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  1. Its too bad the controller didn't have the hardware where you could play games on the go. That would definitely make Amico a lot more interesting to me and I bet a lot of other people too.
  2. Yeah, if you watch the youtubes or Twitch you'll see lots of women in their 20's/30's playing more "hardcore" games these days.
  3. In what way do you think they will target specifically for women? Does this mean specific kinds of games aimed at women, or do you mean Moms looking for safe games for their kids? Also, I feel the female gamer demographic in the 80s/90s to what 20 - 30 yr old women like playing in 2020 is a bit different overall. I think Women's tastes in gaming is a lot more varied now. Unless, the aim is to specifically target uber casual female gamers.
  4. I'm not really a graphics snob, but really big on good art style. Great art style and level design makes all the difference.
  5. Its not that the Amico doesn't have the grunt to run a game at the scale of Wind Waker, its just the type of budget and dev time needed would make it a no go, not to mention they don't want to release a $40+ game which is what something at that level would likely need to sell at. I would be surprised if the Amico wasn't more powerful than the 3DS.
  6. +1 Amico at least has shown a couple of games that have me somewhat interested, can't say the same for that other device.
  7. I would really like the option to use a more standard controller. I know some games will need touch screen and what not, but I'm sure there will still be plenty of games that would have no issues working with a standard controller. I feel like a lot of people will appreciate this option to exist. Since 2D is the focus of this console I would also like if this machine became sort of like a SHMUP haven. Would like to see many more games like Rigid Force Redux. I would also like to see a focus on 2D side scolling platformers as well. This genre I feel would really benefit for an option of a standard controller with a traditional 8 way D-pad. Also, agree with Rev, I love retro pixel based graphics you see in games like Shovel Knight. I still believe a WarioWare type game would be a good fit on Amico. These games are such a blast. Finally, I realize this is an obvious answer, but Amico in my honest opinion really needs to hit that $199 price point sooner rather than later.
  8. Sears Model without a doubt. Super Video Arcade I believe its called.
  9. Isn't there still at least one unannounced pack in game for Amico?
  10. And honestly, how would they even know if someone opened the Pocket up? Their other consoles didn't have void warranty stickers.
  11. Let's put it this way. A GBA Core doesn't need 96MB's of ram just to run a game via the cart slot lol. There is a reason why that amount of ram was chosen. For future "fun" stuff.
  12. There was a recent interview with Taber and he said its very easy, but will void the warranty. Basically you just remove 4 screws from the back and the battery is right there. GamesBeat: How easy is it to replace the battery? Taber: Technically, easy. Remove four screws on the back of the unit and the battery is directly below. It’s connected via a plug, so simply unplug it and a battery can be swapped out. We don’t suggest users do this themselves — it will void your warranty — but the battery is designed to be exchanged with ease.
  13. Any screens with that low of resolution will likely be really low quality screens with bad contrast, lack of color saturation, weak motion and definitely no VRR. Having all that extra resolution gives you lots of freedom for high quality filters and such. Gridlines can look really good. Even the IPS Screens for modded Gameboys are double the resolution.
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