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  1. I do wonder if there is going to be a noticeable latency difference between people using the Amico bluetooth controllers and those using their phones via wifi. For something like a turn based board game this wouldn't be a problem, but anything where both would need to react at the same time I would think those using the BT controllers would have an unfair advantage.
  2. Just watched the trailer and wow you are right, this is very much directed to the same market Amico is going after. Board games is something Tommy has promoted big time via interviews I've watched.
  3. What I saw was just two dudes who are just a bit jaded and kinda just at that age where they are just going to be honest with their feelings. Was their take a bit brutal, yeah, but I don't think they are idiots for it. I feel the price creeping is an issue as well. This thing was originally marketed as a $180 box, now it'll be $249.99 + tax, that's not a small bump in price. Amico no longer has the price advantage in terms of hardware and to me that is a huge deal. At $180 this could have been a cool companion for your Switch, PS4 or Xbox, but at $250 that is Switch price range, not good at all. The games have to deliver big time to get people outside the INTV fanbase to pay that much for the Amico. Is it possible, yes, but INTV has their work cut out for them. I really wished they could have hit that $180 price point, really a shame. Also, its hard to watch any JT Smash videos related to Amico as being unbiased given the free Ferrari rides and house tours.
  4. So did Tommy change his tune about direct ports or are these ports going to do something special that other platforms can't do? Very interested in that Bomberman game. Is that actual Bomberman or a clone?
  5. Let's be honest E3 is kind of redundant in this day and age when its much easier and cheaper to just throw out a direct video. Pretty sure that was Intellivision's plan anyways this year, just post a prerecorded direct. I highly doubt they were going to have a live press event. That costs a lot of money.
  6. A game like this seems like a perfect fit for Amico, it even looks to have the artstyle Tommy likes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNQbxjNtKWo
  7. Which is unfortunate considering the price. Remember they are calling this the V2 and announced some physical improvements like the better NES cart slot. It would have been a great opportunity to update the FPGA so Kevtris can bring over his improved scaler to his NES core.
  8. I got some criticism from people on the discord for stating that I believe they likely updated the 49K LE FPGA found in the Super NT and Mega SG. The reason I believe this is because of the new UI. I'm going to assume the new UI is more resource heavy than the old one and Kev said he was basically tapped out of resources on the V1 NT Mini. People said if this was true they would advertise it, which in all honestly is a good point, but maybe they didn't want to annoy previous buyers. Anyways, for $500 they should have updated to the new FPGA so they could finally add interpolation. There is no excuse not to outside of Taber just being cheap. And honestly NT Mini can no longer even claim value for the price given what else is on the market. This came out in 2017 originally, you are telling me they couldn't have updated the FPGA and perhaps even lowered the price a bit? I just don't believe the aluminum casing and analog outputs justifies an over 2x premium over the Mega SG and Super NT. Mega SG + DAC is about $325 shipped, NT Mini Noir, with the possibility of still having the weaker 25K LE FPGA will run you $525+ shipped. Nobody can convince me that aluminum shell warrants a $200 premium.
  9. Yeah, Tommy said the only ports he will accept are those that have exclusive features specifically for Amico. I'm also curious to find out if R-Type is a brand new game or just an Amico enhanced port of Dimensions EX. Not that Dimensions EX is bad or anything, just something totally brand new would be much more appreciated.
  10. Does your TV support S-video? Just use that.
  11. Thats because GG games only have a vertical resolution of 144p and unlike HDTVs your standard CRT can't upscale the image to fill the vertical axis of the TV.
  12. Woah, so the Mega SG via composite out the DAC mimics an original Genesis, rainbow banding and all? I guess this was also done to give the blending effect on dithered patterns. BTW, that is exactly how Bloodlines looks on my VA6 Model 1 Genesis. The healthbar is plagued with rainbow banding.
  13. If it strays too far from the originals it might alienate them. I'm not saying it has to be a 1:1 like for like of the original game in style, there are ways to push the franchise forward for modern times, but if you take too much out of what made those original games great then is it really EWJ anymore or something else completely? Let's use Star Fox Zero for example. Nintendo tried to shoehorn in the extra features of the Wii U pad to try and change the original gameplay style up and I think most would say they were unsuccessful and pissed off a lot of Star Fox fans in the process. Its the old saying "If it ain't broke, stop trying to fix it."
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