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  1. I think I'll save my pennies for a proper version of Pengo from Opcode rather than this Ice World. As for Cavern Fighter, I have the excellent homebrew Super Cobra Arcade for the Atari 2600 so no need for that either. What I don't have and definitely want from Collectorvision is Mr Do!'s Wild Ride. I know they are working on that as they have mentioned it in another thread and as they've made it public, surely they wouldn't then turn around and make it a secret, club member only game, eh? Surely not.
  2. Just a thought but I hope Opcode are members or you give them a heads up on what your secret games are for your club. I'd hate to think they could potentially make a game you've already done secretly and then wonder why their orders are so much lower than they'd hoped.
  3. Was asked to delete the names of the games I mention. Only it's too late. I thought I'd pressed "edit", not "quote". There is no "edit", I'm too late plus someone else has quoted me anyway. I won't say why I was asked to delete them. I'll leave that to you to guess. Hmmm.
  4. I know everyone had a chance. I never said they didn't. I said people chose NOT to join for various valid reasons. And by doing so, they are not just denied exclusive game content but the ENTIRE game. It's just the extreme nature of the exclusion to non members that is galling. I just hate the thought of potentially missing out on the next Sydney game or Mr Do!'s Wild Ride because it's been made exclusive to members. On the flip side, I don't want to spend that much money on a membership that includes things I have no interest in (the ROM pack is not for me) or mystery games I may have the hassle of selling on if I don't want them. Collectorvision are creating an annoying dilemma with this membership package.
  5. You cannot guarantee that. What is guaranteed is that anybody who, for many valid reasons did not join the club, will always wonder what they've missed out on and are denied the opportunity to purchase the games separately.
  6. If you don't mind putting your games in plastic boxes, there are universal games cases and covers for them can be found at thecoverproject.net. Unfortunately, not all games are there and the US company that made the boxes no longer seems to be making them. They are increasing in price and still available from places like ebay. That's the route I've gone down and I've had to teach myself gimp (free photoshop type software) in order to create the covers that aren't on thecoverproject. It was a hassle at first but rewarding and I've done many but still have quite a few to go. If you want all your carts in boxes though, then the more you have, the more you have your work cut out for you. I doubt there's anywhere that does repro cardboard boxes for all Atari games. You will have to learn gimp or photoshop, create a box template and find a printer that can print them for you. It maybe daunting but where there's a will, there's a way. Good luck. It would be interesting to read about your box making adventures on AtariAge.
  7. Good use of the "Silent Running" poster for the bottom game. I don't recall any invaders in that movie but it works. Great movie too. Just thought I'd mention that.
  8. So I've finally bit the bullet and purchased a Retron 77. I've given up hope on the Atari 2600 core of my Phoenix and thought I better get an R77 quick before there's only those new, orange ones available. I definitely want to update Stella and once done, will exclusively use roms rather than plug in my carts. I'm a bit nervous to do it though and want to make sure I get it right. I've seen there's many YouTube videos on the subject but from the dates of some, they might be out of date, plus I'd rather follow text instructions than a video. Can anyone tell me where the most up to date and definitive instructions are. I also have a mac and no pc. I hope that's not a problem. Plus I have an SD card with Atari roms on already that I used on my Phoenix. Can I use that or does the SD card have to be blank for the first steps. That may be a dumb question but I'm a techno luddite and I want to make absolutely certain I don't do anything to screw the whole process up. If I have to start from scratch, loading roms onto an SD card, where's the best place. The ones I have now are from Atarimania but is AtariAge better for roms? Also, I don't want absolutely every game. I only want the roms for the 120 or so carts that I own. That's more than enough for me. I've separated the wheat from the chaff and for me, having EVERY game dilutes the experience rather than enhances it.
  9. Ah, well there you have it. I have no pets but 3 teenage kids. It must make all the difference. No dust but I do have an astronomical grocery bill every week.
  10. I find that cleaning my house with a swiffer duster once a week is enough to keep everything dust free.
  11. I would be seriously disappointed in the R77 if it was worse than the Phoenix for playing 2600 ROMs. The Phoenix core has a loooong way to go before it’s satisfactory. I’m not sure it ever will be. The console just doesn’t have the same buttons that the 2600 or R77 has for selecting game variations and difficulty levels.
  12. Hope you feel better soon. I would love a physical, cib copy of this when it’s done and hope that will happen. Keep up the excellent work.
  13. I contacted Hyperkin in the hope that it was a technically an improvement on the earlier version. Nope, purely aesthetic so actually worse than the original because this version looks hideous and ultra-cheapo. It's like they were going for that 70's, made in Hong Kong, plastic toy that will break in 5 minutes kind of look. Weird choice.
  14. Rally Racer from More Work Games.
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