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  1. Ahhhh rewatch 'em all you like, the Mandela effect changed them all.
  2. 34, and most of my consoles/computers are older than myself.
  3. There are also new controller electronic sheets available as well, to refresh your game pads. I'll find the link and post it.
  4. Consider myself requesting to be added then. Also, if I may suggest, using a usps flat rate box for this, as that would keep the shipping cost standard, although prevent the shipment of consoles directly though. A large flat rate box is close to your required dimensions, and costs 18.95 (I think still) to ship.
  5. http://pittsburghretrogaming.com/ For those of you in the area. Just wanted to share.
  6. Re-wire is most likely what I'm looking to do. However all my wires look like they have good connections, they just don't function in all, and disassembly made them worse. I'll try a re-wire and assess from there. Thank you. Also, is there a good vendor (like console5) that sells a re-cap kit? Thank you, Chris
  7. Anywhere I can find information on rebuilding the joysticks also by chance? Awesome there's some development in this realm though. Glad to see new games being made.
  8. Ended up selling the unit. Had some expenses and other situations arrise. Thank you all so much for your feedback and advice, it is vastly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the info. guys. I did clean the board and all socketed chips, still nothing. I appreciate all the help Adam, however I'll most likely send it off to Ken/Allen to have it repaired sometime soon. Thanks again guys, Chris
  10. Any source for system 1 joystick repair instructions etc.? Also, my system is working, but the video displayed on screen is semi fuzzy. I replaced the cord with a new one, and that helped a lot, but not 100 percent. Thanks, Chris
  11. Thank you. I'm located about a hour north of Pittsburgh, PA. I cleaned the entire board, and pulled, cleaned, and reseated all the socketed chips. Still no luck. I'm probably going to send it out for repair. (To Ken). I'll have to test the power supply, all I know is that it does something, as the screen goes black when powered on. On a good note though, my channel F is working, and I just finished cleaning it up as well.
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