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  1. Yeah if you need cart and original controller support then the Phoenix is probably worth checking out, otherwise Mega SG does a great job with Coleco roms using a Genesis controller. I personally use the M30 2.4Ghz.
  2. It would work if Sirtvek has the pins enabled while you are in Coleco mode. No way to tell unless someone releases a cart adapter. The reason why Analogue could never officially support Coleco core with cart adapter is because Colecovision requires a Bios.
  3. Make sure you get the "No Delay Bios" for Colecovision.
  4. Will definitely look into a case. Yeah thankfully SD Cards have come way down in price. I'll probably end up getting a 200GB, but I plan to mostly buy physical.
  5. Rastan's issue is only with FM audio. If you use original PSG audio it sounds fine. Its been known that the FM implemenation needs work in general.
  6. Well Kevtris said he was working on Official Super NT Firmware like 2 weeks ago, so I think that will be next release. I'm sure we'll get at least one more Mega SG firmware sometime soon too.
  7. With the announcement of an updated standard Switch with much better battery life I'm finally going to purchase one. Just curious what accessories you recommened. Doing some research I know to buy a nice glass screen protector and for my personal use I'll be getting a stand for table top gaming as well. Just curious what other cool accessories I should consider getting. Thanks.
  8. Analogue replied to someone via Twitter and no they aren't accepting pre-orders right now. Krikzz needs to upgrade that old GG Everdrive. Its still flash based which = much slower loading times.
  9. There isn't much to fail in the 32x outside possibly having to clean the pins and maybe replace caps down the road. 2600 consoles are 40+ yrs old these days and you can find plenty that either still work or can be made to work with very little effort.
  10. Well, it'll save the few games that use EEPROM and FRAM for saving as well. But yeah if Save States is what interests you then yeah you'll need an X7 or Mega SD.
  11. Battery backed saves and save states are two different things. JB does regular battery backed saves like on original hardware, but without the need for a battery. Save States on the other hand saves wherever you are in a game and then you can go back to that specific point on the fly, think NES/SNES classic systems. Yes you can return to original firmware, but using jailbreak doesn't void your warranty, so might as well just keep it.
  12. 1. Games will save via JB, but you need to go back to menu so it saves to SD Card before shutting off system. 2. An X5 is not necessary. If you have JB firmware its pointless. Only flash carts worth using with JB are Mega SD or X7. Mega SD offers Sega CD support and Save States for Gen while the X7 only adds Save States. Keep in mind by Save States I don't mean regular saving, but the kind of save states you see on NES/SNES Mini Classic systems.
  13. Definitely do it. It allows Genesis, Master System, SG-1000 and Colecovision rom loading as well. Also, rom loading of GG games will be much faster via Analoge JB than that Everdrive, since that specific Everdrive uses flash memory instead of ram.
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