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  1. With a perfect blue sky on the background 👍🌞🕹
  2. Great news👍! Can't wait 🤗 😉! Thanks for the update and hope you're doing ok now.
  3. My condolences to you. Don't ask me why but somehow I had that feeling. Don't hurry, it will only lead to mistakes. I know you guys are reliable. Thank you for the update.
  4. Hello CôteGamers, do you have any idea when the game is going to be shipped? If there is a delay please let us know.
  5. Can anyone tell me what the status is of Alpharoid and Yie Ar Kung Fu 2? It's not that I don't have patience ........
  6. Believe me It's true, I have also a real woodgrain 4-switch in a vader box (Europe) with matching serial number. And I have seen more so it's not that unique.But I was quite happy when I found one at a flea market .
  7. Believe me I am glad that pre-ordering is now directly via Collectorvision. As I have told earlier I didn't like to leave credit-card information. Now I am in and have pre-ordered the early acces with Sydney CIB. Good luck Brian! I will try to spread the word!
  8. It is not that I don't trust CollectorVision. I just don't want to give credit card information to Kickstarter. The problem is that I have heard so many times about websites being hacked that I hardly want to use my credit card. Even PayPall doesn't know that I have one. I simply transfer money from my bank account to PayPall and that's it. I only want to avoid abuse. It's just who I am. To me it's not a problem to back the project by paying in advance.If the project should fail then CollectorVision can give me my money back and substract all fees first so CollectorVision won't lose any money. To all you homebrewers: I really appreciate what you are doing. And I know that's a lot more than I think. Sometimes I wish I could be one of you because I have always wanted to create a videogame. Cheers and let's all bring Phoenix alive!
  9. I also want to pledge for the early acces and Sydney Hunter CIB as well, but I don't like to leave credit card information on a website. Is there an other way to back the project?
  10. I have also been contacted by Collectorvision. It should be ok, but it's a bit strange that the order has dissappeared from my account. And wouldn't it have been better to inform all buyers about the delay earlier?
  11. I have also ordered this game on time, but I can't find my order back in the order status. I did receive an email with the confirmation. I was wondering if other buyers can't find their order back also. I have sent an email to Collectorvision about this matter and will wait for their reply.
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