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  1. Holy pooh. I never thought I'd see a mention of my favourite band from my teens on AtariAge. I know there's probably lots of Brits and other Europeans on here that would've heard of them but they never broke America.
  2. Anybody got a rom of the Atari 2600 Montezuma's Revenge to work? I have what is supposed to be a healthy rom from atarimania and it doesn't work at all. Just a load of lines and noise. Tried ticking superchip but makes no difference.
  3. My tracking shows it left the UK on December 14th. Still don't have it and no more updates on tracking. I have reached out to Bitmap who will look into it. Anyone in North America, particularly Canada got their copy yet and when did yours leave the UK?
  4. I think I've guessed one of the Amico's secret features. It's also a defibrillator for when us aging gamers over exert ourselves on the more physical games. Just slap those controllers on the chest, shout "clear", press the running man button and fingers crossed, life saved.😁
  5. I've just discovered this on here and watched a quick YouTube video. Looks great. I just have one minor suggestion. Don't know if it's been suggested already but maybe a beep beep car horn type noise if you get too close to a car. Doesn't add to the gameplay but more to break up the constant car engine noise.
  6. Any chance the rerelease gets a Phoenix compatible upgrade?
  7. Does that mean that if or when you rerelease Gradius, it will come with enhanced features for the Phoenix such as smooth scrolling? Day 1 order if so.
  8. Thanks for checking them out. Weird how I'm having problems with some you are not. I did update the core before trying your ROMs, but I doubt doing that would reintroduce the same problems I had from the previous ROMs that I tried on the earlier core. Something else must be going on. As you say, hopefully the core will get better. Gave myself a new game this weekend though. Spy Hunter for the CV. Had it for the C64 many years ago and this is the first time I've played it again since then. Such a good game so will be playing nothing but that and other CV games for the next couple of weeks. Absolutely no problems with my SH cart or the ROM or indeed, any ROM I have checked out so far on the CV core.😁
  9. So I deleted the ROMs I was having issues with and replaced them with yours. I didn't download the whole thing, just the ROMs I wanted. Unfortunately they either have exactly the same issues or are even worse. I will list the ones I have tried below. Yars' Revenge - The shield around the Qotile has a weird effect on it. It isn't a solid colour. It's just an aesthetic thing but gameplay wise, when you fire, the missile doesn't behave how it should. It either goes past the far right of the screen and reappears on the left or just stops part way across the screen. No change with your ROM. Cosmic Ark - No warning alarm on planet surface on either ROM. Asteroids - My ROM just scrolled rapidly through the game varieties and pressing start would have no effect. Your ROM displayed a screen filled with flickering Asteroids and again, start would not start the game. Pitfall - my version had only one sound effect. Not good on an already sfx minimalist game. Your version just gave me a black screen and a loud screeching noise. Air Sea Battle - both versions have the shots originate to the right of your gun. On my 14" crt, it's at least an inch off. I have not yet tried your versions of Astroblast or Combat. Don't know why I'm having trouble with these specific games even when I've tried different ROMs.
  10. It'll soon be time to set it up again but I love to get a new piece for my Dept56 Christmas village each year.
  11. Ooh, I hope so. Next year, even if it is this time next year, wouldn't be so bad. That would be within an expected timeframe but beyond that, I will experience increasing levels of impatience, disappointment etc, the longer the wait.
  12. No. Do they all work well? Can I download the games individually if I don't want all 500? I didn't even know there were that many Atari2600 games.
  13. Anyone in North America who ordered the cartridge got this yet? I was expecting it in October but nothing yet.
  14. The above is more of the same old same old Opcode said they'd rather avoid. Surely any CV fan would have already played these games to death and prettier versions aren't really enough, especially as homebrews are soooo darn expensive. I personally want new games. The only exception for me would be Zaxxon. The choppy scrolling bugs me so much, I've not played it much. I'd love an arcade quality, creamy smooth scrolling version of that. Would also love some of the other possibilities Opcode have mentioned as possible Omni titles such as 1942, Commando, Tiger Heli and Rygar. If CV versions are done as well as Omni, then f18a compatibility would have to be implemented for improved graphics and smooth scrolling.
  15. You can't play Atari carts on the Phoenix, only ROMs through an SD card and the quality is all over the place. Some games are near perfect such as Demon Attack. Some have minor graphical issues such as Spider Fighter's "Bonus 500" text looks like an alien language. Some are almost unplayable. Cosmic Ark is completely missing the alarm to warn you of a meteor attack if you spend too long on a planet for example. CollectorVision are working on a cartridge adapter, which I've seen photos of but they say it will be a "long time" before it's out and who knows how long that is. Also have no idea if it will allow me to play all my Atari2600 carts on the Phoenix, including homebrews. I hope so.
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