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  1. Why not just purchase another machine that's in working condition, so you can get the 1200XL attended to without the pressure of it being your only machine? At that point you could even just put the 1200XL aside for a while, to relieve the frustration.
  2. Here's some more fun from this guy a few years back: ATARI 5200 Ultimate SD Wafer Drive (Up to 32GB of storage space)
  3. Thanks for the demo. Nice job on everything, including the gradual progression of difficulty.
  4. OK, I see what you're getting at. Maybe Fandal and/or Irgendwer can provide an answer here as to their further interest in converting the series...
  5. Treasure Island Dizzy has already been ported to the Atari 8-bit Computer Systems.
  6. Sent Sounds cool. Any screenshots available?
  7. What will be added to this extended version? Is there a possibility of selling cart + manual only (no box or other items)? If so, I'd probably be interested.
  8. Welcome on Jim. In what ways would the final machine have been different?
  9. Nice Job. Suggestion: turn the volume down a bit on the 4th channel (bottom of the visual/graph).
  10. There's a diagram right at the lower part of the page for the item that shows exactly what connections are used by each connector on the cable -- for both the RCA and 3.5 mm audio jack options.
  11. Good info; thanks for the update about the improvement.
  12. Thanks Jac, I did link to all the official files and docs at the top of my first post.
  13. I won't be doing any videos (not into that sort of thing); but I would be willing to make up a simple tutorial detailing how to put together the setup I'm using (discussed above).
  14. @santosp Current Turbo Freezer 2011 Production - Declare Interest Thread @HiassofT Turbo Freezer 2011 - Original Production Thread @HiassofT Turbo Freezer 2005 / 2011 - Files @ndary Turbo Freezer 2011 - Demonstration Video I finally had a chance this last weekend to test out my new Turbo Freezer 2011 from @santosp. Great device and great implementation. The YouTube video by @ndary was a good starting point for understanding how to use a lot of features in the device. But after I started delving into the manual and seeing some of the other features, I had a few questions about how some of the features worked together and what would be some of the best ways to utilize some of the features. After going through the manual and testing a few things out, I decided to make up a memory layout overview, to help visualize what I was working with a little better. Turbo Freezer 2011 - Memory Layout Flash ROM (1 MB - 128 x 8 KB Banks - 16 x 64 KB Blocks) ------------------------------------------------------- Banks 000 - 119 (960 KB) Cartridge Emulation Banks 120 - 127 (64 KB) Freezer Software (+ Cart Emu Menu & Oldrunner OS) Battery-Backed RAM #1 (512 KB - 64 x 8 KB Banks - 8 x 64 KB Blocks) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Banks 000 - 047 (384 KB) Cartridge Emulation Banks 048 - 055 (64 KB) Snapshots (Optionally: Cartridge Emulation) Banks 056 - 063 (64 KB) Freezer Software Battery-Backed RAM #2 (512 KB - 64 x 8 KB Banks - 8 x 64 KB Blocks) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Banks 000 - 063 (512 KB) Extended RAM / RAMDisk In terms of usage, what I decided to do for the cartridge emulation portions was to make a 960 KB AtariMax ROM filled with games and put that in the flash ROM area; and then put SpartaDOS X + several OSS carts in the Battery-Backed RAM cart emulation area. This provides a nice setup of games and development/DOS. Using an Atarimax ROM for filling the cartridge emulation ROM with games works out nice, because you only need to flash a single ROM to add all the games you want; and you can put both ROM's and XEX files into the Atarimax ROM; plus you get the easy to use Atarimax menu (which can use joystick or keyboard) for selecting from your games (or whatever else you might want to have loaded into the ROM). A nice feature for SpartaDOS X is that the Turbo Freezer can simulate having a second cart piggybacked, giving simultaneous access to SpartaDOS X and Mac/65 (for instance). One thing to note here for those just starting out using the Freezer, is that the extended RAM / RAMDisk area is both of those at the same time and neither has any regard for the other. This means you could overwrite some snapshots in the RAMDisk area by loading a program that uses the extend RAM or, visa versa, you could overwrite something in extended RAM by storing a snapshot in that area of extended RAM being used. One thing to consider in this regard is that not all (not many) programs use 512 KB of extended memory. So, saving snapshots to higher RAM can allow you to preserve both without having any conflict.
  15. This comes as a big shock and sadness, especially seeing how he'd been doing so well in the last few years. It seemed like he had overcome his health problems and was really enthusiastic about his improvements, and about getting more involved in Atari matters again. It was really good to see his updates to the Museum site and his exchanges of information here on the 8-bit forums in the last few years. He was a never-ending storehouse of Atari knowledge and hidden gems from Atari's waning years. Without his tremendous efforts many major artifacts would have certainly been lost to time. These are the kind of things we hobbyists cherish. I've used his site countless times in order to gain insight and satisfy curiosities. My archives are filled with files and images pulled from his site. I feel very sympathetic towards his wife and child (children?). He was still quite young; I didn't realise he was the same age as myself until now. I hope the best for them in future and comfort as they and the rest of his family grieve over the loss of Curt, even as we share their feelings here on the forums. Life goes on, but he'll still be remembered often here, and elsewhere in the Atari communities. It'll never be the same as having him around, but his presence will always be felt here. Curt was one of the shining lights in the Atari world, that few -- if any -- could be compared with. On the bright side, I'm happy to see that he had a resurgence of health and activity in his last few years, and was able to have a higher level of involvement and enjoyment in the hobby that he loved. Thanks for all you've done Curt, and the legacy you've left behind...
  16. Alternatively, you can get the latest incarnation of the Turbo Freezer 2011 cartridge, which, among many other features, provides 512K of additional system RAM (giving 576K total). It plugs into either the PBI or Cartridge Port + ECI. So, no modifications are required on the machine -- except PBI 5V mod for power on the 800XL, which is a single wire mod. Here's the original Turbo Freezer 2011 thread, which gives some basic details of the cart's features.
  17. Additionally, if you look, everything of Fandal's has been voted way down on your site, recently. I just remembered this morning, I had seen this several months ago. Some of these are titles that had good ratings on them for years until that happened. So, it looks like someone might have something against Fandal himself.
  18. Mine arrived safely this morning. Beautiful device; not tested yet. Thanks!
  19. Yes, this is not a proper conversion to cart that would take advantage of banking and so forth to allow running on a 64K machine (I imagine it's possible). This is an AtariMax workbook ROM to allow running from some of the multicarts, but still requires a minimum of 128K (130XE) as per the binary load file specificiations.
  20. Does this work for you? Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure.car
  21. Interesting. Maybe someone else has seen one like it before. Have you tried doing anything to get it working? There's a lot of solder on those chips that might develop a problem...
  22. I doubt very seriously @R0ger has any reason to lie in this post: RMT Source Code - Post #10
  23. Actually, there are people who have the RMT sources. So, it's not like they're lost to time (as seems to be the case with TBXL sources). Whether anything will ever be done with them, that's another question.
  24. You're not allowed to use blue on a C64 image.
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