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  1. light 6'r/1650/harmony-standard working here!
  2. will report back when i try it on my sunnyvale light 6'er
  3. i dont think i see a title screen on stella
  4. is this going to work w/ joystick/1650 or must we use trackball/paddle/keyboard-controller et al
  5. can u share the crazy story how u found it n such
  6. its funny cause ive been on the board for only a year and it seems like a lot has happened in that short time but just like in the audio collecting world, things surface, so this is a great time to be an atari fan, im checking this game out right now on stella to see if i want to add it to the cart
  7. the music plays too slow on game one, and swings more if a vcs can swing lol, on 2-3.....
  8. completely revolutionized the system- whichever one of you invented it should get to meet nolan bushnell
  9. also for me, the ergonomics factor is huge w/ the 1650. i only started atari ten years ago w/ joysticks and on day 3 i already was suffering form "pac man wrist"
  10. I havent found a fire button accurate enough on a joystick- sure i agree some games are most deinftely always going to be joystick games. But the Suncom Tac 2 doesnt have a good button and the CX-40 i completely can't use.
  11. just was checkin out the vcs reddit and all these people postin like omg check out my swave new vcs i clean up its so perfect look at my pic and you know thats so nice hes happy god bless the little guy but if youre not playing at least 90% of vcs games past and present with the Sega Genesis 1650, then you are not really playing anything, end of story. It is necessary to have proper controls to play the games.
  12. Harmony rom posted works good on harmony cart!
  13. So i just made a "Probe 2000" folder for my cart- with this and power lords (which i looked up and finally figured out how to play)--- so its was a divisoin of Phillips? I love Phillips! They invented the CD!
  14. oh god i just saw the special rom- and i got my harmony last year so i think this is gonna be good! thanks you guys!
  15. so i think i get it- Pink Panther requires an extra chip that harmony cart is not setup to reproduce? do you think itll require changing the game or upgrading the cart cause i have not messed w/ any upgrading the cart or firmware on cart yet, dont really know how that works yet--
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