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  1. i stayed up all night and i couldnt figure out the proper input codes, can someone make an information tutorial video for me i really think once i learn the right symbols to type i could actually do this
  2. Well i got the C:\ prompt open but i am having trouble typing in the right thing to get to BYO, i am using windows ten
  3. thank you for your assistence- im almost there- so you put your png file into the directory (as seen in yr video), but how to get to the correct prompt? once i get this im gonna love it....
  4. Can I as an amateur download btari and figure out how to do that and make my own roms? Is that the next level of vcs i should get into?? Will I be able to learn that if i know nothing about coding
  5. WHOAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! no no no I love it!!!!!!!!! Can you please walk me through how you got it and got it so speedy? you converted to file to something btari could read and wham-o? Thanks a ton, made my night.
  6. please can you animate to four genesis covers on a rom i think it would be possible, like alternating or interchanging all colours
  7. its a great game my guy!
  8. so you guys have moved around in this game? i for the life of me cant past the second ledge there right after starting the game....
  9. a nolan bushnell vcs innovation award goes to the person or team who sees it through. so this unocart using ace is a step above my Harmony cart? Well for this game i'd be all in. So basically instead of upgrading to Harmony Encore I'd upgrade to Uno? this is my favorite vcs demo!
  10. is this 2 player only?
  11. so does this rom somehow have a way of bypassing the vcs cpu and provides its own?
  12. i have never played a game like this before- it is so very different than the reflex skills of most other vcs games. It is much more modular. Its very different set of reflexes and there are a million things going on at once and its a great conversion for sure. The start menu is also fantastic, just like a real arcade
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