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  1. Let me clarify, about a year ago some of my basic site privileges were removed based on some bad choices I made in communicating my opinions on certain threads. Some were given back, but not all. I have been on good behavior since, so kinda was hoping I could get it all back if I was a subscriber. I don't know what else I can do, neither Albert or the mods will talk to me. ) : Thanks for the reply.
  2. A little bit higher than I actually want for a little wiggle room if someone makes an offer. I'll just say I'm hoping to make at least $600. Anyways this is local in person sale only.
  3. I just put this badboy up for sale on Craigslist.
  4. I apologize if this question has already been answered a billion times. Will there be a bowling game for Amico sometime down the road?
  5. This is where I have to defend the Amico. I've been, how to say, very "vocal" about my thoughts on the Amico in the past, but nothing about the Amico ever came off like the infamous RetroVGS project and people who compare the two are just completely ignorant. If you are going to make criticisms at least put better effort and do more research. Tommy deserves credit for his absolute transparency when it comes to the Amico and as I've said before I respect that a lot. He answers questions that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft never would. I was one of Amico's biggest critics, but as I learned more about the project and as new announcements have been made my opinions about the Amico have slightly shifted. I still have my concerns like any project, but I can easily see myself picking one up sometime in 2021. I'm in my mid 30's and didn't grow up owning an INTV, so I'm not going into the Amico with any nostalgia. If I buy it, it will purely be based off games that interest me.
  6. Well, all Rebels (Noun) Rebel (Verb) lol.
  7. Absolutely, especially if Walmart and Target throw it up on the front page of their websites. This is what I've been most interested in. Seeing how and where they advertise. Tommy said their approach will be unique.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it true that Tommy said they only have to sell 180K units for the Amico to be considered a success? That is way lower than I originally assumed and I have to say I'm impressed that figure was given publicly. I respect transparency to that level. With that $10 million dollars reserved for advertising/marketing I don't see why they couldn't sell that much. Though, might be a bit slower hitting that target because of the current situation potentially holding back manufacturing to some degree.
  9. Also, how do I do a status update? I can't seem to find this feature.
  10. It will go great with this shirt I own.
  11. They have a cheaper version for $23, but this one has that cool color changing feature depending on the temperature of your drink. https://www.intellivisionamico.com/shop/mug-color-changing
  12. Exactly, this will make left handed gamers happy. Most consoles are geared more to right handed players, so its nice that left handers get some love too.
  13. Yeah I would hold it horizontally with the disc pad on the left and the touchscreen on the right.
  14. I bought myself something. Not an Amico yet, but INTV related.
  15. Does the 3 million take into account the Intellivision Flashback consoles sold as well or just original units?
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