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  1. The LPF is more accurate on the MiSTer, but it lacks ladder effect.
  2. Because this thread is for those that actually want to talk about MiSTer instead of crapping on other alternatives. I personally enjoy both my Analogue products and MiSTer setup.
  3. Congrats on successfully shipping this project. While I had my concerns and freely spoke about them, never once did I want to see this project fail, so I'm happy to see this product finally reaching people's homes. Looking forward to see what this product will offer down the road.
  4. I think it might be a bug. I've been holding off new firmware for a future fix.
  5. Well, they can advertise it'll work with flash carts.
  6. My list 1. NES 2. Gameboy/Gameboy Color 3. Atari 2600/7800 4. Colecovision 5. Master System 6. SG-1000 7. Fairchild Channel F 8. INTV (Technically 16-bit, but its really looked at more as a classic 8 bit system.) As much as I'd love to see PCE/TG-16, I think they will save that for a standalone console.
  7. 1. Honestly, consoles with a ton of cart ports are ugly. I think offering adapters for all those pre Famicom/NES cores Kevtris has makes the most sense. It makes the console cheaper and they won't have as much limitations on how they can design it. 2. If you want a GBA/GBC/GB console then get Woozle's Consolizer. 3. Definitely not gonna be a a multi classic computer system. The only classic PC core he almost has completed is a C64 (For his FPGA Chiptune player).
  8. It'll definitely probably based around NES with cart adapters for other systems. If Analogue 8 is indeed a multi 8 bit system.
  9. HDMI out into a Plasma Display with 28ms of lag and using a M30 2.4Ghz controller via USB.
  10. Looks like MiSTer passes the Tyson test. Here's a video I took of myself beating Tyson.
  11. Original timings without that framebuffer would be ideal. And you can just have some kind of count down in case your display can't handle the original timings and it'll revert back to a safe mode. Don't see why they wouldn't add them if its now possible. This would be amazing and speedrunner friendly.
  12. The DAC has a switch for Pal and NTSC.
  13. OG SNES runs at 60.09. Kevtris slows it down to a perfect 60hz for HDMI 1080p out.
  14. What was the bug? All I know is he redid the scanline generator and people seem to be quite happy with them.
  15. Kevtris said timings are identical to real hardware. "Since no one asked, the timing coming out of the dac exactly matches the original system, down to the missing pixel on the snt every other frame"
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