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  1. …but then again maybe not. 😞
  2. I so hope you can persuade Opcode to add smooth scrolling if it’s easier than they thought. I’m loving this.
  3. Ok. I just preordered DKA but I'm not a fan of the Adam packaging. I don't have an Adam, I don't have any games for an Adam, nor do I have any interest in it. To have 1 Adam game in my collection will look out of place and kind of crappy. I hope I will be able to order the DK repro box and I will put the cart and manual in that.
  4. What happened to the custom mix and match repro box order that was supposed to happen last Friday. I never got an email. I only wanted 7 boxes. Did they all get sold out and the mix and match never happened?
  5. As I no longer have a CV, I'm not in the market for an SGM2 but I am interested in the Omni. Am I correct in thinking the Omni is a separate console version of the SGM2 and anything released for the SGM2 will be compatible with the Omni? If so, will any SGM2 games get a rerelease if and when the Omni gets released?
  6. It looks like I was under the incorrect understanding that F18A mode, which the Phoenix has, offered smooth scrolling. I have even watched a YouTube video which shows smooth scrolling on a CV with an F18A chip. I also mentioned in another thread that I was looking forward to the smooth scrolling on Gradius and it was liked by Opcode. I was not corrected on that assumption at the time. Some misunderstanding has occurred somewhere. This is very disappointing. If the next version does not have smooth scrolling on my Phoenix and I can't play the later, SGM2 version on my Phoenix either, I guess I will not be purchasing a game that I was very much looking forward to until today.
  7. Thanks, good to know. Just want clarification on one thing before I make my preorders. Can you confirm that one of the "performance improvements" for the SGM1 version of Gradius includes smooth scrolling?
  8. I have a question about the latest Opcode email. Specifically the rerelease of Gradius with "performance improvements and graphic tweaks" and the Gradius planned for the SGM2 for late 2022. I want the best possible version but it needs to be compatible with the Phoenix. Which version should I get?
  9. I just got a 2nd cart from Al at AtariAge and that one doesn't work either. I don't understand how other people are getting this game to work on their Phoenixes but I can't. Collectorvision, please help! Any more suggestions? I have revision 7 to the CV core installed. What about other people?
  10. Ordered my copy today. Also checked out “Stevedore” mentioned above. Looks really good too. Maybe a future release from Collectorvision? Let’s hope so.
  11. Oh, so some people have a copy already. Care to give me a quick summary and review? There's not much info online and any commentary I could find was in Spanish.
  12. Ok, thanks. That puts my mind at ease. I always worry something will go wrong with preordering so far in advance.
  13. Have you actually received a shipping notice for the carts? If so, when did you order it? I bought mine back on May 3rd 2020 and have received the rom but no notice of shipping my Genesis cart yet.
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