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  1. So I finally ordered another 410 to cannibalize and since it had a working STOP button, I pulled the "keeper" bar from it installed it in my original. And it worked! I see no visual difference between the two but that seems to have been the problem - some slight wearing of the plastic I guess. This is the bad part.
  2. Hmm, wonder if I can put a bit of heat shrink tubing over it. I may try that, although I wonder if it will cause problems with de-latching.
  3. No worries, thanks for the help! I did break it down and clean everything - no dice. At this point I really feel like the plastic post that is supposed to be held in by the white retainer slider thingy is just slightly worn enough to not fully catch. I'm writing this off and searching for another one on eBay - maybe between two of them I can get a working program recorder!
  4. I have tested powered and connected to my 400. It doesn't stay down, but if I hold it down the tape will actually play when using CLOAD.
  5. It's not staying in at all, no power and no tape. Very occasionally I can get it to stick but it is very tenuous even then. Thanks for that deep dive, I'll pull it apart this evening and see if I can clean it up. As I recall, that mechanism was a bit stiff. I was trying to avoid tearing it all down as I was afraid I'd make things worse, but I think this is going to be necessary.
  6. Thanks, that's helpful - so I looked into that part and it seems to be OK, but of course having no reference with a working one I'm not sure. Here are two pics, one with the play button "up" and the other with me holding it "down" - the mechanism looks to be moving freely (and I was able to move it with a metal pick tool).
  7. No dice. I think the spring's got plenty of tension though. I'm starting to think that there is wear on the plastics that allowing it to slip. I haven't pulled the sliders out, but I did get in there with a pick and tried to remove any dirt and fibers, it moves freely. Maybe I should get another one for parts and try replacing that lower slider.
  8. Thanks, I took another look after reading your reply. There's a white bar that is pushed by a spring to lock the FF,RW and PLAY into place. It looks to me like there's just a little loss of tension on that spring causing it to not fully lock the play. Now, to find that spring for sale!
  9. I've been working on this 410, cleaning, replace belts, etc. REW, FF work but I cannot for the life of me get the PLAY to stay down when I press it. I can't even see how the key mechanism would latch, like I can see on the other keys. Any pointers are appreciated.
  10. Please add me to the "want" list?
  11. Please add me to the "want" list?
  12. Thanks again - that makes sense. Seems like my timing for working on this project sucks due to the delays the F18 MK2 is having but I'll for sure be interested when/if they can overcome the legal issues.
  13. Hah! Thanks everyone that did the trick! The screen still looks a bit wonky, though. For some reason my phone camera makes it look better than it appears but the letters are not very crisp. I may try another screen, this is an old junker I keep to test stuff with.
  14. Bought a unit off eBay and had to make my own composite cable. When I hooked it up the graphics are kind of nasty and do not fit on the screen. Is this bad video memory or something else?
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