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  1. Slight improvement: Serpentine 6400, Mr Robot 57420.
  2. After about a thousand games, a sad score of 5250 was the best I could get on Serpentine. Level D on Mr. Robot.
  3. That took a lot out of me. Not sure I'll be able to top that. 10,734
  4. Funny: I've never played this game. I think I'd heard of it but not even sure of that. Well, this will get me started: 3,601
  5. I can't imagine ever making it to level 20. 68,500.
  6. Well, it's a start. I always found this game to be harder than the arcade version. I think it is the 4:3 aspect ratio making some very long, dangerous horizontal alleys. 28,630
  7. I feel like I'm doing well but, looking at the scores....not so much 36,165
  8. Finally got a copy of the game that worked. 28,360
  9. Anyone else having trouble getting either the XEX file or the COM file to load? Not sure why I'm having trouble. I use a 1200XL so I thought maybe Translator would be needed but won't seem to load this one. Don't have any issues with anything else on the SDrive Max.
  10. Never met a Nintendo game I was good at. 30,000
  11. Very much enjoying the recent December release. As I wade through some of the files, I'm struck by my latest limitation. I'm sure some of you have the same issue. From an emulator standpoint, it seems we still don't have the "One ring to rule them all" emulator. Both the SDrive-Max and Side3 cart are fantastic, I've also used the My-IDE II from Atarimax as well as SIO2PC. I'm currently using SDrive on a 1200XL and am trying to decide how to handle the .CAR files. I could manually go into the December release and supplement ATR files from the CSS Cracks or XEX files from Fandal. I could purchase a Side3 cart to use just for CAR files but I'd have to hope the cart will fit in my 1200XL. By my count, there are 344 CAR files in the latest release. Is it the eventual goal to have all the files converted to or supplemented with ATX files? Anyone have a simpler solution that I'm missing?
  12. Been a little quiet in here lately. Funny how as soon as the weather starts getting chilly, I start spinning my desk chair around more often wondering what Atari related fun I should plan for this winter. Which brings me to wondering when the hinted at "next big update" might be on it's way. Hope this is not an annoying question. Just curious. Can't wait to dive in.
  13. I'm sure this is a dumb question but.....Can you remind me the difference between these two zip files? (I've been out to the loop for a while).
  14. Not quite the same situation but I'm also early 50's and I've found that I get motion sickness now from first person shooters. Kind of ok since that is not my favorite type of modern game. Might not apply to your situation though.
  15. Brenski, this doesn't exist anymore. I used to use this as a reference. Any chance you could put them back up?
  16. Drat. I am forgetting a couple patterns. I have a lot of work to do. 24,895
  17. I've probably logged more hours on Miner than just about any other game. Also spent a lot of time with Pole Position and Missile Command although it might have been 2600 Missile Command now that I think about it.
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