2600 Basic compilation failed! LINE --> pfcolors: --VERBOSE ERROR MESSAGE -- batari Basic v1.01dreveng38 (C)2005-2016 (15): PFcolors kernel option not set So I tried adding pfcolors to the end and all I get is this: default.bas default.bas.bin
  13. What pins can I output to in the joystic port

    1. CPUWIZ


      2600 / 7800, all but the 5V and GND lines can be in or out.

    2. gauauu


      Is there a document somewhere that describes using INPT0-INPT5 as outputs? I've used SWACNT to set SWCHA as output, but I couldn't find a way to set INPT0-5 as output. Thanks!

    3. Trip2018


      Was wandering the same thing.

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  14. Are the joystick ports on the 2600 read only or can you output data through them?

    1. SpiceWare
    2. Trip2018


      Sweet! I'm just wandering because I'm thinking of custom rumble controlers

    3. CPUWIZ


      You mean wondering, right? :P

  15. I searched for an hour to figure out how to scroll the playfield I the bB DPC+ kernel and found nothing helpful. Any tips/ideas?

    1. Trip2018


      Sorry I should've been more specific. I'mTrying to get horizontal scrolling

    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      RevEng added coarse vertical scrolling to the DPC+ kernel back when he had the time to work on batari Basic. There is no horizontal DPC+ scrolling at this time. Someone might come along and start working on batari Basic again and give us all kinds of goodies. Until then, we're lucky that we have vertical scrolling.

    3. Trip2018


      I guess I'll stick to the standard kernel.

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  16. Are you smarter thana fifth grader?

    1. jaybird3rd


      I know there's no such word as "thana", so I've got that going for me.


      (Just messin' with ya.)

    2. Jess Ragan

      Jess Ragan

      Heh. I'm smarter than the host, at least.

    3. GoldLeader


      It depends on the 5th grader.

  17. Which 2600 version do you have. I have an ntsc light sixer.

    1. oyamafamily


      A composite modded NTSC 7800 ProSystem, which I won in 2016.

    2. Eltigro


      Just a plain ol' common 4 switch. And another one that I'm considering repairing...

    3. TheTIGuy


      I don't even have an Atari...

      i came here for the TI stuff.

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  18. Ataribox vs Switch, Which do you like?

    1. frankodragon


      The Easter Bunny.

    2. cybercylon


      Tacos, then some play time on the switch. Burritos, then some time with the PS4. Top off the evening with quesadillas and the PC.

    3. MrMaddog


      Atari games on the Switch...why not both?

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  19. IT'S OVER 9000!

    1. RJ


      Trip check your PMs!

    2. CaptainBreakout


      9000?"What does the scouter say about his power level?":goto9000

    3. Tickled_Pink


      Damn! That global warming crept up on us!

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  20. If atari still sold the 2600 and made games.

    1. RockyRaccoon


      In order to turn off the flicker on ghosts, please pay 10 Atari points!

    2. DeathAdderSF


      "Good Luck Charlie Brown" would STILL be unreleased.

    3. MrMaddog


      They should sell a mini version with lots of games built in that you just plug in the TV and...oh nevermind.

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  21. Why is the gameboy advanced called the "gameboy advanced". Souldn't it be called the "gameboy color advanced"

    1. digdugnate


      cant tell if trolling or....

    2. MrMaddog


      And you forgot to call it the NINTENDO Game Boy Advance, oh boy I'm so mad now!!!!

    3. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      Yeah, yeah. I know I was probably being overly critical, it's just my biggest retro gaming pet peeve when people call the Game Boy a "gameboy". =P

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  22. Do you think SEGA will ever make a good modern sonic game right now.

    1. zylon


      Last thing they did that I liked was the XBL Sonic 4. :)

    2. ClassicGMR


      I'm going to get roasted for my opinion here but...


      Did they EVER make a good Sonic game to begin with? =/

    3. BassGuitari


      Why start now?

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  23. How many of you got an atari 2600 when you were eleven, it was your first cosole that wasn't edutaiment and you were born in the 2000's?

    1. GoldLeader


      I got PONG as a present before Atari too!

    2. save2600


      Just wasn't known as "edutainment" then. Didn't hear that phrase until the 90's probably. Got a Radio Shack pong unit called TV Scoreboard (came with a light gun even) the Christmas before I "finally" got an Atari 2600.

    3. doctorclu


      technically first video games played at home were on a Sol Terminal 20. I'm a rare breed too. :D

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