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  1. That is such a bad take. Calling the guy a "nut" just because you didn't like what he wrote in the article is really in poor taste, especially when he brought up a ton of facts that you cannot deny. To me the people who are truly being narrow minded are those intentionally ignoring all the legit issues surrounding Amico and acting like all the critics are simply misinformed people. Come on now, we are past the point where you can make the assumption that all the Amico critics are simply "narrow minded haters". Most of the criticisms about the system and how its being handled are valid at this point. I genuinely hope the Amico comes out sooner rather than later and everyone who preordered is happy with their purchase, but I don't think INTV will be able to reach the level of success they had planned. Not after the third delay and all the valid negative press surrounding it. I personally will pick one up if I hear good things about it post launch and some games that really interest me become available. Flying Tigers looks fun.
  2. I don't very much care for Kotaku, but the article overall seems well written with the important information being available for those who might not have heard about the Amico yet. I would expect many more unflattering articles written about Amico from big gaming sites in the future. Some people say any press is good press, but I don't necessarily agree with that. My honest opinion is INTV needs to pull some kind of miracle to salvage the perception of this system. Its not impossible but will likely be very difficult. I think they really need to start paying attention to how the people at Panic inc have been handling the release of the Playdate system. Yes, I know the two systems are different, but Panic inc seems to be doing a better job with how they have been marketing their system and the mostly positive perception of the company from the gaming community seems to prove this.
  3. Have Nick Richards do all PR going forward. I think his approach works better.
  4. If its in the PS Vita range that wouldn't be too bad. Vita was capable of some really good looking games.
  5. Stick on buttons probably didn't work as well as they were hoping. Those have been made for other touchscreen devices for years and they just aren't that great. There really is no substitute for a real physical button. I'm still crossing my fingers that Tommy does eventually allow devs to program their games for a more standard controller too. Nothing wrong with having options.
  6. I am curious where they go from here. Might be best if they just stay silent until they have positive news. Just focus on getting Amico up to shape and make an announcement when they are basically 100% confident they can ship at a specific date. At this point wouldn't be wise for them to risk any further potential negative situations. No more going after critics or calling out articles you don't agree with, just stay laser focused on getting the Amico in a place it needs to be for a successful launch.
  7. Yep, figured we'd get that update soon. Obviously no way to spin this unfortunate news as a positive. Hopefully they can ship some units later this year.
  8. Since we are now in August I would expect we will get some updated news about the launch this month. I believe Tommy said he had until the end of July to figure out if 10/10/21 could happen.
  9. The physical packaging looks pretty nice. Nice retro style.
  10. Without a doubt the best interview so far of an Intellivision representative. Much respect for Nick for being extremely transparent and answering the questions honestly. This is how interviews should have been conducted from the start. .
  11. I mean the gameplay mechanics are mostly the same, but now you have that quick warp mechanic.
  12. Ratchet and Clank: Drift Apart is amazing, whenever you get a PS5 I definitely highly recommend you check it out.
  13. Having so many games with 60fps modes makes this gen already off to a great start.
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