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  1. What's up with the MIO v1.4.1 firmware that's on Rasterline.com? When I look inside the ROM file, I see "Multi-I/O Configuration v1.4.2". I also see references to an MIO v1.4.2 in some other threads: ICD MIO and ACard, Altirra 3.20 Released
  2. "My UDS-10 has passed away" COVID-19?
  3. That's advertising for you: 100% better on paper and negligible in actual use.
  4. Right, I was just confirming that they were indeed a match. I used file compare -- after getting a CRC32 match to start with. I found out exactly what ROM it is you've posted here. It's the Richard Andrews - Indus Upgrade ROM 1.2X. It's sold by Best Electronics and discussed in detail here: Nezgar - Indus GT 1.2X Upgrade ROM
  5. It may be true for some pages -- that they are blanks. Without having a copy of the original, it's hard to tell for sure about some of them. But there is one missing page that clearly has info on it. Page 19 is referenced as the starting page for Chapter 10 (Duplication of the Master Diskette), for one; and it's obvious to by looking at page 20 -- which has been scanned -- that there is missing text which should precede it. Aside from that, I leave it to Curt to find out if any of the other missing pages have text/data on them or not.
  6. Reminds me of IBM CGA graphics; blahhhhhhhh...
  7. What are these dumps supposed to be actually? They don't match the v1.1 or v1.2 firmware that I have. BTW, the two ROM's above are identical.
  8. Or even better: What are the Latest Atari-Related Items You've Obtained? A lot of people get items given to them, and like talking about them and showing them off too.
  9. The Incognito 400 that Candle was designing. Shelved years ago, but maybe some day... my 400's sitting and waiting. After that, I guess I'd want to get a B-Key (if I could find one), and upgrade the video with a UAV mod or the Super Color CPU/Video card.
  10. You didn't go over the thread well enough then...
  11. That's exactly why I hadn't mentioned it until now; because I was assuming they didn't carry their own ROM. I had figured someone just mistakenly renamed the ROM that Moonlight_Mile posted; and until I can find more reason to believe it's a unique dump, I'm going to continue assuming it's a duplicate.
  12. For reference, here are some pictures of another AT-88 Doubler board, and the corresponding controller board with a version 1.3 ROM. David Mil's AT-88
  13. Actually, I have a third dump, that matches the CRC of Moonlight_Mile's AT-88. I have no idea where I got it from (maybe Pigwa). It's labeled as "AT-88 Add-On Drive". Do the Add-On's carry their own ROM?
  14. Eh, I was pedantic enough to get us to the next logical step.
  15. I just did a file compare on your two dumps, and there's only one byte different. @ Offset: $05CA Moonlight: $FD Nezgar: $FC (So, actually, only half a byte difference.)
  16. Not a bad price, with free shipping (I'm in U.S.). It looks pretty clean too. I might consider buying it. I like the motto on the back of the drive, "Expanding Your Peripheral Vision". Pretty good! I forgot about that one. I'll wait to hear how your lead turns out...
  17. Haha... good for practicing...
  18. XEX release was planned for after the ROM hack was completed. The ROM hack hasn't been completed yet...
  19. So, as of yet there's no dump of any early-production AT-88's -- with a ROM that supports SD only?
  20. So, you're saying that the early AT-88's were single-density only, and thus they provided the Doubler as a means of upgrading; whereas later versions of the AT-88 were already double-density capable, and thus the AT-88 dump you pointed to above (the one disassembled by phaeron) was from a later production, stock AT-88 drive? Actually, there are: "Find the black plastic socket labeled U3 on the Doubler. Insert the Controller Integrated Circuit (labeled 1771) into this socket." (Page 2-3) Where the 1771 referred to is the IC the user is told to remove from the controller board on the drive. (Page 2-2)
  21. "Squeaky 800 cart door - Remedy??"
  22. Yeah, but he started working on it again. It says "2008"... but maybe that's just when he first started working on it again. You'd have to get an answer from him if it's being worked on in 2020 yet or not. Phoenix Demo - Video
  23. Thanks, I had already downloaded that one; but I had (wrongly) assumed it was a stock AT-88 ROM (hadn't taken the time to read phaeron's disassembly comments yet). So, it looks like this is potentially an AT-88 Doubler ROM? I look forward to seeing how it compares with your Doubler ROM. I need to find a stock AT-88 ROM now, since the one referenced here isn't one.
  24. Has the Percom AT-88 Doubler ROM ever been dumped?
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