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  1. Without trying to submit a plug about my site or hardware really... You can order one of my custom controllers, the Atari 2600 PSX or Atari 2600 Sega controllers have the CBS Booster Grip buttons. View my Shopping Cart.
  2. Congratulations Cassidy Be sure to mention that we all are eternally greatful for him building the Atari, otherwise we wouldn't be here
  3. So is this a game to add to the list of Prototypes? It was made but never distributed. I haven't looked let but is the ROM available to download online
  4. Of course though I imagine finding Pitfall Harry wouldn't be difficult, the big Pitfall "game cartridge" gives him away
  5. Those are some great pictures. I finally get to match a face up with a alais here at AtariAge, though I highly doubt I could find any of them at a classic gaming show
  6. quote: Originally posted by StanJr: Will the PC/VCS adapter work on a USB port? I have been looking to do two version, or perhaps combine them. It will connect to the Game Port (15-Pin) or Printer Port (25-Pin). There has been a lot of interest in a USB port, quite a few e-mails, so I will see what can't be done. I imagine it will come after the release of the above two, if I can get some more info to do it. Got a lot of work to do with new ideas, requests, etc. --------------------------------------- If all of those who are interested in my Ultimate 15 VCS Atari 2600 system, the last thing to do is complete the pricing for the system and controllers. There are two main problems though on this. 1.) I can't find any suppliers that have systems at a simular price. I found some for $35, others for $45, and some as high as $99. So it looks like I will offer the systems at whatever price I bought the current batch for. Or simply have anyone interested send in a Atari 2600 system they have or bought off eBay to have modified to become a Ultimate 15 VCS system. 2.) For the standard controllers that use 9 wire Cable, I found a very low price supplier and a 7 foot cable costs about $1.50 For 15 wire Cable it costs $5.50 for just a 7 foot cable. So it will run $15.95 for a 15-Pin controller for my Ultimate 15 VCS system. Will the price simply be to high on this controller? I do have an aternative, I can use Ribbon Cable, instead of a PVC "Computer" style cable and a 7 foot cable will cost $1.50. So the controller would cost the usual $11.95 price. What is the solution? Offer controllers with either cable, and let the customer decide the price they want to spend? [ 05-01-2002: Message edited by: Junie ]
  7. quote: Originally posted by StanJr: JUNIE! No love for the canucks?? By the way put me down for one of those PC/VCS adapters so's I can play my emu with my custom NES controller. Simple mistake, I took care of it by adding the additonal fields into my shopping cart. I'll let you know when the PC/VCS adapters become available, currently I am not selling them. The best way to get notified is to join my Newsletter if you haven't already, you can do so by any of my webpages.
  8. quote: Originally posted by SmUsHy_DuD3: WEll, what about me entering my province and postal code? It doesn't have a Canadian option Thanks for pointing the problem out, I have added the additonal fields to my shopping cart now. If you have any more problems just let me know.
  9. A Emulator allows you to play the actual game on a PC, for instance Atari games. The actual game is copied straight from the EPROM inside the game case and saved as a file readable by a PC, a BIN file. The games are commonly refered to as ROM's. To play the game you simply download and Install a Emulator program for example PCAE that allows you to play Atari 2600 games. Then you will need to get some ROM's, the game file, of the games you want to play. You can find all the ROM's here at AtariAge. Simply go to the Atari 2600 Rariety Guide type in the game you want and click on the Pac-Man icon in the ROM colummn and download the ZIP file. Unzip the ROM file you downloaded and extract the file to your Emulator game directory. If you use PCAE simply unzip to C:PCAE To save you time from downloading each ROM file indivduially there are places to download tons of them at a time. I don't remember the links, perhaps someone will post them.
