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  1. Maybe have occasional special golden arrows with a power boost? So missing those would be extra costly. Basically like the boost arrows in Mario Kart. 😏
  2. I was thinking something. This game would work nicely in the vertical direction but with rockets instead of cars. Although limited to 6 rockets for non-flickering sprites. Instead of acceleration arrows, maybe acceleration clouds. Heh. Maybe an option for a future sequel?
  3. What if you had a little on-screen indicator in each lane that blinks on and off when you press and depress the button? The visual feedback would tell you which car is yours, because it will blink in synchronization with your button presses. It would have to be during the waiting time before the race starts. That's kind of how it works in Nintendo multi-player games where you're selecting a character. There's on-screen feedback when you press buttons. I went back and noticed you do indicate which lane you're in by changing from grey to color. It's easy to miss though if you're not paying close attention.
  4. I'm assuming you wouldn't use deceleration as part of the function. It'd be only cars where acceleration > 0.
  5. I tend to overcomplicate things, so don't let me sidetrack you. What you have sounds pretty good. After thinking about it some more, very little has to be done to shape the sound envelope when the sound is a function of the acceleration (or velocity or both). The math is already done in the car physics. It might be worth an experiment to divide the 8 cars into 2 groups and bind 4 cars to each sound channel: Top 4 cars on the left channel and bottom 4 cars on the right channel. Each channel's volume could be computed from a base minimum plus the summation of the currently accelerating cars in its group. That way all players would be interactively contributing to the sound rather than the top 2 leaders and you'd still get throbbing ups and downs.
  6. I think you'd have to play them at two different pitches and shape their sound envelopes with offset attack and decay so they contrast. When I loaded up the game I immediately thought of the sounds at Disney's Tomorrowland Speedway (better with earphones), but louder and sped up. It sounds like a back to back series rising and falling motor sounds shaped by a combination of throttling and the Doppler effect
  7. I'm curious if there will be sound effects given the 8 cars and how that'll work out. Btw, it looks really good. It reminds me of a rhythm game.
  8. It has Microsoft Office, Visual Studio C++, and a lot of educational CD-ROM games installed, so maybe it was an overlay for one of those? Possibly an obscure game.
  9. I'm not sure if a Tandy 486 is too new for this section, but I recently acquired a Tandy 3200. It's in very good condition. It appears to have been left untouched in a home for the past 20 years. I'm so happy I found this. I just wanted to show it off. The last pic is playing Commander Keen in DOS mode. Specs: 486 SX 33 MHz upgraded to a Pentium 83 Mhz Overdrive 32 MB 1.5 GB Caviar HD Sound Blaster 16 with CD-ROM Win95 Tandy VGM-390 14" monitor Tandy PS2 keyboard Logitech PS2 Mouse I bought the setup for $22 on the last day of an estate sale, so it was 50% off an already low price. I have purchased speakers, an ISA network card, and a Gravis gamepad to finish it out. I spent way more on those than the PC. Unfortunately, I don't have the original software discs. I searched the estate sale for an hour looking for them. Problems that need fixing. The monitor VGA port is loose, so it's wonky and the picture flickers when moved. The CMOS battery is bad. Not looking forward to replacing that, because it's soldered in. I don't know what those three rectangular holes on the keyboard are for (right side). It looks like the owner put them there.
  10. I haven't posted in a while, so I uploaded the current WIP. I redesigned the title screen using a new kernel that allows for dynamic palette changes. Watch the blue text and wait 4 seconds to see what I mean. I'm working on changing the betting screen to allow for higher bets (5 or 6 digit amounts), but the change will touch a lot of code, so it's going to be a significant change. The 1K and x2 bets are not working yet. x2 will double the current bet. I have to reassess if I have the RAM. I don't believe I do at the moment. The new kernel is using a few more bytes RAM, so I'll find some other code to crunch. These are not big changes, but I've been working on them for the past several weeks. Next change after this is adding keypad support. I display the two controllers that will be supported on the title screen.
  11. I've been thinking the same thing. He's so slow at producing videos that I've stopped visiting his channel, because I've already seen his entire library. He clearly needs help with video production, because it's consuming way too much of his time. I got into his channel, because I love 8bit and 16bit classic machines. He showcased some cool hardware and software, and his Planet X3 game journal videos were super fascinating. He's got to stop doing everything and outsource the busy work. He is simply not producing content fast enough and this botched job shows it. Now he's consuming too much of his time on the new studio build, when he should be letting contractors handle it. I think he should devote half his time to game production and journaling his progress, because that's what he excelled at. He's a great game developer, so why not lean into that? And worse yet, he didn't have to begin hacking up this machine to generate filler content. He could have simply showcased the computer, ruminate on why it's not booting, and simply left it that. The solutions would have come in the comments for diagnosing the machine. There are so many interesting filler videos he could have done to keep the channel churning. Interviews, showcasing retro stores, the history of the Crash of '83, start a new DOS game, etc. ----- Update: Six hours after I commented it seems he posted a rundown of his new game. Neat.
  12. The nuclear destruction in Missile Command would count as a disaster game. Maybe Atlantis too.
  13. I've uploaded version 0.2. I have the top and bottom rows rendering buildings, so they don't pop in and out of existence. The top row also renders enemy fighters. Enemy fighters don't currently cross into the bottom row. This was kind of tricky, so I went through a few kernel versions before getting it to work. I also reduced RAM usage, because I had a few unnecessary arrays. I also added the full title name to the title screen. Enemies and buildings spawning is still stubbed. I'll be working on that next.
  14. I like the idea of healing/repairing the destroyed buildings. I'm adding more stuff to the HUD. A rudimentary radar, fuel, damage, and alarm gauges. There's no problem with showing stats on an intermission wave screen. This is a very early WIP, so there is no real alien or building logic. It's just stub code to test the kernel rendering. I'm working on an RNG for generating aliens and buildings procedurally. I will be rendering aliens and buildings in the top and bottom rows. I haven't got around to it yet. If you mean the green playfield shimmering, that's unavoidable at the moment, because it's doing work on a horizontal positioning line. Horizontal positioning while rendering playfield complicates matters. It's essentially violating horizontal separation. There are only 5 excess cycles available for extra work in the horizontal blank during horizontal positioning, so I may need to go with another special case positioning routine. The strange thing I discovered during testing is 1 blank line hidden among the backgound texture isn't noticeable, so I can fall back to that. If not, I'll chop some pixels off to avoid it entirely (like Activision games.) I like the wide screen format though. Wide screen is worth the effort, imo. Features I am considering at the moment: Ice, desert, mountain landscapes. Defend and chase modes. Defend mode is when the aliens attack buildings. Chase mode is when you go after flying aliens. Combat divided into waves. Reduced terrain detail at higher speeds. Too much detail at speed becomes a blur. I have a few more features in mind but I'm holding off mentioning them, because I'm not sure they're technically possible. I have to tighten up the kernel to free some cycles.
  15. I've uploaded my Proton code to Github. I'll be probably be uploading my Blackjack code after some more reorganizing.
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