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  1. Are you promising that all games released for the SGM2 will still be available to buy when the Omni is launched? I know these types of games are often only available for a short time before they're all gone.
  2. 1. They are both retro inspired consoles that take the same era as inspiration. 2. They will both have physical releases. 3. Their games will both include reimagined classics from the same era. 4. With major retailers already highly enthusiastic over the Amico, both the console and it's games will have an accessibility and price advantage over the Omni. No extra shipping added to any purchases is a major boon for me. I know many enthusiasts will still prefer the Omni and many may buy both and I'm not saying that I will pick the Amico over the Omni, but that's why I thought a lack of Omni news may have something to do with the Amico. Glad to see it isn't. I for one am still very excited about the prospect of both. I just hope an embarrassment of riches when it comes to retro gaming choices doesn't force me to pick one over the other.
  3. Nothing new on here for a month but so much buzz and info from Tommy Tallarico about the Amico on the Intellivision forum. I can't help but wonder if it's stolen a bit of the Omni's thunder. I know the Amico shouldn't affect the SGM2 in any way but was wondering if the emergence of the Amico has altered Opcode's plans for the Omni at all. I hope not but I need something new to fan the flames of my excitement for the Omni again.
  4. Dragonfire where one person is the dragon defending the treasure and the other player tries to steal the treasure. You could even have multiple players stealing/defending!
  5. Is there anything on the Omni front you can update us on to help counteract this bad news?
  6. Oh no! Does that mean we might not get DK and DK Jr for the SGM2/Omni too? 🙁
  7. I think all the games will be compatible on both but don't quote me on that. My takeaway from it is you get the SGM2 if you simply want to plug it into a CV or you get an Omni if a, you don't have a CV or b, don't want to plug a new machine into increasingly ancient and temperamental tech. B is why I'm holding out for the Omni.
  8. I'm not some electronics hobbyist that likes to tinker with cables, mixers, converters or whathaveyous but I would like to enjoy some of the AtariVox enhanced games. I like to keep things as simple as possible. My ideal situation would be to have AtariVox capability in the 2600 core of the CollectorVision Phoenix, rather than also buy the AtariVox for my 2600. I know a cartridge adapter from CollectorVision would probably be needed too for that to be useful but is it something you'd be open to? I guess CollectorVision would have to work with AtariAge to make that happen? Maybe it's already in the works? That would be good.
  9. This thread is way more interesting than the one on the new Atari VCS. That one's just littered with stupid jokes about tacos. I don't even know why and frankly, I don't even care to know.
  10. I went from not at all interested to intrigued but convinced it will fail to very interested and confident it has a chance of success as I've read articles and watched vids all about it. Especially after watching a 30 minute interview with Tommy Tallarico. That guy's enthusiasm sure is infectious. As a modern and retro gamer, it's not something I want for my mancave but something I'd want in the family room. My teen kids and my wife mostly game on their phones and it would be great to have something we can play as a family. And when my kids are at uni, which won't be that long after the Amico's launched, it can be something my wife and I can play together. After all, her taste in tv sucks, she thinks my Atari and Colecovision games are too old with crappy graphics and she refuses to try and figure out how to play a modern, 3D videogame. This console is the perfect compromise for us. I wish it every success and look forward to finding out more in the coming months.
  11. Yawn! I click on here and it's more stuff about printers. It's a game console people. Why would I want to use it for boring stuff that boring computers do? 🙂
  12. Maybe if enough people complain to Strictly Limited, they might release another batch and limit orders to 1 or 2 copies each. Failing that, maybe a decent repro seller like FanBrew Games will release it eventually. No way am I going to buy this on ebay with a 100% mark up.
  13. Watched the countdown for the 2nd batch. Still faded out "add to cart" after counter went to zero. Tried signing in but wouldn't let me. Refreshed less than 2 minutes after the Genesis version went on sale and already displayed "sold out". WTF!?
  14. Is this the 99% complete original or the 100% complete version with extra polish and additional soundtrack that they released on the PS4 and Switch?
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