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  1. I felt E3 would have been the perfect opportunity for them to announce a new game or partnership, but it was just a repeat of information all of us have known for over a year. At the very least they got some more exposure, so I guess that is one positive for them. Personally, I think they should have just done another Amico event and shown off some extended gameplay footage of different titles, that would have been ideal. And specifically to show off how the controller's unique features actually benefits games vs just using a standard controller.
  2. Cool to see this, I'm all for charity. Since you asked, my guess would be around $2,000.
  3. It can be any category. We can take NES games for example and see that some games made use of parallax scrolling even though NES didn't have hardware based parallax scrolling. Basically games where devs made extremely clever use of the hardware that made for impressive graphics or audio which many would not have considered possible.
  4. Looking for great examples of Atari 8 bit computer games that really pushed the hardware to its limits. I'm always interested in games that really pushed systems to their limits.
  5. I would really like to purchase Adventure ll, but my only way of playing Atari 800 is on the MiSTer FPGA device which doesn't have cart support. Are there any options to purchase these games in rom form? Thanks
  6. 100% I agree Wii's success was really the right product at the right time as you pointed out. It definitely filled a gap in 2006. Though, I do believe if true smart phones were as prevalent back in 2006 as they are now the Wii would not be nearly as successful as it was. Probably closer to how Wii U sold. Thankfully for Amico I don't believe it needs to sell in the millions to be considered a success, so INTV has that advantage at least.
  7. I was so proud of myself when I got a perfect 300 on Wii Bowling. Could never do it again, sadly.
  8. Seems like an easy to get into game without too much of a learning curve, which should make it great for kids. I forgot, does it allow you to make your own tracks?
  9. I honestly can't remember the last time I walked into a Gamestop. I miss Babbages and Electronics Boutique.
  10. Is there a way you can just block someone from commenting in a thread, but for them to still be able to read it? I can understand blocking people from posting, but don't really understand why it has to be blocked from view as well. Perhaps just the limitation of how the forums are set up.
  11. I'm very interested in the Retrotink 5x and the Pixel FX scaler. Both seem like they are going to be pretty fantastic.
  12. Hey fellow Analogue fans. I asked Kevtris and he said it was okay for me to post my new Discord server here. Its called "FPGAming" and it currently focuses on Analogue products and the MiSTer project, but we love everything FPGA gaming related there. The community has been growing extremely well since I launched the server a couple days back. We also have some great contributors to the retro scene there as well. When Pocket ships I'd love to build a community for chiptune artists on my server as well. If interested here is the link, happy gaming, especially if its FPGA powered. https://discord.gg/cj3yKDm2ex
  13. I sold mine last year, but would 100% pick one up again if they decided to add the NES core.
  14. Don't forget that Sony has Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition as a free download as part of their play at home program, so grab it while you can.
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