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  1. Watch the blood pressure. Way too much salt in tinned soup.
  2. I love the look of this H.E.R.O inspired game but maybe it's too pixel art for the Amico. I know Tommy has expressed a disinterest in having such retro looking, pixel art games for it. It would be nice to have some though and I wonder what cooperative and competitive elements could be added for a possible Amico port. Like the look of Sigi and Plutonium Pirates from pixel.lu too.
  3. I was just wondering, at this point, is there any Atari or Intellivision game that someone hasn't asked if there will be an Amico version of? 😆
  4. Ok, thanks. Just to let you know, I was going to edit my original comment and change "hell" to "heck" because I thought it sounded too angry but by then, you had already responded! Thanks for the quick responses. I shall sign up and follow your instructions later when I have a bit of time. Unfortunately the day of rest tends to be my busiest day.
  5. Ok, I'll try but I don't use github and last time I looked, it didn't look remotely user friendly. I couldn't make head or tail of it at all.
  6. Controller port 2 doesn't seem to work in the 2600 core. I played Stargate last night, which as anyone familiar with Stargate/Defender 2 will know, it requires a 2nd controller. The 2nd controller didn't work. Just in case it was that game only, I randomly selected another game and chose game 18 of Missile Command, which is the first 2 player game. Again, the 2nd controller didn't work. I plugged another controller in but again it didn't work. I turned the whole thing off and plugged in DK for the CV and selected a 2 player game. The 2nd controller worked fine that time. I can only conclude that the 2nd controller port doesn't work in the 2600 core. According to the date on page 1 of this thread, I can confirm I have the latest version of the core. Please confirm if I am correct and if so, if a fix is being worked on, or advise on what the hell might be the problem with my Phoenix this time. Thanks.
  7. Very curious to know how this changes things for those of us who have a 2600 and a CV. Are you torn, like me, or now changing to the CV version, getting both, playing a wait and see or would you still prefer the 2600 version? Tell us your thoughts.
  8. I know Activision aren't on board yet and are doing a wait and see first but seeing as your list has Beamrider on it, I want to add 2 more Activision titles I'd love to see Amico versions of; The Dreadnought Factor and H.E.R.O. I know TT is prioritizing Pitfall if Amico sales are high enough for Activision to say yes and that is great. Would LOVE to see an updated Pitfall but after that, I'd be equally excited for updates on DF and HERO. And Beamrider of course.
  9. Another frustrating session of Sniper Elite V2 Remastered on my PS4 last night. Unintentionally throwing something instead of looking through my binoculars and alerting the enemy to my presence because I pressed the wrong button. Trying to runaway when I got overwhelmed by enemies but somehow only walking away and getting killed because I didn't press "O" twice before clicking L3. My character automatically getting up from lying down because I must've moved too close to an unseen object, which once again revealed my hiding spot to the enemy. Grrrrrrr. Can't wait for the Amico and simpler gameplay and controls!
  10. Just seen the video for Astrosmash and gotta be my fave so far. I have Astroblast for the Atari and while fun, that game plays so fast my head feels like it wants to explode. From the video, I see that the Intellivision original and the Amico update play at a more reasonable speed so I can look forward to hours of fun with (almost) no risk of my head exploding.
  11. Yeah, probably like everyone else on here, I'm signed up on dankitchengames.com to get the email updates. The last thing I saw was a video of one of his gaming conference appearances, where he said he was hoping to have released Gold Rush late 2019 but will now be early 2020. I know it's only towards the end of January and technically I guess, up to end of March or April could be classed as the early part of the year; but there really has been a lack of communication on his website regarding the development of his planned game(s) for sometime. Hopefully he's just hunkering down to get things finished and we should hear something soon. I hope nothing's gone awry and Dan Kitchen is still in fine fettle and things are moving full steam ahead. There will be a lot of disappointed fans if his new games don't come for whatever reason. I'm probably just being impatient and worrying too much. I can be a worrier. Especially when it comes to things I'm excited about.
  12. Things seem to have gone quiet. Hope the Kickstarter comes soon. Would love to see gameplay and packaging art. Maybe even more info on Bon Voyage; DK's next game. I'm just so pumped for these games.
  13. I thought we were getting videos possibly Wednesday but if not, Thursday, Friday and the weekend. I've not gotten an Intellivision email or seen anything on here. Are they delayed or am I stuck in one of those horrible dreams I sometimes have, where everyone seems to know what's going on except me?
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