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  1. like the game (homevision)- the controls are more responsive then Pengo- but the song is driving me nuts. Can we take out out and leave just the "pings" when you throw a brick. Or alter the melody in the code to something.....anything.... thx!
  2. ITS FLIPPING PERFECT! Fantastic work-- i love this i love this!
  3. ah! well i love it!!! you added to the VCS defintely!
  4. love it my guy, hey can we dial it back even a little more to match the speed of After Dark 2.0?
  5. oh noooo my tv bw/color switch is rubberbaded to the power switch on my 6'r to keep the power switch on in place and its nearly impossible to use it
  6. id take slow toasters, no sound - for a screensaver, if that could be an option
  7. this plays well- aboustely loadin' up-
  8. could i get a joystick version too? I am not really a paddle guy.
  9. how do u know when u shot something- do points only go down when u miss?
  10. in screen 2, what do you do to shoot the plane? or what do u do? looks good
  11. wow my guy, you are doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just tried on my computer i cant really see whats happening to well but will load on harmony cart regular//six-switch vcs soon......hope it works?
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