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  1. Those links certainly helped out with seeing more images of the system, along with its actual purpose and other models. It was nice to get a bit more info on what I have. However, I still can't seem to find any listings on ebay of the computer at all, even completed listings. I know I certainly won't have the time or money to find the actual terminal, so I suppose my main question is what in the world does this thing even go for? Might just have to list it for some random price or do some bid on it and see what happens!
  2. I have this TI TM-911, I know it goes to the Terminal computer TM-990, and there are two websites with a bit of info, but other than that I can't find anything on it. No videos, no one selling anything on ebay, (besides what seems to maybe be the terminals internals) and no posts ANYWHERE on collecting, or having such a monitor/terminal. Does anyone have any info on it's worth, or who actually has the monitor or the terminal itself? Maybe video of it working current day? Anything? Here are the only two links I could find doing a quick search, and they just contain old manuals and articles related to the terminal. The terminal The monitor The attached file is a photo of my TI TM-911 monitor. Any info, especially finding someone else who actually has one of these, would be amazing!
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