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  1. With Plaque Attack completed, I now have all four done and dusted. My thanks again to groundtrooper for providing the spine images. PlaqueAttackCoverFlat.pdf
  2. Awesome. Thanks. I shall look forward to its release.
  3. Cool, atmospheric looking game. There's a lot of talk about this and other games I've checked out on here being given a physical release but not much detail in terms of where. Through AtariAge store or are there many more physical releases I'm unaware of available elsewhere? Directly through the forums? I should "follow" the games I'm interested in and there will eventually be release details? Not being a programmer and just a gamer, I've not really checked out the "programming" sections before.
  4. 😍 Wow. These are top notch. This is why your manuals get likes and the game covers I'm doing, while getting downloaded, don't get any likes. I have to be better. Much better.
  5. I wasn't sure if I was exceeding any kind of upload limit with these and reached out to Albert a while back but got no response. I know he's an extremely busy man but I've had no cease and desist from an administrator so I guess I'm ok. Now finished Frostbite. Last but not least I will do Plaque Attack. FrostbiteCoverFlat.pdf
  6. The latest updates are on Collectorvision Phoenix Release Thread. You may just need to update or maybe it's the roms themselves. Where did you get them? Unless you're talking about the free roms on the sd card that came with the Phoenix.
  7. I've definitely tidied up the Crackpots front cover and spine title. Also decided I like the spine title starting at the top like all the other Activision titles so that's the only improved version I've done. Some eagle-eyed people may notice there's no "TM" at the end of both titles. Basically I couldn't be bothered. CrackpotsImprovedCoverFlat.pdf
  8. Here's 2 different versions of Crackpots. I did not have fun with this one. It was definitely more challenging than I expected. The only difference between the 2 is the spine. For some reason, the title of "Crackpots" was put further down on the spine than all the other Activision releases that I know of so I did one as close to the original as possible. For uniformity on my shelf, I might print the other cover off, where I have placed the spine title at the top, like all the other Activision titles I have. Frostbite next. Looking at these further, I am not happy with the front or spine title. I think I might work on them some more before moving on to Frostbite. CrackpotsCoverFlat.pdf CrackpotsCoverSpineLikeAllOthersFlat.pdf
  9. I like the look of Hex and Barbarian but there's a couple of things I don't like and not being a programmer, I have no idea if the finished product would still have these. Firstly I thought the scrolling was still jerky and I thought the F18a mode would give smooth scrolling. Also, I hate it when a character is inside a black rectangle and when said character is in front of a background feature, the black rectangle completely obscures it. Just hate that so much. Hope it's just a case of needing more polish.
  10. I decided to tackle Keystone Kapers first. The front and back of the cover on thecoverproject.net are good so that's what I used. it's just the spine is not how it should be. I removed the Atari logo at the bottom of the spine, which shouldn't be there in the first place. Then resized and repositioned the Activision logo from the top to the bottom of the spine, where it should be. Repositioned and resized the Keystone Kapers title. Then, perhaps most importantly, I added the Keystone cop picture, which also needed some work as the colours were quite degraded from the image I used. Lastly I added the serial number and we have a cover whose spine more closely resembles the genuine article than the one on thecoverproject.net. Enjoy. Next I will have a crack at Crackpots. KeystoneKapersCover.pdf
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I checked it out for a few minutes. Some very talented people on there but I had no luck tracking down the covers I wanted. I might if I spent more time but I'm enjoying making them myself.
  12. Oops. I promised I wouldn't let this get out of control so I've changed my reaction to some songs lyrics instead. "Happy talking talking happy talk. Talk about the things you like to do..."
  13. Cheers. Much appreciated. Considering I'm only using the freebie gimp and not a suite of fancy software like Photoshop, Illustrator etc, and I'm a technophobe who prefers to avoid computers if I can, I've done ok. I will post some more soon when I get on the mac.
  14. Just need to fix King & Baloon. Strange how that one is still not working for me now I have the latest core but others have played it with no issues on the Phoenix. Hmmmmm.
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