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  1. This is the first time that I'm looking at a disassembled and labeled game, and I'm really impressed by your analysis and detailed comments. Are there other games that you disassembled and analyzed/labelled/commented? Do you keep them together somewhere? About the game: Fishing Derby is an amazing piece of work in only 2K! I like how the water shimmer works with a pseudo-random number; pretty clever. Btw which encoding did you use for the fishing_derby.asm file? I'm seeing characters like this: � throughout the comments.
  2. Dionoid


    Looking forward to the source code of the title engine!
  3. Yes, it's a solid book on Atari 2600 assembly programming. I also recommend Andrew Davies book "Atari 2600 Programming for Newbies": http://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-davie/atari-2600-programming-for-newbies-revised-edition/paperback/product-23644281.html
  4. Dionoid


    Just wondering: would it be technically feasible to do 1 PF-pixel horizontal scrolling instead of 4 PF-pixel? Or is this impossible in a display kernel? I guess this was also discussed during development of Boulder Dash, but I cannot find it when I do a forum search.
  5. Dionoid


    Wow, this looks really good!!!! So cool to see Rockford playing the Sokoban game 🙂 Good to see you coding the '2600 again, Andrew! And too bad that I joined AtariAge only 1.5 years ago, so I missed the opportunity to buy Boulder Dash for the '2600 (which was one of my favorite games on the C64)
  6. What an amazing show it was! I really enjoyed the call-ins!! Great to finally see and hear the people that inspired me to start developing for the '2600, which are Thomas Jentsch and Darrell Spice Jr. Maybe next time Andrew Davie could do a call-in, because I think he also has a lot interesting things to say about the '2600 and game development in the 80's. IMO Andrew's Atari 2600 Programming for Newbies together with Darrell's Collect Tutorial are an excellent way to learn about programming the '2600. On a side note: last year 124 copies of Andrew's book were ordered from Lulu.com.
  7. This game is pretty addictive! Great to see a new '2600 developer from the Netherlands. Welcome! And everyone from the Netherlands will love the name of the planet 'Venlo' in the background story of your game. 🙂 Btw: are you the same Harold Thijssen that made some retro games for the PC a few years back?
  8. Great to hear you like the game! I want to release a beta of the '2 player vs' mode by end of July. In this 2 player mode you cannot pass each other, which means you can block the other player. E.g. you can prevent the other player from climbing the ledge that you stand on, and by falling down from a ledge you can crush the other player. The player who dies first, looses. Also the game is going to be an 8K rom (using bank-switching), because the current 4k wasn't enough to hold the logic for the 2-player modes and the extra graphics and sounds I want to add to the game. For the cartridge version of the game, I'm thinking about adding an additional '2 player co-op' mode, where you can work together to get the highest score. If you die, you can respawn as long as the other player is still alive. Cheers, Dion
  9. Facebook integration seems to be broken after the forum upgrade (see screenshot of the error below). Other than that, I really like the new, fresh look. Great job, Albert!
  10. Note that I found a specific combination of Stella settings that seems to solve the F8 debugging issues for me, see this post.
  11. Hi, I have the same issues when debugging my F8 bankswitched game in Stella. However I found a specific combination of settings that seems to solve the debugging issues for me: In the Developer setting (assuming you're using these), uncheck "Random startup bank", or use Stella command line argument "-dev.bankrandom 0". This will make Stella always start in the second bank (@ $f000 - $ffff).Note: of course you should initially also test if starting your rom in the first bank works, as that can be tricky with initialization code. But once you verified that random-bank startup works, you should uncheck the "Random startup bank" option to get cross-bank debugging working correctly in Stella. Also, start Stella in debug mode (use argument "-debug"). This will jump right into the debugger at launch. You can just press "Exit" to continue the game or set some breakpoints already if you like. I think that this - combined with forcing Stella to startup in the second bank - forces Stella to load/show the correct labels and symbols for the second bank. Make sure that shared bankswitch code's label (a.k.a. trampoline) is in the range of the first bank (@ $d000 - $dfff), not in the second bank.Note: this can be achieved by setting the bankswitch label like this: BankSwitchRoutine = (. & $fff) | $d000 Make sure that the Reset vectors (at the end of each of the two banks) are within the range of their corresponding banks, so not pointing to an address in the other bank. When you do this, you will see that Stella (I'm using the latest 6.0 version on Windows) will show the correct addresses and labels in the disassembly tab. Just set a breakpoint at the start of the shared bankswitch code and step through the code to verify this. I'm not sure why F8 cross-bank debugging doesn't work in other cases; I guess it's a bug in Stella (see this thread). Hope this helps!
  12. Thanks for sorting this out, Nathan! I have a Sony Bravia TV and putting it in Game scene mode really helped with lowering the lag. I think the lag is now down to 2 frames, which makes Amoeba Jump playable again on the Retron 77!
  13. Wow, that is some very thorough testing, Nathan! Do you think that using a 2600-daptor helped to reduce the lag a little, and that there could be a difference in lag between the 2600-daptor and the default RS323 ports on the R77?
  14. You're absolutely right. I was thinking about getting a 2600-daptor anyway, so maybe this is the right time. I see in the specs of the 2600-daptor that it transmits at 1K Hz, which means it has minimal delay. Is there anyone out there who owns a 2600-daptor and can check if the built-in ports on the Retron77 have a bit of lag compared to a joystick connected to the USB 2600-daptor? Measuring the lag exactly is pretty hard and requires special hardware, but I found that playing around with the game 'Adventure' can provide a sense of a possible lag.
  15. Hi Steve, unfortunately I don't have a 2600-daptor to test this myself. I guess there will always be some lag because of the polling rate of USB devices (see this article)
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