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  1. well i have harmony regular- what are my options? eventually a physical cart release perhaps? of course i can try on stella n stuff w/ the keyboard just to try it...
  2. will start playing it again if we can get a duck-hack.....
  3. oh wow didnt know it was in the arcade pengo wow that explains more
  4. my question is what is the latest 2600 date code ever found. we know it was discontinued 1/1/92 but when was the last manufactured? thanks!
  5. just so you know i heard it on the AM radio the other day, it is an actual song. I was freaking shocked. espically cause it was so modern sounding, but i forget who, it wasnt yellow magic orch or something like that i dont really know anything about but the name of group was actually similar. something something orch i think- not elo lololol, it sound VERY EUROPEAN, i think it must of been a european song, hence why i know nothing. but it was literally the homevision frisco song through and through
  6. this would be great- many thanks
  7. dawg what about a Macintosh plus very light and dark greys.............
  8. i always mis use those accidently i ment a .bin file lol.
  9. how do you generate a .rom file? how do the .bas and .asm interact with harmony cart? do they need to be .rom files to work?
  10. ok so i have a question i like the green on black best but i have a question about the green on light green, can you make background green less green and more blackish green like on an apple iie monochrome screen- can you bring background green down a smidge more mixed darker closer to back but still green but less bright then u got..........can that be experiemented with?
  11. WAY better green on black! love it
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