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  1. I would like to pre-order 1 muticart for Lynx model 2 please.
  2. I just finished upgrading my 1040 STE with the 32MHZ booster and Dual TOS board I got from Exxos. I have double checked all the soldering for proper continuity, I didn't tear and board traces. If I turn on the computer with 32MHZ it will do the memory test then display 2 bombs, if I switch it to 8MHZ by grounding the wire then it boots fine with no issue. I did remove the 74S257 chip as he mentioned on his instructions about it no outputting proper TTL voltage and replaced it with a chip I got from ebay as suggested, the 74F257 With the Dual TOS if I put the jumper on all I get is a blank border no memory test or anything. I had removed the two sockets for the TOS chips and soldered in the pins. I also purchased the VGA adapter from Exxos tested it on my monitor and I get a black and white no color. I have not tested it further yet since it may be my monitor. It's a small 4:3 Dell with just VGA. I also did the video fix that he mentioned on his site by adding a 47 and a 1 UF capacitor.
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