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  1. i you want to you can use this forum to verify that it is ok to buy this homebrew
  2. Robot-X_Title.bas - Copy (3).bin use difficulty switch to play hard or easy and there is 2 player mode
  3. also i read in the cartridge area of the store that you cant buy a game without owner permission if it is a home brew so as long as it says made by Isaac kasdorf on the cart and it uses a pic like my profile pic you can buy my game
  4. the story of the game: the evil morph man was born in a lab accident and he found that no matter what he had (lab equipment he stole after the indecent mostly) he wanted more, and he could have it, because of his ability to morph into any thing, he became a bank guard and stole the money. robot-x notices him one day and follows him to his layer. inside morph man spots him and hides in his lab room and sends out the tanks. now you control robot-x you must stop the evil morph man before it is to late and he steals all of the money in the world.
  5. once i finish level 3 i will send a demo with level 1,2,3 so far so good it was some trouble programming this i hope you enjoy when it is out
  6. here is an image for my next game it will have a story and levels when done i do not have enough levels to post a worthwhile demo.
  7. is there any way to get a higher play field resolution
  8. Robot-X_Title.bas.bin this should be the newest version it displays lives (very flickery) and plays music and shooting sound fx
  9. i will probably do that but for now here is the current version Robot_X.bin if you go off screen on the bottom, the tank cant hurt you and you can't hurt it so it's like a rest spot for hard core gamers or if you need a break and you don't want to reset score.
  10. i made the game harder but i cant figure out how to make it progressively harder and the animation is like 100% better i will upload it asap probably tomorrow i will release more info when it is online
  11. hi sorry its been so long i just moved and now i have school, but i am working on a robot x game that gets progressively harder
  12. My laptop charger broke so sorry no new game updates have arrived I am using my old I phone 3 to send this
  13. default.bas.bin here is another game i worked on its about my pet goat booper and he needs to get to the safety of the barn without touching soccer balls of doom (goats dont like soccer balls) there are 4 levels so far when you beat 4 it says game over but you win. no score works.
  14. yeah the tank is supposed to move i little
  15. robot-x atari vcs 2600 videogame.bas.bin has 2 player battle if you press select!
  16. woo hoo a new version of my game!! robot-x atari vcs 2600 videogame.bas.bin now with animations improved sound and a little game start jingle.
  17. robot-x atari vcs 2600 videogame.bas.bin new version 3 lives, tank shoots when you shoot
  18. robot-x atari vcs 2600 videogame.bas.bin i found the game tinkernut made and i hacked it all day there is a bug where the tank bullet cant move if the fire button is pressed
  19. my main error is on line 0 column 66 rem Generated 7/19/2018 8:36:15 PM by Visual bB Version <------ right here
  20. here is my game code so far: default.bas
  21. i got the vbb to work on my computer but i get a lot of errors that dont make sense like my cursor location is an error location sometimes
  22. i am in the process of making a game and well i don't know how to make an enemy shoot i only want the enemy to shoot down and up according to player 0's y position can any one help?
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