  10. quote: Originally posted by SmUsHy_DuD3: I live in Canada.... I can't get what I need I need about 4 9-pin PCB DB-sub Connectors. Why don't you order them from me, you can order them thru my online shopping cart by Clicking Here. I will ship anywhere, so being in Canada is no problem. They cost 75¢ each (USD), and are the plastic shell type like the original Atari ones. If you have tried to order from my shopping cart and are having problems e-mail me at [email protected]
  11. quote: Originally posted by JimC: Hey Ataripitbull, Here is a link: http://www.ccagshow.com/ In the past, it's a pretty good show. I think I've gone to 3 of the shows. They're are multiple dealers and different vendors. It's not huge, but it's still good. Last year there was a guy from England that had a bunch of rare foreign carts. There's all kinds of stuff. Tom Z. had a mini museum at his table. Pretty good, all in all. Are you bringing your extra copy of Bugs Want to trade/sell it? I'm jealous!!! Thanks for the info on a classic gaming convention close to home, I didn't know it even existed. The site was up yesterday and I tried to go back today it and is gone. Anyone know what happened to the site? Someone that knows more about it should post the information so it will be listed here at AtariAge in the Events section. Here is a direct link, you can send Albert or Alex the details at the bottom of the page http://www.atariage.com/features/events/
  12. My webhost has gotten a new server and my website is up and running once again. You can view it at Junies Creations. I was honestly suprised that it came back online today, I found out once I seen new orders to process. While my website was down I did search for a new webhost and found one, after about 7 hours of looking for one. Due to various other problems with my current webhost I am going to change webhosts. Once I have the site up and running on my new webhost I will let everyone know the new address. Of course using my adress http://embark.to/juniescreations will get you to the new server when it is offical.
  13. Well my Ultimate 15 VCS Atari 2600 system and controllers is on hold currently. My website Junies Creations is still currently down over 6 hours now. This is because of my free webhost prohosting.com is having some sort of problem with their jove.prohosting.com server. I still am waiting to get a response from them to see what is going on. For everyone that has placed an order, this does not effect anything, I am filling orders as normal. Currently orders are waiting for parts to arrive and will be ready to ship in about 1 - 2 weeks. I am looking to move to a more reliable server. I have contacted ClassicGaming.com to see if they will host my website. If anyone else has any ideas where I can get a free website with CGI and FTP access please e-mail me and let me know at [email protected] . Hopefully soon I will have my website on a reliable server. I will let everyone know, as always feel free to use the address http://embark.to/juniescreations (I will update this to point to my new server when I find one.)
  14. That is pretty bad, I happen to own one of those and I use it on my Sega Genesis. Perhaps I have been using it on the wrong system
  15. New Systems and Catergories have been added to my Shopping Cart. This includes the Nintendo, Super NES, and Sega Genesis. The "New Items!" have been updated, take a look at the new items by clicking the link in my shopping cart. Currently there is a Atari RF to Cable TV adapters, a complete Sega Genesis system, Genesis Power Supply, Genesis RF switch box, some NES and Genesis games (To be added soon), a Super Gameboy for the SNES, and a few other items. View my Shopping Cart by Clicking here. Due to many orders for my Atari 2600/7800 NES controllers I am almost out of supply of the controllers. If you are looking to get one you may want to order now, I only have a few remaining. If I run out of the controllers to modifiy, you can still send in your NES controllers to be modified. There has been a lot of interest shown by e-mail for my Ultimate 15 VCS Atari 2600 system and controllers (15-Pin), and the Joystick to PC adapter. I hope to have the Joystick to PC adapter available sometime next month, and my Ultimate 15 VCS Atari 2600 system and controllers (15-Pin) available in the next few days. Also I will have various other custom hardware available next month, including a adapter to have a Joystick and Paddle connected (So you don't have to switch when playing various games) and many more items that haven't been mentioned. I really appricate everyones hardware ideas, and I will see what I can't do. If you have a request for a particle item let me know [email protected] . I hope to finish the areas of my website, the "New Hardware" sections, that are under construction soon. So keep an eye out for the new pages. Lastly, if you would like to keep up to date about all my new hardware, changes, published games, etc. join my Newsletter and have all the information e-mailed directly to you. You can join my Newsletter by visiting any of my webpages, Junies Creations, and entering your name and e-mail address in the "Join Our Newsletter" section. If anyone knows of a source that has Atari 2600 systems (All types 6-Switch, 4-Switch, and Junior) available at a reasonable price please email me at [email protected] and let me know. I am looking for just the system and power supply if possible.
