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  1. I just want the very top of the screen and the very bottom of the screen right above the score solid.
  2. Goid afternoon. I just needed a little help. I am still learning and have just ran in to a small problem. I have researched and cannot find help. I have a simple game and I just want to make the very top and the very bottom right above the score solid so my sprite stays on the screen. Can anyone help? Thank you all. Bj
  3. Thank you for the info. I will order one this week. Bj
  4. Hello all, I have been away for a little while and just wanted to know if the Harmony SD cart was still avaliable to order? Thank you all so much. Bj
  5. Good afternoon everyone. I just had a question and I needed kind of a fast answer so I apologize for posting a question that has probably been asked. Where do you get carts, boards, and a cart flasher for intellivision carts? Are these things avaliable? Thank you, Bj
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