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  1. Incorrect, there are no perfect FPGA implementations of SMS FM module. They all have their issues. Also, Kevtris has stated he has no interest touching someone else's code.
  2. IDK, I think it kinda already blows it away dollar for dollar, but yeah a cart adapter would still be cool.
  3. Glad those Cart adapters got announced again with new release date. Now Spoonman can rest easy lol and not post once a week asking about them anymore hahaha. JK.
  4. If I were to do Hi-Def NES mod I'd probably do it on my AV Famicom. Then you can use a FDS no problem.
  5. As you can see in that video, it hangs on an angle just like mine did.
  6. No doubt, if you are in the market for a quality HD NES system that plays original carts then AVS is a really good option. Hi-Def NES is another good option that is still availble to purchase as well if you already own an original NES system.
  7. Preorders are not up. I'm not expecting them until sometime next year. Maybe Spring time.
  8. Exactly, yes we can agree it does work, but its not ideal to be pinching your ram modules cable like that. Objectively speaking the lid design was a bad choice from a user standpoint and was only chosen because it was cheaper than dust flaps, this is from Brians own words. I asked why he didn't go with that prototype design and he literally said because of the extra cost of the dust flaps. I know it adds up, but how much would dust flaps really cost? Was it really worth it to sacrifice better design to save maybe $1 per unit sold.
  9. Well if the 8 materializes you might only have to pay $189.99 for a Analogue NES system.
  10. Well you can see the prototype design for the AVS wasn't going to have nearly as much of the NES cart hanging out as that Nex clone.
  11. No word on it, but the delay is likely because Smokemonster is out of town.
  12. Yes it works once you seat it, but I just didn't like the cable being pinched. I wished Brian went with his initial design where Famicom carts loaded on the top and NES carts slotted in the front.
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