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  1. so after getting my mini snes and nes knockoffs......i have to say it makes my appreciation of the vcs even more. fixed shooters on the nes, is the most insane concept ive ever heard of. fixed shooters, should be limited to vcs. on nes, when so much more gameplay is possible- a fixed shooter with boosted up graphics just seems ridiculous. theres a few of them on my box and only one or so seem improved upon capabilities of a vcs fixed shooter game.
  2. IM NOT TURNING MY BACK ON VCS- in fact i think this console will make me appreciate VCS even more. sure theres going to be graphic capbilities far beyond what stella can do- but ive seen some of the games and really that doesnt make them superior. even games that are on the vcs and cloned to nes: theres some kind of stargate game, donkey kong, galxian. Already i know im going to prefer the warmer colors of VCS- can you tell me the newer DK 2600 homebrews arent superior to NES Donkey Kong? Or what about stock 1984 stargate? The NES will look more "cartoony" and the VCS more arcade-like. surely im not the first person to think of this
  3. hey my guy: so your vcs is not going to a TV, but a colour CRT computer monitor? and you have probably the direct mod that a lot of atari big dogs have- so with the combo of those two things you must have a real HQ screen- is it similar to what you would play dos games on-
  4. for the future- will a snes offical mini w/ hdmi- transfer ok via AV converter cable-
  5. yea, lol- 620 is huge. but hey its gonna blow me away gfx wise to finally have nes stuff on the couch- even if there are some problems- something should go right....
  6. i mean the vcs is my first home console. And i have no exp w/ most nes games save the mario series. i mean even if only a few games i play like maybe 1942 is one no ones complained about in a review on this thing yet....id consider it a ok purchase. there was no way i was gonna buy an offical going at 100. for a quarter of the price according to the reviews i see you DO get SOMETHING.........so.....
  7. i went w/ the 620 in 1 nes mini knockoff......uses AV cable and was $25 grand total shipping from US.....as someone who hasnt played lot of nes it should be exciting
  8. the consoles seem to have HDMI- i already have an HDMI-->3 rca red/white/yellow/jacks-cable....my question is: IS THERE LAG- will it not be good to get one of these consoles......i dont have a modern tv it would have to be converted....thanks
  9. saw the video clip but cant seem to locate yet- id love to try if allowable- thx
  10. crash! i downloaded the latest 10 rom..... walls dont bounce at all......just trying on my stella though- gotta try on vcs soon
  11. i just got the latest vers but cant get any bounce
  12. how does it plop out the rom? i have a midi file inputed but thats as far as I got...
  13. is tigervision "Espial" supposed to be a variation of Xevious too i think? cause it plays like xevious more than the orig vcs xevious prototype....
  14. boulder dash doesnt work on harmony regular- will this work on harmony regular- i havent put it on yet
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