  16. quote: Originally posted by ubersaurus: Hmm...could you offer a custom lightgun? I'd buy that easily. I am currently looking into to, the only main problem is I don't have any games to test it on. So hopefully I can track down a Atari 2600 or 7800 light gun game. quote: Originally posted by Nateo: Wow!!! If you're going to Philly, can ya bring some of that stuff along! I'm really excited about the brand new systems! I wish I was going, but can't. I don't have enough stock to bring, or the money to really drive there. I hope I can to one that is closer, the CinciClassic. quote: Originally posted by Mitch: If you are going to make a custom 5200 controller, I would recommend making a Masterplay clone. Maybe with a built in keypad. Mitch http://atari7800.atari.org If you wouldn't mind telling me where I can get some information about the controller that would be great. But for right now I don't have a Atari 5200, so I will have to wait until I get one to start work on anything. ----- Thanks everyone for your interest, I really appricate it I hope to talk more later tonight.
  17. quote: Originally posted by moycon: Wow Junie! Those look great and the price is cheap!! Now if only you sold a NES pad compatible with the 5200!!!! Have you considered this? Thank you. I have considered making Atari 5200 items, that why there is a 5200 "section" in my shopping cart. I just don't currently own a 5200, so it is impossiable for me to develop/test things for the 5200. It's been over 10 years since I last had a 5200 and I am curious (I have forgotten), How often are overlays and the additonal numbered buttons actually used playing games?
  18. quote: Originally posted by Monster greifen an: what do you mean drop shipping? All I know is, this guy is trying to get me to hand over more money. And I'm P.O.ed. I just emailed him demanding my money back again. This guy is a jerk and a half! Drop shipping is when a company allows the person that's placing a order to have it shipped somewhere other than their address. For example to someone who bought something they sold at auction. I wouldn't sent him any more money, I would suggest that you file a complaint with eBay via their online form.
  19. That's up to you, I'd say at best leave a netural feedback if you get it soon. Be sure to mention something like "Buyer didn't have goods, Buyer purchased them after I won auction". The only way anyone should think of doing this at all would be ordering from a place that does drop shipping straight to the customers. Even then they do run out and will have to back-order, that's why this business practice is a really bad idea.
  20. quote: Originally posted by Smart Patrol: We are currently using netidentity.com, but their prices are getting a little high, so we're switching to www.sevaa.com Thanks for the tip Paul, Sevaa has some great rates but when I tried to find out more about their hosting here is what I got at there site... quote Looks like it might be a waste of time as well if they are having server problems. Perhaps they will get it fixed.
  21. quote: Originally posted by Cybergoth: Well, I just noticed the new graphics and wanted to be the first gratulant! Actually you are the 7th person to do a congrats See the post here http://www.atariage.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb...c&f=10&t=000199
  22. quote: Originally posted by Atari Master: Wile the Joystick is open i'm going to use the joysticks red button to tutch the metal things to see if it goes in that direction. If it dosent it either means that the joysticks metal things are fryed or my 7800 is broken. Would this possibly work? Yes, simply press the metal tabs with your finger (It won't shock you). If Pac-Man doesn't go in the direction you pressed the "switch" is bad. If it does work then prehaps your Joystick handle is cracked, check to make sure. You can order replacement parts at Best Electronics. If you can't repair and plan to throw it out I am more than happy to take it for parts, e-mail me. Or you could order a new custom controller from me at my website Junies Creations, if your interested. Good Luck on getting the Joystick back to new
  23. Happy Birthday AtariAge, I hope you will be around for many years to come! Many thanks to Albert and Alex for all their work. This site is a true place for Atarians to talk and find out what's going on. I personally really appreciate everything, and I owe a large amount of gratitude to AtariAge for bringing us all together. So who gets the traditional Birthday spanking?
  24. My company, Junies Creations, now offers new Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 Hardware. This includes Customized controllers, Brand New Accessories and Replacement parts, and many more things to come. I have sent Stan his very own "Atari 2600 NES Joypad" to test my product. Not only is the controller able to be used on the Atari 2600, the fire buttons are hooked-up to function as the Atari 7800 L(eft) and R(ight) buttons. Find out more about my new hardware by reading Stan's article at Atarinvader.com After reading the article be sure to check out the hardware available at my Online Shopping Cart by visiting my website at Junies Creations. My products have a 7 day guarantee that they will work without any problems, so order with confidence!
  25. quote: Originally posted by wolfgang: Another Kentucky atarian. We need to organize some sort of classic gaming convention around here. Maybe up towards lousville or lexington so we could get the indiana crowd and a lot of kentuckians. brad Sure, being from southern Indiana I would like to see something "close to home". The only one really close is the CinciClassic, which I missed this year. Hopefully I can attend my first classic gaming show/expo soon
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