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  1. Donkey Kong and Pac Man are one of my favorite games (the cause of my addiction which started in the early eighties). To my opinion the worst clone of Donkey Kong is Tigervision's King Kong for the Atari 2600. And now the oppositie, Tigervision made one of the best Pac Man clones with Jawbreaker for the Atari 2600. I still remember the moment when I demonstrated it to a few friends. They all fell of the couch when the toothbrush showed up!
  2. Too scary for me 😉 Is there also a version where the character carries a flashlight🔦? Looks awesome!
  3. Bought a Atari 7800 CIB game for an absolute fair price! Concerning buying and shipping everything went well. Oakcitycomics gets my recommendation!
  4. I have never seen a (European) boxed single controller before. I wonder if these ever have been sold here in The Netherlands. Very nice!
  5. Do you want to stay friends with me 😉? The 3rd variant is printed in Holland!
  6. On the Facebook page of the National Videogame Museum you can read that the Blue Sky Rangers have donated the game to them (probably early 2020). But the Blue Sky Rangers have recently sold this game on Ebay as we all know. Does this mean that the Blue Sky Rangers got it back from the Museum or did they have 2 copies?
  7. Wait till you're more than 80 years old and your hands can't do the job anymore 😉 I think we can give the controller a new name. What about The Jerk (in Holland it has three meanings and one of them is the top of your friend)?
  8. I have received the envelope today. Thanks and keep up the good work! Looking forward to the new releases and next edition!
  9. I think there is. The old collectorvision website is still there. http://www.collectorvision.com/old/games.htm
  10. Happy New Year to all of you! Don't worry about the boxes. My collection isn't in a pristine condition. And far from complete....still missing a few Pixelboy titles. Hopefully most of them will be brought back to life. Maybe Opcode and Collectorvision can tell us later on what their plans are for the future? I sure do have a want list for some older titles.
  11. You don't have to pay $ 300 for a SGM (Super Game Module from Opcode games), there is a sixth run coming. The fifth run was $ 90. You can subscibe for the sixth run if you want to. https://opcodegames.us9.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=ef7be83c593bc1d831a827842&id=8ed2c58e0f The Phoenix is a complete replacement for the original Colecovision plus it has the features of a SGM. Also a great choice. Question is: do you want to have the original console specifically? If you do then follow the advice that Pixelboy has given you (and Youki was quicker with Cabbage Patch Kids than I am👍). Does your GF like for instance shooter games or RPG's? Believe me, when you get to know more about what has been developed for the Colecovision for the past 20 years you will be sold for the rest of your life! Join the club(s)!
  12. Due to climate changes The North Pole has moved a bit to the South! Thanks Luc and Merry Christmas to you and everyone around here!
  13. Well I did and oakcitycomics never responded. In fact, never read my PM. If you visit the website penguinet they mention that additional copies will be manufactured to satisfy demand. I hope they do!
  14. Just arrived in The Netherlands 🎅👍🕹️😃. Guess what I am gonna to do this weekend !
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