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  1. That is totally fair. And anyone who has known me for the past couple of years knows I was extremely critical of the MiSTer project in the early days, so I totally understand some of the reasons why it wouldn't be for everyone, I just thought your original "garbage" comment wasn't fair, but I guess you expanded on that in later posts. At the end of the day us gamers are pretty spoiled with choices and that isn't such a bad thing lol. I love having different options and I'm accepting that no 1 product will likely cover all basis for me.
  2. Well to be fair NT is also a $500 product, so I would expect some extra features.
  3. I'm sorry, but I feel calling the MiSTer project "garbage" is total disrespect to all the developers who have put in so much work into that project. Maybe its not for you, but it definitely is not garbage. I think we should use the word "garbage" for products that actually deserve that title. If you played the TG-16/CD, NES, Genesis, SNES, Neo-Geo and GBA cores the last thing you would think was the word "garbage". Also, you say you want pristine products, well if this is what you are after then you best bet is to stick with original hardware, because nothing outside that will give you this so called "pristine" that you are looking for. Again, I own both Analogue products and MiSTer and neither is perfect, but they are both excellent.
  4. I'm very confused by what you consider garbage on MiSTer in terms of its cores? I think its a rather unfair statement. MiSTer isn't perfect by any means, but a lot of the more popular cores are extremely good, far from garbage. Being an owner of both Analogue consoles and the MiSTer I can say both have their Pros and Cons, but overall both are excellent ways to play older games.
  5. Was very happy to see all those updates. The fact they are going to crack down on bots and scalpers is huge news. Good on them.
  6. From what I gathered, development slowed down a bit, so its likely not at all close to finished. Probably not even close to 50% done. If we are lucky it might be a late 2022 release at the earliest.
  7. Ah, so its kinda like Rocket League in space, neat. 4 player mode is nice as well. Its kind of a shame Amico won't have online multiplayer at launch because this game would likely be a great game for online play.
  8. If I was buying an Amico then these would be the games on my list. Nitro Derby Night Stalker Breakout And depending on how it plays MLB Baseball. If it plays like RBI Baseball 1 for NES or similar I'd be down. I always love a good classic Baseball video game.
  9. I also think the retro reimagined games is where Amico shines best as well.
  10. I'm quite surprised they haven't announced new stock for awhile. When I put up my Super NT on Ebay it sold in like 10 - 20 minutes, so the demand is still strong with that one.
  11. Makes me sad that both Atari and INTV put the labels over the screws on the cartridges. Makes cleaning those carts so much more difficult. Obviously if you are sacrificing for homebrew no big deal since you'll be using new labels anyways. Thankfully that changed in later generations. Well, to be fair the Mattel INTV carts at least had the screws exposed and only put the label at the top of the cart, so at least some carts aren't too bad.
  12. Hard to screw up a Breakout or Arkanoid type game, so I'm sure it will be quite enjoyable. Audio seems fitting too. Would be nice if you can rotate the image on an HDTV as I feel those games tend to play better in vertical orientation.
  13. That is quite interesting. Usually it takes many months to a year of marketing to really generate the kind of buzz and awareness you want before releasing your product. Curious why they decided to only start marketing heavily a few weeks before release. Do you know why?
  14. Shouldn't marketing start as early as Spring?
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