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  1. Membership year 2021 was $150 and is already closed. At the end of this year they will announce via email, here at Atariage or their own website that you can subscribe for the year 2022.
  2. Hello Tanuki, My games should have been shipped on the 19th of May. I remember now when I wanted to track the parcel via LaPoste the code gave an error. When I try it now it is still an unknown tracking code. And I still haven't received them. I will sent you a PM. Thanks for solving this issue 👍!
  3. Arrived today in The Netherlands! The police came to my house thinking I was throwing a party and disregarding the Covid-rules. They still can't figure it out it was just me, myself and I! Collectorvision did it again! Many thanks to you all! This being said by another member for life!
  4. By the way, to which email address do I need to sent my proof of ownership?
  5. PayPal says that you can't receive money at the moment.
  6. Donkey Kong and Pac Man are one of my favorite games (the cause of my addiction which started in the early eighties). To my opinion the worst clone of Donkey Kong is Tigervision's King Kong for the Atari 2600. And now the oppositie, Tigervision made one of the best Pac Man clones with Jawbreaker for the Atari 2600. I still remember the moment when I demonstrated it to a few friends. They all fell of the couch when the toothbrush showed up!
  7. Too scary for me 😉 Is there also a version where the character carries a flashlight🔦? Looks awesome!
  8. Bought a Atari 7800 CIB game for an absolute fair price! Concerning buying and shipping everything went well. Oakcitycomics gets my recommendation!
  9. I have never seen a (European) boxed single controller before. I wonder if these ever have been sold here in The Netherlands. Very nice!
  10. Do you want to stay friends with me 😉? The 3rd variant is printed in Holland!
  11. On the Facebook page of the National Videogame Museum you can read that the Blue Sky Rangers have donated the game to them (probably early 2020). But the Blue Sky Rangers have recently sold this game on Ebay as we all know. Does this mean that the Blue Sky Rangers got it back from the Museum or did they have 2 copies?
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