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  1. what is up w/ the music, for the intro to Sweat! (star spangled banner)- the starpath prototype. i rocked it on my harmony cart/light 6'r, and on stella- it sound like no other VCS sound programming ive ever heard.....why!
  2. before i hooked up Genesis pad I used the TAC-2 which was the most decent i could find for reasons we all know but it sent a ton of static to the screen on each movement and the buttons were far from perfect. I'd say the whole joystick thing is a total scam. Atari game maneuvering never got off the ground till you fine people at atariage came thru over the last few recent years. sega genesis pad allows my hand to ergonomically rest on the controller in a normal fashion, this, plus excellent button capability makes it a winning controller for me. i mean i know that trick was prob around before atariage but 2 button yars revenge hack was not. you can actually play it now. you do not make it easier, by splitting the control, you just make the controls more manageable- what was it before,like a double button push or something
  3. wait wait you use a Playstation 1 stock controller on your vcs???? do you like it more than the Sega Genesis controller? Can you utilize the D-Pad buttons *and* the little thumb joystick? no not the little thumb joystick im guessin just the d pad buttons right. what kind of adapter do you need?
  4. interesting- it does work sometimes, and others not.....
  5. hmm...now i cant get into any levels again. im talking about the main screen "power play arcade"....maybe its a light sixer thing....
  6. oh weird- i got it again, certainly game reset wasnt stuck- i think i had to hit 'fire' a few times on the arcade screen or wait a second before making a selection.....
  7. harmony regular/light 6'er here loaded up 3-D ghost attack (amiga proto) and selected level 1 and played a game- now whenever i turn it off and select 3-D ghost attack again, i can no longer make any slections to get to a game level- just the startup menu screen- when i hit game select switch, it cycles through a 3 options but hitting game reset does nothing, although i swear the 1st time i tried it reset started level 1..... thx so much
  8. I can confirm that that guy was right, the pitch is different on the rom- I kept the cart, so that and super football are the last 2 orig carts i have now, everything else i put on harmony
  9. its like when you listen to 2 different masterings of the same cd, at first you might not be able to tell a difference but eventually itll become like night and day
  10. hey i actually see what u mean- "washed out colors" on the vcs compared to the 7800-- the 7800 one looks more bright and vibrant when the vcs colors are more "muted"-- but very unique, this although maybe not as stunning as the arcade, gives the vcs a unique look
  11. do these cheaper "untested" 78s on ebay, do those most likely work or most likely do not work--
  12. ok ill take what u say i was just watcing youtube vids when you im sure have actually played and seen it- i guess ive developed a 'soft spot' for the vcs style graphics so i find the colour selections more pleasing at first glance
  13. and also the car sequence thats engaged by a win is out of control
  14. right now theres lot of replay value in this one for me i find it very entertaning and playable vcs driving game-
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