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  1. I have an Atari 130XE and 2 disk drives that work fine. I added and 3rd and 4th, however, even with the switches set as 3 & 4 on the new drives I can access them. They work fine if I switch them to 1&2. Is there some limit on the 130XE or version of DOS. I have Atari DOS 2.0 and 2.5. Also when using a SIO2SD card reader (from Lotharek- which emulates up to 15 drives) it still won't see but drives 1 & 2. Any help? thanks DevDude
  2. Budburns, I'm also going through the same nostalgia period. I have been researching everything I can find about Action! language, getting the software, cartridges, etc and determined to convert some old BASIC programs as well work on some new projects. When the mood strikes, I like to boot all my vintage 8bit computers and have them run cool, but useful programs (like calculating lottery statistics or my own encryption techniques). I has taken quite a bit of time, but I have figured out how to use my SIO2SD card (full of Atari programs) and then make floppy disks from them so I can write some code just like the old days. So I too have been looking for source code examples (everywhere - also try Archive.org) and will be happy to share whatever I find or develop myself. Hope you will do the same. DevDude
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