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  1. That was it - just replaced the 1X UM6532 IC $6 fix! Thank You for the advice!
  2. Hi guys - I was wondering if someone on here can help me troubleshoot something - I think something fried on my 7800 - I noticed when I start a game like Xevious - the ship automatically goes up the screen - like someone is pushing up - this happens without a controller plugged into the port. It's like something is shorting pin 1 on the controller port. I checked the PCB and pin 1 from the port looks like it is going no where. There does not appear to be any burnt components - I am wondering if it is a failed diode or resistor. I appreciate your suggestions. If I use an Atari 2600 game in the 7800 - the controls work as expected. Thanks!
  3. Hi big friendly - happy to help - I have the consoles, the lighting, the camera (Canon EOS T5i with bokeh lens) but the game room and backdrop is not pretty. I can send you some quick pics from my iphone first and you can let me know if they may work for you. DM me and I'll send you my mobile number.
  4. Looks awesome! I’d love to learn how you guys do these things. What type of printer, paper, resolutions programs used etc. Nice work!
  5. That would be great - take your time of course - and produce whatever is easier for you - I have a backlog of HowTos I want to create for the community and I never get around to it. lol - thanks again.
  6. That looks awesome - I'd like to do that to some of mine - would you mine sharing the steps, tools and materials used? Thank!
  7. UPDATE: I did it! - it works! - more of principal really - as I could have probably got another functioning model 1 for $30 - lol -but just a few bucks in caps and a new IC and some hours here and there troubleshooting - but yes - if you are referring to the Sony CXA1145P IC - that was the final fix for the video problem, possibly did not need to replace the caps - I honestly should have started with that first - but I'm learning!!!
  8. wow so cool In one of the pics in the listing you see an area where the cart PCBs go - those are stack card slots right behind the selector switch. I took apart some of my 5200 carts to clean them - and they look exactly like those in the pics.
  9. One more update - in regards to what I said about the game (video) coming on for a few seconds - seems to only occur with Gunstar Heros - when Gunstar Heroes is in - you can hear the intro screen and all that - and at one point - the screen flashes when it comes to the start menu and the TV comes on and shows the start screen and then flickers off - that is weird - seems like a refresh problem now. Why would the screen come on at that point? Watch the video of it in action: happens around 1:17
  10. so it seems that the caps are charging and discharging - not sure if it as the correct rates - but I tested each cap with 1K ohms and watched the numbers on the meter charge and then discharge - unless I am doing something wrong. Smaller caps discharged faster than others (seems reasonable) - testing those on mV and large caps on v. At one point after the system ran for a little - the video did come on and then went back off. I think I have invested all the time I am willing to at this point unless I get some new information. Thanks for your efforts.
  11. Thank you - it is a model 1601 - I'll take a look and test some caps!
  12. Hi guys - was wondering if any of have come across this issue where there isn't any video but there is audio with a Sega Genesis Model 1? I'll try to be as detailed as possible to avoid the obvious troubleshooting steps: The video via RF or Composite A/V does not seem to work I am getting a black screen when the console is powered on - on a regular tube type TV using the RCA inputs - yellow (video) white (audio) The games DO boot up Audio does work from the headphone jack Audio comes out of the TV speakers I can hear through the audio that the controls ARE working - select menus, fire, jump sounds etc. So I believe we can rule out a cart and/or CPU issue and/or memory issues The same power supply, games and A/V and RF cables WORK in my other model 1 genesis I removed and looked at the PCB, removed the heat sinks - all caps, surface mount resistors seem great - there is a little flux residue around the voltage regs - but nothing looks swollen or burnt. I looked for dry solder joints and just for certainty I re-soldered the A/V Connector and RF modulator I searched the internet and did not find anything specific to my problem - other than threads mentioned cart and pin cleanings and then eventually go unsolved I know these are not terribly expensive, - it is more principal really - it seems like it may be a simple fix - but I don't know enough about what can go wrong in an IC I think I exhausted all steps. If you have experienced this and have some suggestions - thank you. Regards Mike
  13. Hey guys - my 2 cents - I have ordered from him - good communication, very nice, direct to the point and stands by his products. I bought a Jumpman Junior cart from him, it did not work, he sent me a shipping label, sent it back - he sent me another Jumpman - that one also did not work. So he refunded my money fully and sent me Tempest for free for all the trouble I had.. I'm not sure why 2 Jumpman carts in two separate 5200 consoles did not work - but Tempest worked fine. I would recommend ordering if you see something you like, there is nothing to loose. HTH - also I was told that many authors give consent to create these conversions.
  14. Hi guys - need some advice. I don't know enough about this console to make an informed decision. Basically, should I keep this or return it? I bought a Jaguar on eBay for $315 with A/V Cable, Controller, PS and 6 games - Cybermorph, Alien Vs Predator, Dino Dudes, Raiden, Wolfenstein 3D and Mcfur something. The outer shell was in decent shape. When I first hooked it up it worked just fine with Wolfenstien, but every game after that gave me a RSOD. I attempted to clean it and was able to get stuff to work sporadically. However, I need to re-clean, re-seat the carts. At one point, I got all the carts to work, but then a day later got the red screen and needed to go through all this again. Is this how these things are? Am I being too picky? OR is there something more wrong with this that I am not aware of. The seller is offering to accept a return, but I may not want to return it if I'll have the same problem with another one. I see some consoles with no games are about $250. I know Wolfenstein is probably the better of the games for my collection, but the rest are so so, Should I keep this for my collection, or did I get screwed and could have gotten a more reliable one for the money I spent? Thoughts? Thanks Mike
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