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  1. ah i am understanding. thanks!
  2. so you click the fire, or the d-pad down, when you look around the room?
  3. oh well no biggie i just know the program works and its amazing and id be making lots of these for all kinds of cool logos if i knew how to program, we really need a windows drag/drop version. but hey about wolfenstein is that an actual finished or working game or is it just a demo like? thx so much
  4. oh well i mean a seperate rom kind of since its vcs i dont think that could be packed in....but but hey dawg also i have a rom "wolfenstein 3d" exactly like the PRINCE games-- is that an earlier rom of YOURS???? i have it in the demos area of my harmony---- should i put it in a different section is that a finished game too? its exactly the style of the prince games. has to be yours..........thanks!!!!! love em!
  5. The VCS excels at grene monocrome hacks like the Donkey Kong one. What other pre existing titles do you feel would work well with a green monochrome color palatte hack. Also new game can be made in this style probably real good graphically......I haven't heard this brought up before but it really should be a subgenre of vcs by now- maybe it already is
  6. you know a stones screensaver would be a great add on rom for this. One of the big dogs on here a long time ago made me a grateful dead screensaver, the logo bounces L to R and mirror imageses itself up upon hitting the sides. its really one of my favorite roms- would work perfect with this if someone wants to pop it in the .jpg to .bin converter tool that is a tool that requires some knowlegde of computer sensitibility behind pointing and clicking .
  7. i could discontinue the [RT CTRL] folder in the 2k atari games section of my harmony cart
  8. the only other RT came i have then would be slot machine- if we got both of those i would have all RT-J games hacked left
  9. would this be super easy, it really would make a difference to have this i think out there- thx!!
  10. So i'm rockin some x-man, and was wondering when you reset it and it generates a new maze, is that a set of mazes it cycles through or is it a random maze each time? how many VCS games have random stuff in them- thx
  11. did we ever fix this?
  12. cool- looks great! thx!
  13. do you download every one of is it just the last final revision, thanks
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