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  1. Great interview. Thanks for sharing. Any plans on interviewing your fellow Brazilians at More Work Games? I'd love to read about their history and plans for the future.
  2. Going back to being about Atari rather than the C64, the worst 2600 game I ever owned was Outlaw. I've never owned any of the games that have a bad reputation either back in the day or since getting back into Atari. Nor have I checked out the roms of bad games out of curiosity. There have been some early games I never originally owned but have purchased since and have been a little disappointed in such as Air Sea Battle and Canyon Bomber. I still like them enough to keep them though but Outlaw was one I just had to get rid of. I wanted a similar two player experience to Combat, which I enjoyed playing against my brother back in the 80's and again now when he's over. We were both so disappointed. Because your character fills almost half the screen, there's no room for maneuvering, strategy or tension like there is in a good tank battle on Combat. It was sooooo boring. Barely played it for 5 minutes before moving onto something else. Admittedly, I did get rid of it partly because there is a superior alternative to it. Namely the homebrew Gunfight. So glad I bought it. It's everything Outlaw should be and is about a 1000 times more fun. Which reminds me, I must post a review on the AtariAge store at some point.
  3. Genres I enjoy in modern and retro gaming - Anything where I get to shoot and blow things up and platformers. Genres I only like in modern gaming but have no interest in retro - racing and rpg's. Genres I don't like in any era - sports, unless made up and ultra violent like Speedball 2 and puzzle games.
  4. Not just Wikipedia. Many other sources too after googling "second generation video game consoles". But as the sensible CatPix mentions, it's kind of a half way between generations machine. Let's all not get so hot under the collar about something so unimportant in the grand scheme of things. The only motivation for my first comment in this thread was to make a friendly suggestion and then I just felt I was being berated for it.
  5. Tell them then, not me. I also personally remember shopping for my first console. The three available in the store at the time were the Atari 2600, the Intellivision and the Colecovision. This was the UK. The 5200 wasn't even released there and the C64 is a home computer, not a games console.
  6. Just giving the CV as another alternative to the 2600. Sure, Mame is better for arcade games but the guy is asking for console suggestions which mame isn't. I'm not looking for arcade perfect games. This thread isn't about what I want. Just offering why I think the CV would be a good option as a second, 2nd generation console.
  7. Somebody tell wikipedia then because they have the CV listed as 2nd generation and it's not listed in their 3rd generation entry. The Intellivision, Atari 2600 and CV are ALWAYS mentioned in the same breath as being the main consoles of that generation. I have never heard anything different and suddenly you're telling me that everything I've read and heard prior to this thread is wrong? More like you're wrong.
  8. Wow. No mention of the Colecovision?! That's 2nd gen and the most sophisticated of the bunch. Plenty of arcade ports that aren't available on the 2600 and superior versions of many that are. Tutankham anyone? Waaaaaaaayyyyyy better on the CV than the 2600. Just before I'm accused of being a 2600 hater though, that's still my fave 2nd gen machine and probably my all time favourite console.
  9. As far as original run games go, Nova Blast by Imagic seems to scroll smoothly.
  10. Bad news for anyone excited for the SGM2 or Omni. Great news for SGM and Phoenix owners. Pengo is a definite purchase for me as there's no version for the CV. Not a fan of the CV original of Time Pilot so might get that one too. Would LOVE a smooth scrolling version of Gradius for the Phoenix. That would be a definite purchase too.
  11. Nobody suggested it but I remembered the channel select button on the 2600, changed it and the channel on the tv and voila, no more interference. Probably nobody suggested it because it was so obvious, they thought I must've tried that already. Yeah, that must be it. So happy my C$40 tv off kijiji isn't a dud. Nor do I have to turn off everything within 100ft or mod my console. Phew.
  12. Unfortunately I just have the 2600 and 2 consoles that are HDMI only.
  13. I could check by turning off the wireless internet, which is just above me on the first floor. If it's that though, I guess I'll just have to put up with it. I can't exactly expect the rest of my family to go without internet while dad plays his Atari. Especially as they're often watching Netflix at the same time. Unfortunately Atari time is not family time. No one else is interested. Could it be interference from the console itself? I wondered that with the Jr and put it on the lower shelf of my unit but it didn't make any difference. Other than that, there's other things plugged in just behind it but none are actually on.
  14. I recently picked up a crt tv on kijiji. As you can see from the photo, I get these slightly diagonal lines. They appear for a second, go away for a second and repeats this pattern the whole time it’s on. I’ve had 2 Atari 2600 consoles plugged into the tv and it’s the same with both. Anybody know what it could be and if it can be easily fixed?
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