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  1. Hi, I've got an apple //c with what looks like a bad keyboard encoder (the numbers are not working, but it's kust the numbers, the rest of the keys in the first row work fine), and I'm trying to get a replacement. The board comes with a KR3600-PRO IC. I've found one, same model at all, but is for the apple //e. I've been checking the key matrix and looks like the same but I think Is not going to work with the //c because the //e have some lines on the matrix reserved for the numeric keypad input, am I right?. If that encoder Is not suitable, what are my options for a replacement?, could be possible to buy one blank from ebay and program it(the KR3600 or the ay-5-3600)?. Thanks for you answers.
  2. Got my cart today, I'm testing it right now, this thing it's amazing, totally worth the wait . Thanks SainT.
  3. Hi, I'd like to be addedd to the preorder list, if possible. Thanks SainT!!
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