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  1. I am always hungry for new games, but I can't create them myself. I am happy with every developer and support them wherever I can. The only thing I hope for now is that everyone will receive and enjoy his game! Looking forward to 2021 👍
  2. I am not gonna bite the hand that feeds. I really appreciate what Collectorvision is doing. I would rather start a Postal Services discord instead.
  3. I know, it's a risk you have to take. It can save you quite a lot of money. But I can understand you want to have tracking when the secret game is on it's way. When COVID-19 is over I am gonna pick it up 🤑! By the way, I have added some photo's of the parcel in which the secret game has arrived and survived 😳.
  4. Let me tell you, when a package gets lost it needs to be insured also otherwise you will be left empty handed. Postal Services will take their hands off and that is quite irritating because this way a package (with tracking) still can easily get stolen and there is nothing you can do about it. And don't bother going to the police....... But I surely would prefer an option for tracking and insurance!
  5. Mine arrived yesterday and that is very quick! Only the package had some serious damages, but the gamebox has survived the impacts of the Postal Services Asteroids! This game is really worth the Membership. Was too late for 2019, won't be for 2021. I hope that the number of members won't be limited, but only the time to get your membership.
  6. Received mine yesterday, thanks! Maybe you can use parcelsapp.com
  7. When I log in on their website I can find in my orders the tracking code. No problems here.
  8. I believe I have already paid for it when ordering (shipping with tracking within Europe).
  9. And what if you don't collect Sega Mega Drive ( simply because I do not have enough space 😰)? Maybe a combination with Colecovision game too 😊?
  10. I know that they take good care of packaging. Please don't blame them. But don't forget that not only postal services but customs can do also seriously harm to the packaging and content. Once they had pulled of the protection of the content and did put it back without any care. They had "forgotten" that the tape (very sticky) was loose and it got stuck to the box of the game..... I don't have to tell you how I felt at that time....
  11. Parcel with tracking is still fine with me. Pay a bit more but less chance on damaging or lost. Can't wait 🕹👍😊
  12. It works and first you have to pay (PayPal button) and then confirm with the obligation to pay button . Thanks for your quick reply 👍
  13. Hello Tanuki, I have a problem with choosing shipping (I prefer parcel with tracking) and checking out. Even when I choose books and brochures I can't get further when I click on the order with an obligation to pay button. The display shows the word false. Is it possible to ship to the Netherlands with parcel post and tracking?
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