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  1. Nice lot, congrats. Amazing variety. I'll take the Canal 3 lot. Thx.
  2. Hey @Thomas Jentzsch, I thought this post could inform AA members who maybe have not seen the complete package. Even without having the game, maybe they can vote for it. I did in the best intention. Thank you for the comprehension.
  3. Hello @Albert I know you (virtually) and AA for quite a long time, and I never thought this would be a problem. Consider MAYBE IT'S CULTURAL, in Brazil it's very common people post on social media and urge friends to vote. In my end, the only thing I have done was this post (which I thought it would be OK, since I'm not an interested part, just a fellow collector), and I have told some collectors friends in Brazil. I believe it's possible they would register so they could vote, never thought this could be a problem (more Atari users for your forum). Having said that, I am totally against fake or multiple accounts, I would never do that. Cheers,
  4. AA friends, I live in Brazil and I have become familiar with More Work Games staff and their 2 releases, the only homebrews I am aware of in Brazil. Their second game, Rally Racer, is even more impressive then the first, A New Marauder. However, the most impressive feature is their packaging... I still can hardly believe all the effort they have put into this production, and I know this kind of stuff in our country is even harder to manufacture than in the US, for example. So, I invite you AA members to take a look at those pictures, and please vote for Rally Racer in Best Packaging 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards! They deserve! Thank you!!!
  5. Ok, I'll LYK. Glad this topic has gotten some active Arcadia people.
  6. Always good to know. Sometimes I wish I had more time to devote to this kind of stuff.
  7. I got it overseas. In Brazil, I know no one collecting this stuff besides me LOL
  8. Thanx, man. I have a Leisure-Vision and I got a CIB copy of the Leisure version, with manuals in English and French, etc. I believe is still more rare?
  9. Hello, Star Chess if you want: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/290635-fs-emerson-arcadia-2001-star-chess-cib/
  10. Hello guys. I have this CIB title in Brazil. I'm considering offers, please PM if you're interested.
  11. @80sDream, that is very, very, very nice! Thank you so much for the addition! Wonderful set that you have! That post is becoming a true reference!
  12. I believe it's more likely they imported the Heavy simply cause they were the first manufactured, can't think of other reason to import a heavier console other than lack of options. You ask this because of the manual? I wonder if the light/heavy difference on illustration pictures is of any major significance.
  13. Folks, please check my new thread about this subject: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/269794-japanese-heavy-sixer-legit-in-brazil-now/?p=3844283
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